Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I'm Such a Miserable Git :(

I do whinge, but I'm so hot and sweaty, have a tummy that is so distended I look like one of those cute pigs, except maybe not the cute bit :/ My wea (is that how you spell wee, as in little? in Scotland) boy slept in my bed, along with a hot water bottle on my taught tum.

So I'm basically apologising to everyone, for being sleepy all day. Luckily people chased me up about the huge event that is taking place tomorrow, I am glad I'm not involved in the logistics of it all. Basically 100 Health Champs and related folk, are being filmed for just 2 minutes, I'm there to promote Inclusive Cycling and I have to say why I love it, and why I encourage others to do it, Marcel a guy who I see at Hillsborough, is just saying (I think) how I'm 'nice' And then all the children have to shout 'Altogether Better' at the end. And then we ask all you lovely people to vote for us :)

I still aint been to see my Mum :( I do miss her, but maybe the Mum I once knew, and not the reminder of what could be in store for me.

I am in a cheerful mood aren't I????

I am going to Centre Parcs at Sherwood on Monday, which will be cool, :)

Catch you tomorrow. xxxx

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