Monday, 11 February 2013

I can't wait!!!

I've booked Community Transport, to take me and my little darlings, (i say little, Daisys as tall as me and she's 14!!). To take us to Ashbourne, or more precisely Carsington Water. Where I have booked a couple of BICYCLES!!!!! pedal Assist ones too!!!! I am taking Ziggy and Finns taking his Mongoose, for the off road trails!!! I can't wait. It is costing £54.00, but I kinda figured, I might spend that if I took them to town. And apart from it being so very cold, it will make a great change.

Ooooh tomorrows exciting too, I'm going to a 'Right to Control' event, where I've got to facilitate a table of 8, about how they could use the Record of Involvement. And I've got all these posters printed at Adult Social Care, about the Launch day at Hillsborough, which is on the 7th of March.

I will try and include a flyer, but just incase I don't manage, it starts at 10 and finishes at 3.

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