Sunday, 7 August 2011


Hi Stretchy Boy, I'm glad s'one is reading my inane jibberings :)

And Hi Derek, hope you're ok? x

My friend spotted an 80's model Raleigh Bike, used as a clothes peg, in a second hand clothes shop, It was shiny like a pin, it's tyres were jet black, no sign of ever been ridden. The lady whose shop it was wanted rid of it because it was cluttering up the display space!! She wanted a mere £19.00 for it!! He needed to get the cash, so I have offered to lend it him this afternoon. So he's cycling a long way, to mine because I will willingly lend it him. And I know I don't really know him too well, but the enthusiasm, and delight he will get will pay me back dividends.

I have just cycled to see my Mum for an hour, I do feel as if I plod back, but zoooooom there, I like the ride :)

I nipped to the Spit, met my friend who'd agreed kindly to check my cycles out b4 the holiday, so I bought him a Lemonade;) - it's the truth.

If anyone is out there? I am going to Centre Parcs for a few days, coming back Friday I think?

Folk can still reach me via



  1. Just as I'm back, you're off!

    I'll text ya...

    (What model's the Raleigh?)

  2. not doing to bad but still too sore to ride.
    My number 3 daughter phoned today and enquired after my health by asking how my knackers were! Gets the foul language and presumptive attitude from her Mother, methinks :0)