Monday, 15 August 2011

I will be even happier if......

I can reply to messages on my blog.

I needn't have been anxious about Carol and Rob looking after Ziggy today. Everything has gone swimmingly :) Carol arrived exactly when she said, at a quick glance she agreed with Dav es assessment. Rob mailed me to confirm this, and Carols returning Ziggy tomorrow, and all they want is the cost of diesel. Although Robs been in touch to ask if I want the front bald tyres replacing as they are balder than they are supposed to be???? I would have been riding on inner tubes before I'd have noticed :)

It is a happy house, because we are looking after a lurcher dog called Robbie, who'll look like a sausage dog, by the end of 2 weeks. He's been out for 6 walks already.


  1. Give Chris a bit of credit lass, he came round and took the pictures of the bent bits. And still no mention of breaking a male rod end (I can't believe you haven't been tempted).

  2. That's over a week and no one is answering the regular phone calls I make to speak to my kids.

    I wonder if I can get someone in Leicester to check out that all is OK.

  3. Watch that, bald tyres get punctures!

    Also if the tyres are wearing out quickly, Ziggy might need adjusting for "toe-in" (how much they point at each other).

    I am fairly sure Carol and Rob will know all about it but just thought I'd mention.