Wednesday, 17 August 2011

'Whooooooooshhhh! :)

I told 2 12 year olds and an 8 year old to take the dog on the bus and meet me in the Park cafe. And off we set.....I arrived AGES before them :) They had had to wait for the bus for ages.

Met Miriam, who'd done me proud apparently in her application for extra money, so that I can continue at Hillsborough. Speaking of which, I am looking forward to tomorrow:) apparently I was well missed last week, and that was according to Steve, who isn't generous with kind comments too often :)

Ahh my poor wee girl, they'd all rushed home whilst I stayed at Mums a bit. Then they'd dropped the dog and all grabbed their bikes, and taken them to 'The Chain Breaker bumps.' I love the fact that they are so Independence that cycling gives them, ahhhh. And then I noticed that my little girl had left her helmet, I hate to be a holier than thou type of person, but I called her moby and made her promise to share my sons helmet if she wanted to ride the jumps. And you guessed it, she fell out of the air, landed on her back, with the bike on top. So she was very brave and particularly proud of her shoulder, and back, her knee, and her elbow.

My children, are terrified of me helping them :D They would much rather be independent!! I feel a bit mean, or s'thing because they see me as some terrifying ogre whose gonna deliberately rub salt in their wounds!! She must be ok, because she's gone out again to take Robbie for another walk.



    BUT steady on, I know I've thought it before.

    Ask me owt, and how exciting I'll see if I can successfully reply. :)

    Fingers crossed

  2. So was this 'Whooosh!' on the new-and-improved Ziggy?

  3. It is good practice to fall off bikes you get better at it every time, so eventually you can make a huge dent in that car when the driver pulls out onto your path and shrug your shoulders "Need to look where you're going with that thing, you might bump in to something"

  4. You know when they are hurting when they want you again.

    No family cycle to the Park then?

  5. No We couldn't because of Robbie the dog, I didn't want anyone to run him over.