Sunday, 14 August 2011


Well a bit of an exageration, but (bare with me, because I dont know the names)You know the bit thats shaped like a wish bone, that controls the wheels on a Tadpole Recumbent? Well the Right had one, has now snapped off at the 'nut and bolt' Firstly I rode it down the drive at the side of the fence, when the wheel got stuck, but the cycle seemed to carry on. The next thing I knew my Right wheel, moved independantly, not at all in sinc with the other. I quickly sent a message out, to gather support. Marcell phoned, and talked me through repairing it. It all seemed fine, and I was very happy.

Off I set going a little bit slower down the dual carriageway!! After stopping a while, I returned to Ziggy, to see the 'Wish bone' had actually snapped this time.

I rang, friends who had vans, and taxis. But ended up calling on Steven my Bruv, to bring me and my full bags of shopping home.

So now, :( I am Ziggyless, until I can get her fixed. And as well, I can't reply to anyone. So

Steve M is checking it out in tomorrow.

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  1. You do realise the difference between bear and bare, so I was in a bit of a quandary with your last post. Still to today's wee hiatus. Having seen the pictures we now conclude what has broken and you are obviously in urgent need of what the catalogue describes as a Male Rod End. It is probably a standard part, easy to buy from your local bearings stockist, and with luck someone might help you to wrestle off the broken part and measure it.

    I think you might need to check the steering to see why the initial problems arose, unless it is obvious that something has worn out of come loose, and the new rod-end will need to be set up to the right length so Ziggy is not pigeon toed or splayed out like a ballet dancer.