Friday, 19 August 2011


Awww :( , I had some bad news today. That SinpsonMiller the solicitors who considered sponsoring me, on trips to Hillsborough and the like? Aren't going to.

How much do I have to do to make people believe that I give good value for money!! And I actually work my butt off, at getting Cycling recognised as an alternative form of transport for ALL.


Prior to this Altogether Better, asked me if I could 'Look Over' Health Champions Blogs, for £200 a month. And use that money for going to Hillsborough????? Becvause they recognised the possible upset in dynamics and the impact of me leaving.???

I replied I'd love to be techy enough for that to be an option, but it really isn't :( Sooooo????

I love having a dog!! I woke at 7, and rushed downstairs (I've got the routine now!!) Gave him his breakfast, made a cuppa and left it to cool. And took Robbie for a walk, he just froliced in the dew, and sniffed the grass for all the creatures, that had visited in the night. It's amazing how many folk are out walking there dogs, before work. He loved them all anyway, infact one owner commented on my recall skills were as good as hers, as I stood shouting, and shaking his treat tin, to little avail.

I nipped to the dentist at 10, I love just being able to do that :) on Ziggy my trike. £42 though!!!

I got back to find my kids arguing about who was taking the dog!! for another walk. And I set about some corresponance to do with Hillsborou, hey do you like my description of my Blog, that I've posted on the Altogether Better website?

Daisy and I took the dog for a nice lunch, where we sat outside of course. But he still had to be on best behavior, I had cycled. I must say he found my recumbent quite novel? We nipped to the library, whilst out, you see now I'd got 3 reasons to draw attention, My beautiful daughter , a lovely dog, and my Ziggy.


  1. I don't think they are looking for technical input on the blogs. I expect some questions and a lot of sarky (or even supportive) comments would do.
    Probably a good idea to clarify that before turning down cash that would enable Hillsborough for you.


  2. Ahhh thanks Pete, they're spot on those. I will definately purchase one, if and when I have a dog.

    Ooooh I don't quite understand your other comment, let me go and re read!