Thursday, 18 August 2011

Awww Hillsborough's Ace :)

I bet we missed one another equally last week, it was really nice to be greeted by big hugs, and smiles. Marcel paid back the £20, which I had previously lent him for the Raleigh Courier. I had never doubted he would though.

It was 'steady' everyone was early!! which never happens!! A guy appeared from Barnsley, where they are setting up s'thing similar. (I'm not sure it will work) but this is a gut feeling?

I finished early because I'd left the dog, and although he'd been out, I do love him, and had to rush to pick up Pigs Ears. Eeeeeek, dentist in the am.

And I forgot to thank the wonderful John Frost, for guiding me through the settings on my blog. So Thank you John. x

Oh Dave Michael Winners on Absolute Radio tomorrow morning, I thought you'd like to know that.

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  1. There there dear its only a radio programme.