Monday, 22 August 2011

Ears, Trotters or little snouts.

Yes, you read right. That's what was on the menu at the Pet shop, a variety of pigs bits. I just chose the ears, because I couldn't bare the thought of an insy little snout. Whether it's the vegetarian in me? and the fact that I don't eat owt with a face? but Robbie thinks he's in heaven.

I could do with a new yellow seat covering, as I'm sure you noticed Rob?? And n expert Corset tier! shall I ask Ian? or is it easier for you Rob? and how much will it all cost? And yes I know I should have thought of it sooner. Ha, I've just read that last sentance, sorry, youi know what I meant.

I have just been on the park, for the 3rd time today, and wow, I met a gorgeous American Bulldog. It was on the lead though, much to Robbies disappointment. They were dying to have a gander about the field. Maybe tomorrow, if she gets up at 630!!!

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