Monday, 29 August 2011

shoddy workman? or poor eyesight :(

People who've followed this blog a while, (notice how I refrained from saying older!) will know my nemesis has always been Beauchief traffic lights. I used the preferred option, when passing them today. Which had been worked out by Mr Marsden (CTC) this requires me to use the pavement for turning right. I was just cycling up Abbey Lane when I had to manoeuvre past a hole in the pavement, which had been ring fenced with movable posts. Bump, scrape, screech!! beeeep!!I fell off the high curb, straight into the path of a 4x4. I had to pick myself up, and brush myself down(why do folk always do that? nowt had dirtied me, well not that I'm willing to discuss!!) With these 2 yummy mummys peering down from the windscreen. Mmmmm Cattle Bars??? I'm very happy she had been slowing for the red light, otherwise I wouldn't have fancied my chances!!

I visited my Mum, and to be honest it's becoming so sad, because apart from the first 5 mins, when her eyes light up with recognition and sheer delight that I am there, she spends much of the time crying out in discomfort. Apparently this is quite normal with Dementia.

Robbie will be going home tomorrow :(


  1. I dislike popping pills full stop. how the hell am I to remember which to take when and then lug the whole rattling pharmacy around with the rest of the junk. Maybe one you can take that turns you green like The Hulk when you get 'moody' so people can judge when not to ask those dumb questions.

    Did you measure that footway? If you dropped a wheel over the edge hen chances are that they haven't left enough space to get past with a pram or wheelchair without travelling on the carriageway. All #fail by the law on signing road works, especially bad if the footway is meant to be a cycle route. I think we came that way when we cycled out to Dore after the Northern Rail meeting. The works should have the phone number of the person responsible (by law) and it's a bete noir of mine that when it comes to providing proper signs and diversions for pedestrians (especially those with a disability who might fall into unprotected holes etc), the contractors are crap compared to the effort thay make to deliver the correct signs for work on the carriageway. After all if one of their workers gets hit by a car, and the signs are not legally correct they will be in deep trouble, but all that happens with a pedestrian is a bit of swearing and maybe a few cuts and bruises to a member of the public - worth reminding them occasionally that the Duty of Care applies to non employees (HSAWA Section 3) as well as employees, and like the Potters Bar train crash they can be in court for a Section 3 offence.

  2. I did consider going back to take pics, but it was cordened off, using posts that stood independently, and therefore could be shifted by anyone. But you know me I'm so nervy, that I really didn't go at it like a 'bull in a china shop'plus the fact that it was uphill!! I suspect it wasn't wide enough for a wheelchair or my tadpole.

  3. Painkillers can have all sorts of side effects, including depression and "pelvic constriction". It might be time for a review / 2nd opinion?

    Interesting link