Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bye bye Robbie :(

I got up this morning, (with Robbie the dog) who'd slept in my big bed, because I felt mean going out and leaving him. Plus it was his last night. I took him on the park, and ahhh it's so sweet these older gents recognised me or Robbie, and so sat down and waited for me to converse with them! (heaven forbid if I'd been in a hurry, or feeling grumpy or owt!)

:( More bad news about Hillsborough? you know how I thought that next March, the people who were taking over Hillsborough, were gonna pay for me? Well I was wrong, they aren't!

There's no Hillsborough tomorrow, because we are too busy for one trainer, and me (who they can't really count) because everyone else is on holiday.

I'm well fed up, British Cycling are running a training course in Manchester, but I can't do it, without support. So I'm feeling miserable.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

:) Nice Evening

I was collected, fed mmmmm, and watered (maybe not water!!). Nice intelligent conversation, from a woman (Yvonne) Hello Darling Yvonne. Who used to be my PA, when I was in a very sad and destitute place.

I remember the first time she took me out, screaming hysterically because my ex husband was going to drag the children through the divorce courts, if I mentioned my ex friends name, in our divorce. He knew I wouldn't want to put them through that.

I couldn't bare the thought of them aged 30, sitting in a therapy group, rocking and clutching their knees. As they recollected 'Mum' being dragged off and put in some institution, because she wasn't capable of looking after her kids!!

Anyway, I didn't have too much to drink, but I've still got a sore head. I've just taken Robbie out for his last walk, after he slept in my bed, last night!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

shoddy workman? or poor eyesight :(

People who've followed this blog a while, (notice how I refrained from saying older!) will know my nemesis has always been Beauchief traffic lights. I used the preferred option, when passing them today. Which had been worked out by Mr Marsden (CTC) this requires me to use the pavement for turning right. I was just cycling up Abbey Lane when I had to manoeuvre past a hole in the pavement, which had been ring fenced with movable posts. Bump, scrape, screech!! beeeep!!I fell off the high curb, straight into the path of a 4x4. I had to pick myself up, and brush myself down(why do folk always do that? nowt had dirtied me, well not that I'm willing to discuss!!) With these 2 yummy mummys peering down from the windscreen. Mmmmm Cattle Bars??? I'm very happy she had been slowing for the red light, otherwise I wouldn't have fancied my chances!!

I visited my Mum, and to be honest it's becoming so sad, because apart from the first 5 mins, when her eyes light up with recognition and sheer delight that I am there, she spends much of the time crying out in discomfort. Apparently this is quite normal with Dementia.

Robbie will be going home tomorrow :(

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Maybe it's the moon, or the weather, or my period!! Or the fact that I'm now past, the point of selftherapy, but I'm fed up. I will cycle to Mums tomorrow honest, I've become all insular, choosing to walk the dog, instead of reaching out to people who live beyond a mile away. :(

On a cocktail (no punn) of brightly coloured drugs, I am totally pain free!!! Which is a good thing isn't it? The fact that they never really knew what was causing the immense discomfort, a minor worry today.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


I'm very grateful to Nigel West, from the Wellbeing Consortium who has looked after my work as a Health Champion, for a couple of years. I've got a bit of a reprieve till the end of September, at Hillsborough. So Although I was due to finish yesterday, I've now got till the end of September. And independently at first, but now we are attending together, we are both invited to a Totally new thing the Council, is looking at called 'Health Champions'? at the end of September. So although I don't expect to land on my feet again, you never know??

Daisy took Robbie out in the morning, because she was going away, and he will be gone, when she returns and honestly the kids will be nearly as heartbroken as me, to see him go home.

So I arrived, and didn't have time for a cuppa, because if you are owt like me, (I doubt it unless you too have had a brain injury? And then you'd still find it hard :D) Anyway I can't gulp red hot drinks, I leave them to go tepid, kinda luke warm almost!! But I knew I didn't have time till the group arrived, so ran....(as if!!!) ...cycled over to Chris Lawlor, from Social Services who'd arrived with a group of young folk who had various disabilities, there were 9 of them. Some were able to ride the 2 wheelers. We circled the courts, and played a few games, and then I led them around the park. With the help of Nick and Fred, they went to put the cycles away.

Looks are so deceiving aren't they? in the corner of the courts was a 'Hoodie' sitting on the tarmac in the goal post, as if claiming it. I was slow collecting the cones, that were placed in a large Oval shape, in one half. He strutted over, 'Shall I do that for you?' he enquired. As I thanked him and left the courts, my fave group arrived Autism Plus. 'Awww sorry mate, would you mind helping me put them out again? I asked ever so nicely laughing. 'Of course I'll help you.' How lovely was he???

I had asked my taxi to come early, so I could go home and see my Mum, before rushing back to see Robbie. So I didn't have much time for Russel and Marcel, which was a pity. A quick hug, and a Hello. Oh no I'd forgotten Paul from Leeds was visiting with his son today!! I'll see you at your house at 330pm, he said as he hung up.

John the taxi driver, was worried about me not eating (daft thing) so stopped and bought me a ...... something foreign, that was nice!! Called to see Mum. But only stopped about 10mins, just missing Trudie Jocks Sister, and my daughter who'd also decided to visit. I was quite relieved to have missed that. I hadn't seen her since the split 5 or 6 years ago? We haven't even spoken, but previously we had been close.

I waited in, enjoying a cuppa with the dog, until Paul and his wee boy arrived, because children love dogs, don't they Or is that just mine.

I rode to the pub, got 2 bottles of ?, I'm not even sure who makes it, is it Copper berg???Anyway it's fab, a bottle of Raspberry and Lager. Which takes me back to my youth, I used to drink Lager and Blackcurrant. Did you know, when I lay in a coma, I was given a pen and paper. My first words?......Lager and Black!!! Ha, very pro fond thoughts they were then? :D

My lovely kiddies, loved and hugged very much (me btw) and left for Spain. I waved bye to everyone, cycled home in a jiffy to meet Kathy from the Yorkshire Post, now Kathy fortunately loved dogs. And we settled done , but I know I was a bit hyper! not sure? but I think she left about 10.30. With the familiar Cauliflower Ears!!

Oh forgot to mention, all the bikey folk, loved my new tyres :) and were really impressed with the cost.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I'm excited about tomorrow, and a bit sad, for a billion reasons. ooooh too much going on eeeek soz, I'll catch you tomorrow, after my beloved Hillsborough, I'm actually going to see Mum after, then I'm going to the Spit, to say Bye to my little Whipper Snappers (their off to Spain)

I'm meeting Karen, from Yorkshire Post.

Nite, dogs, girls and boys to put to bed.x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Ears, Trotters or little snouts.

Yes, you read right. That's what was on the menu at the Pet shop, a variety of pigs bits. I just chose the ears, because I couldn't bare the thought of an insy little snout. Whether it's the vegetarian in me? and the fact that I don't eat owt with a face? but Robbie thinks he's in heaven.

I could do with a new yellow seat covering, as I'm sure you noticed Rob?? And n expert Corset tier! shall I ask Ian? or is it easier for you Rob? and how much will it all cost? And yes I know I should have thought of it sooner. Ha, I've just read that last sentance, sorry, youi know what I meant.

I have just been on the park, for the 3rd time today, and wow, I met a gorgeous American Bulldog. It was on the lead though, much to Robbies disappointment. They were dying to have a gander about the field. Maybe tomorrow, if she gets up at 630!!!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Selectively deaf children!!

Early, this morning I swung into action, our guests routine, includes a walk round the local park breakfast (other way round ;0) ) but funnily, my children never wake before 6.

I've been very lazy and dog orientated today, just tipping out of my garden, and onto the park. Robbie has introduced me to a load of new people though. (I have to start fitting them into my jigsaw of people now) And thanks to Graham, (recumbent Ice rider) for recognising this.

Sorry it's a dull one today.

Friday, 19 August 2011


Awww :( , I had some bad news today. That SinpsonMiller the solicitors who considered sponsoring me, on trips to Hillsborough and the like? Aren't going to.

How much do I have to do to make people believe that I give good value for money!! And I actually work my butt off, at getting Cycling recognised as an alternative form of transport for ALL.


Prior to this Altogether Better, asked me if I could 'Look Over' Health Champions Blogs, for £200 a month. And use that money for going to Hillsborough????? Becvause they recognised the possible upset in dynamics and the impact of me leaving.???

I replied I'd love to be techy enough for that to be an option, but it really isn't :( Sooooo????

I love having a dog!! I woke at 7, and rushed downstairs (I've got the routine now!!) Gave him his breakfast, made a cuppa and left it to cool. And took Robbie for a walk, he just froliced in the dew, and sniffed the grass for all the creatures, that had visited in the night. It's amazing how many folk are out walking there dogs, before work. He loved them all anyway, infact one owner commented on my recall skills were as good as hers, as I stood shouting, and shaking his treat tin, to little avail.

I nipped to the dentist at 10, I love just being able to do that :) on Ziggy my trike. £42 though!!!

I got back to find my kids arguing about who was taking the dog!! for another walk. And I set about some corresponance to do with Hillsborou, hey do you like my description of my Blog, that I've posted on the Altogether Better website?

Daisy and I took the dog for a nice lunch, where we sat outside of course. But he still had to be on best behavior, I had cycled. I must say he found my recumbent quite novel? We nipped to the library, whilst out, you see now I'd got 3 reasons to draw attention, My beautiful daughter , a lovely dog, and my Ziggy.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Awww Hillsborough's Ace :)

I bet we missed one another equally last week, it was really nice to be greeted by big hugs, and smiles. Marcel paid back the £20, which I had previously lent him for the Raleigh Courier. I had never doubted he would though.

It was 'steady' everyone was early!! which never happens!! A guy appeared from Barnsley, where they are setting up s'thing similar. (I'm not sure it will work) but this is a gut feeling?

I finished early because I'd left the dog, and although he'd been out, I do love him, and had to rush to pick up Pigs Ears. Eeeeeek, dentist in the am.

And I forgot to thank the wonderful John Frost, for guiding me through the settings on my blog. So Thank you John. x

Oh Dave Michael Winners on Absolute Radio tomorrow morning, I thought you'd like to know that.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

'Whooooooooshhhh! :)

I told 2 12 year olds and an 8 year old to take the dog on the bus and meet me in the Park cafe. And off we set.....I arrived AGES before them :) They had had to wait for the bus for ages.

Met Miriam, who'd done me proud apparently in her application for extra money, so that I can continue at Hillsborough. Speaking of which, I am looking forward to tomorrow:) apparently I was well missed last week, and that was according to Steve, who isn't generous with kind comments too often :)

Ahh my poor wee girl, they'd all rushed home whilst I stayed at Mums a bit. Then they'd dropped the dog and all grabbed their bikes, and taken them to 'The Chain Breaker bumps.' I love the fact that they are so Independence that cycling gives them, ahhhh. And then I noticed that my little girl had left her helmet, I hate to be a holier than thou type of person, but I called her moby and made her promise to share my sons helmet if she wanted to ride the jumps. And you guessed it, she fell out of the air, landed on her back, with the bike on top. So she was very brave and particularly proud of her shoulder, and back, her knee, and her elbow.

My children, are terrified of me helping them :D They would much rather be independent!! I feel a bit mean, or s'thing because they see me as some terrifying ogre whose gonna deliberately rub salt in their wounds!! She must be ok, because she's gone out again to take Robbie for another walk.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hi Pete

I thought I'd lost you. Yeah Rob checked the steering out, for signs of what you said :) And I have no longer got bald tyres, I'm trying some Marathon ones, I'll let you know tomorrow, when I'm visiting my Mum, meeting Miriam from Zest, and my kids in the Park, (they are braving it on the bus!!! with extremely rude Robbie whose a dog.)

I've just had an invite to a celebration, of the Health Champs Lottery Competition, where we are in the final 3 of the competition. So fingers on buzzes in September, I will be asking you ever so nicely to spare a phone call and vote 'Altogether Better' Please.

Sorry Chris

Sorry Chris for ommiting your name, you were so fundemental, in thwe scheme of things. I was just a bit overwhelmed with the support I was receiving. :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

I will be even happier if......

I can reply to messages on my blog.

I needn't have been anxious about Carol and Rob looking after Ziggy today. Everything has gone swimmingly :) Carol arrived exactly when she said, at a quick glance she agreed with Dav es assessment. Rob mailed me to confirm this, and Carols returning Ziggy tomorrow, and all they want is the cost of diesel. Although Robs been in touch to ask if I want the front bald tyres replacing as they are balder than they are supposed to be???? I would have been riding on inner tubes before I'd have noticed :)

It is a happy house, because we are looking after a lurcher dog called Robbie, who'll look like a sausage dog, by the end of 2 weeks. He's been out for 6 walks already.


I can't believe I checked out a 2nd hand trike, the day before my calamity!! But due to West Country Recumbent, and Thunderbirds Dave and Chris, stepping in immediately, (Daves reward, was composing the response). My trikes being collected today, and returned all repaired, on Tuesday. It's called good communication skills :) and nice friends, with a shared passion, for cycling.

Love you all.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Well a bit of an exageration, but (bare with me, because I dont know the names)You know the bit thats shaped like a wish bone, that controls the wheels on a Tadpole Recumbent? Well the Right had one, has now snapped off at the 'nut and bolt' Firstly I rode it down the drive at the side of the fence, when the wheel got stuck, but the cycle seemed to carry on. The next thing I knew my Right wheel, moved independantly, not at all in sinc with the other. I quickly sent a message out, to gather support. Marcell phoned, and talked me through repairing it. It all seemed fine, and I was very happy.

Off I set going a little bit slower down the dual carriageway!! After stopping a while, I returned to Ziggy, to see the 'Wish bone' had actually snapped this time.

I rang, friends who had vans, and taxis. But ended up calling on Steven my Bruv, to bring me and my full bags of shopping home.

So now, :( I am Ziggyless, until I can get her fixed. And as well, I can't reply to anyone. So

Steve M is checking it out in tomorrow.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I'm caving in to feelings/kiddypressure/loneliness?

A friend who I love dearly, brought his dog around today, so he could check out the fencing in my garden. Because I have willingly agreed, to look after their dog for 2 weeks. And I'm really looking forward to it :) So my kids can't wait until Monday. I might even take him on the park with my trike.

Hey by chance I checked Amazon out for recumbent trikes, and there was about 3 for £1500, and they were the slightly higher ones too. I aint got a bean though. But I would like a spare.

I've got tooth ache!!!

Bargain: COURIER

Before I forget, the bargain bike ....Raleigh Courier, £19.95. I couldn't let it go unappreciated!!.

Back later, no doubt. x

Friday, 12 August 2011

Hi Sweethearts :)

I'm home :)

Ahhh, I was like Snow White feeding the wild foul, in my cabin and feeding the wild rabbits that gathered on the patio. I swear, I saw a weasel, or a stoat??

I can't list the itinerary of the week, I didn't arrange it, I just followed the list that my dear brother had arranged for us. I know, I rebelled at being controlled and suppressed, but s'times it's nice, just turning up and doing as I'm told.....very occasionally!!

So the kids did and I watched, Zip Wire, High Wire and Ab sail aqua jets. We all cycled 100s of times, and although I will ALWAYS be very secure with Ziggy, the kids were just sooo relaxed, no one appeared to lock bikes ???

Hey last night, I was watching the evenings's a long story and you needed to be there honestly..basically, gorgeous guy, blushing stuttering stumbling me, and him assuming that I wanted to tell him that my 12 year old daughter fancied him!!! I felt like saying she was my sister!!! -joke!

Oh yeah, last night Steve M, text me (he never texts me first) to say 'Hillsborough misses you' Awww I wanted to cry:( I did so miss it too, what will happen, if I have to stop going?
Oh, and remember the Olympic torch??? I've got through to the next round, but I'm really not sure that I want to be. I can't Carry a torch miles? Steve M has also got through :)

Hi Derek, glad your daughters keeping an eye on things....:) well not really hopefully but you know what I mean...Ouch???

Kev? How can I compare to your literal genius?? But I would love to see you in October, although it's only a flimsy thing I will post you one, if you want??? and that goes for anyone else?

Dave H, thank you for nominating The sweaty Lass, to Cosmo, although I think I need to put pics on straight first. x

Rob...only a short spin then????

Oh yeah, I rushed back from Centre Parcs, and went into work for SDS team, thing is though I had to take my children. So after I'd read them the riot act about what they could and couldn't say. All went swimmingly.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Hi Stretchy Boy, I'm glad s'one is reading my inane jibberings :)

And Hi Derek, hope you're ok? x

My friend spotted an 80's model Raleigh Bike, used as a clothes peg, in a second hand clothes shop, It was shiny like a pin, it's tyres were jet black, no sign of ever been ridden. The lady whose shop it was wanted rid of it because it was cluttering up the display space!! She wanted a mere £19.00 for it!! He needed to get the cash, so I have offered to lend it him this afternoon. So he's cycling a long way, to mine because I will willingly lend it him. And I know I don't really know him too well, but the enthusiasm, and delight he will get will pay me back dividends.

I have just cycled to see my Mum for an hour, I do feel as if I plod back, but zoooooom there, I like the ride :)

I nipped to the Spit, met my friend who'd agreed kindly to check my cycles out b4 the holiday, so I bought him a Lemonade;) - it's the truth.

If anyone is out there? I am going to Centre Parcs for a few days, coming back Friday I think?

Folk can still reach me via


Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm Here :)

I've had a couple of left messages on my moby, followed by some graphic photos which arrived this morning. (I have to say at this point what are you thinking?) The innuendos tripped off my tongue this morning but in actual fact, it was a serious matter!! A guy who had heard about me, from the Brain Injury Awareness day, had searched (stalked?) me wanting to know if I wanted to work with him on his new invention. SCBIRT (Sheffield community brain injury rehab team) was where he believed he'd find me. Bless him, I wasn't there of course, but they had phoned me, and posted me a letter with explicit photos of his invention, which unfortunately, isn't my 'Bag'. I did invite him to Hillsborough Cycling a week on Thursday on my return, which he seemed very keen to do.

Spoke to Steve M -CTC and arranged a meet at Hillsborough with Headway and himself. The only time All of the cycles are available is at 12 noon, on the 8th of September. Apparently Hillsborough are getting some new cycles, OOoooooh!! I don't know who wants to come yet or owt? (headway are sending out an invite)

I've been to the doctors today, who was a bit baffled??? and just said 'there there' and gave me some even stronger gynaecological pain killers???? And told me to book an appointment before I left for 25 days time. I cycled home after I'd called at the shops, and I know I don't cycle far, but I'm happy.

Hey Miriam from Zest, has been putting so much effort into applications, for my funding to get me to Hillsborough, it's really touching.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

It's good to be back :)

Busy, busy, busy was the order of the day many different folk. Using all the cycles all day!!

I took a break to have some pics taken....again.....I don't love seeing pics of my big body, with a moon shaped face on top, with a squinty eye. But if I make just one person think about a cycle instead of a wheelchair, it's worth any embarrassment.

Ahhh Steve M came to see how his little baby was doing (hillsborough, not me!!) and was teaching a man to cycle, well he'd not cycled for 40 years. I do love it watching people, take off independently for the first time, It's a right tear jerker. We could have done with more cycles today, and an extra trainer, but maybe not, because I love it the way it is.

Marcel arrived, thanking me for yesterday, because him and Russ, like me loved being able to sing about the merits of cycling. I am very fond of the 'Bonkers' (their word) guys.

Dave Brenan, was one of the trainers, who ordered a book :) and I didn't even include him in it, well I did kind of? I just always think he's young!! and he's actually about 65, I love him though :) I bought him a bun.

Matt Colbeck arrived with a 'hot off the press' 'chapbook' called Head- lines, inwhich I had contributed a short story. (how embarrassing). Anyway ill tell you what it says on the back, and if you want me at, cost is £3 per book plus ???50p for Pand P. I'll tell you what it says on the back:

'Head-Lines' is the first anthology of writers who have all experienced coma or brain injury, sometimes both. The collection explores a vast array of experiences; from the cognitive confusion of post coma awakening, to empowering nature of cycling as rehabilitation; from fell walking in the Peak District, to poetic observations of the world around us.
This is a powerful, touching and uplifting collection of stories that will stay with you long after the last page is read.

There have I sold it you???

My face burnt, as the now packed Cabin, demanded a recital of my story, I did laugh and glow, because the cycling bit actually mentioned Steve M!! Oh well. Everyone laughed appropriately anyway, and I 'virtually' sold 3, I just don't have them yet:)

Or better still you can come to the launch evening on October the 17th Monday, children welcome. At 6pm at the University building opposite Henderson's Relish!! Drinks and eats available. :)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Yipee :)

Pains nearly surprises there then. But what a fantastic day!! I was first on the itinerary for the day, at 10am along with Marcel and Russel, who had come to gush about me....well perhaps wrong choice of word!! but say nice things anyway :)

I had to introduce myself to the camera, saying how Altogether better, had supported me taking my trike to get to Hillsborough. I did try to slip in a bit about the CTC but the producer woman wouldn't let me. Which was fair enough I suppose, it was Altogether Betters day. And I had got on my CTC brass pin badge, and Russ kept thrusting his CTC Hi Viz wrapper wrist band. And the things that we were saying about cycling, well it's like what comes first? 'the chicken or the egg' because if it wasn't for all the fantastic support I receive, from everyone I meet (do I act as if I need it?) I doubt if I would be so inspired to cycle? (I can't imagine that!!) and it's only because I cycle and do Hillsborough once a week, that I meet the people.

And do you know ? it was 28 degrees today, on that park, I took my helmet off because I wasn't cycling, just talking. But I forgot to put it back on for the camera shots eeeek. And I was telling the BBC that I was the survivor of a traumatic brain injury. So I guess that wasn't a plus point, from Headway.

A lot of people read this blog???? but do they? Folk kept asking me, what had happened to it. Well it's back!!

I kept having to cycle up the big grassy hill, with a child perched on my panniers. And people kept asking how I did it!! (secret mountain drive gears)

A gorgeous lunch was provided, and everyone moved outside, sitting on picnic blankets. But it was far too hot, so again at 1230 Id had enough. Indoors was nice and cool, and welcoming. So that's where I stayed, listening to the squeals of delight as my children,rode up and down the grassy bank on my trike.

Thanks to every single person, who made such a fantastic day possible.

my pics corrupt??????

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I'm Such a Miserable Git :(

I do whinge, but I'm so hot and sweaty, have a tummy that is so distended I look like one of those cute pigs, except maybe not the cute bit :/ My wea (is that how you spell wee, as in little? in Scotland) boy slept in my bed, along with a hot water bottle on my taught tum.

So I'm basically apologising to everyone, for being sleepy all day. Luckily people chased me up about the huge event that is taking place tomorrow, I am glad I'm not involved in the logistics of it all. Basically 100 Health Champs and related folk, are being filmed for just 2 minutes, I'm there to promote Inclusive Cycling and I have to say why I love it, and why I encourage others to do it, Marcel a guy who I see at Hillsborough, is just saying (I think) how I'm 'nice' And then all the children have to shout 'Altogether Better' at the end. And then we ask all you lovely people to vote for us :)

I still aint been to see my Mum :( I do miss her, but maybe the Mum I once knew, and not the reminder of what could be in store for me.

I am in a cheerful mood aren't I????

I am going to Centre Parcs at Sherwood on Monday, which will be cool, :)

Catch you tomorrow. xxxx

Monday, 1 August 2011

About 8 years ago??? maybe 9. I used to get excruciating pains in my stomach area, when I had a period?? I know I have no shame but really the pain should have been in my abdomen, but it was extremely high up??? This went on for a few months, I had loads of tests and months of dreading that time. Until it was decided that it was Gall stones, that coincidentally hurt, when I had a period. I had my Gall Bladder removed, and that was it, the end of the pain. Until last month (I've only just realised) But it does hurt so, I could kill myself!! I phoned the doctor first thing when it was bad, and the first appointment they could give was Friday Morning, and I know the pain will have subsided, of it's own accord, by then.

Matt came round this am, for his Vinyls, and wow, the appreciation, in his face as he went through the artists, made it all worth while. Plus he had copied me a load of CDs (10) including 1 of Creep Joint, which was the band Matt is in. Plus, what a Star, he fixed my blog!!!

Hopefully I'm visiting my Mum tomorrow, tummy permitting? and on Wednesday, I'm taking my kids to Norfolk Park, where the BBC want 2 film a very quick interview with me???? To be screened in September. Marcel, and Russel, are hoping to support me, and go on their 2 wheelers.

Steve M phoned today, to say how lucky he was :) (with a bit of prompting)
I think I've sussed it!!
I don't know why it won't let me reply to you. xxxx

I'm Back!!!!

I'm hoping that everyone get's this. Please can you leave me a comment, as it was the signing in, aqnd replying I had big probs with.


Thank you Matt Colbeck. x