Thursday, 25 August 2011


I'm very grateful to Nigel West, from the Wellbeing Consortium who has looked after my work as a Health Champion, for a couple of years. I've got a bit of a reprieve till the end of September, at Hillsborough. So Although I was due to finish yesterday, I've now got till the end of September. And independently at first, but now we are attending together, we are both invited to a Totally new thing the Council, is looking at called 'Health Champions'? at the end of September. So although I don't expect to land on my feet again, you never know??

Daisy took Robbie out in the morning, because she was going away, and he will be gone, when she returns and honestly the kids will be nearly as heartbroken as me, to see him go home.

So I arrived, and didn't have time for a cuppa, because if you are owt like me, (I doubt it unless you too have had a brain injury? And then you'd still find it hard :D) Anyway I can't gulp red hot drinks, I leave them to go tepid, kinda luke warm almost!! But I knew I didn't have time till the group arrived, so ran....(as if!!!) ...cycled over to Chris Lawlor, from Social Services who'd arrived with a group of young folk who had various disabilities, there were 9 of them. Some were able to ride the 2 wheelers. We circled the courts, and played a few games, and then I led them around the park. With the help of Nick and Fred, they went to put the cycles away.

Looks are so deceiving aren't they? in the corner of the courts was a 'Hoodie' sitting on the tarmac in the goal post, as if claiming it. I was slow collecting the cones, that were placed in a large Oval shape, in one half. He strutted over, 'Shall I do that for you?' he enquired. As I thanked him and left the courts, my fave group arrived Autism Plus. 'Awww sorry mate, would you mind helping me put them out again? I asked ever so nicely laughing. 'Of course I'll help you.' How lovely was he???

I had asked my taxi to come early, so I could go home and see my Mum, before rushing back to see Robbie. So I didn't have much time for Russel and Marcel, which was a pity. A quick hug, and a Hello. Oh no I'd forgotten Paul from Leeds was visiting with his son today!! I'll see you at your house at 330pm, he said as he hung up.

John the taxi driver, was worried about me not eating (daft thing) so stopped and bought me a ...... something foreign, that was nice!! Called to see Mum. But only stopped about 10mins, just missing Trudie Jocks Sister, and my daughter who'd also decided to visit. I was quite relieved to have missed that. I hadn't seen her since the split 5 or 6 years ago? We haven't even spoken, but previously we had been close.

I waited in, enjoying a cuppa with the dog, until Paul and his wee boy arrived, because children love dogs, don't they Or is that just mine.

I rode to the pub, got 2 bottles of ?, I'm not even sure who makes it, is it Copper berg???Anyway it's fab, a bottle of Raspberry and Lager. Which takes me back to my youth, I used to drink Lager and Blackcurrant. Did you know, when I lay in a coma, I was given a pen and paper. My first words?......Lager and Black!!! Ha, very pro fond thoughts they were then? :D

My lovely kiddies, loved and hugged very much (me btw) and left for Spain. I waved bye to everyone, cycled home in a jiffy to meet Kathy from the Yorkshire Post, now Kathy fortunately loved dogs. And we settled done , but I know I was a bit hyper! not sure? but I think she left about 10.30. With the familiar Cauliflower Ears!!

Oh forgot to mention, all the bikey folk, loved my new tyres :) and were really impressed with the cost.

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