Friday, 29 March 2013

End of a Chapter

I wish I felt better, and well enough to give this entry some credit, because Adult Social Care, but more precisely the SDS team, who I have worked with for 5 years now, ended yesterday. And I did cry!! I will come back to this when i feel better. I'm absolutely full of cold.

 I've not cycled for a week now, the snows been too deep for me to take the dog on the park, because it trips me up....i hope you were'nt smiling:) I did manage yesterday and today to take her though.

I do have news, I just need to know a bit more about it, before I share.

There was no C4A on Thursday, because of the snow. :(xxxx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Snow bound :(

Is Snow bound, the same as Egg Bound??? :) ie it keeps it all in??

I don't like the snow especially when it freezes in rutted treacherous moon like creators, up my garden path. And in fact all down the drive, :( Life's not good.

We have all been quite poorly, I don't know what with but I kinda refused some more Anti bio tics today, and asked the gp, to ensure that I had some Paracetamol, so I could monitor my temp. Which reminds me she hasn't done??? I try to make things easy for some folk!! Was she humouring me????!!!!I told her the implications of me getting a temperature (seizures) so I thought that wouldn't be a problem.  Luckily, I asked my ex to fetch me some on his way home from the hospital!!! Where 'Our' son, had been...another story. He's been to the Drs 3 times, and hospital twice! And they can't find out why he has 'croup' like symptoms. Thing is he fine and happy and bla.........yuk!!!!Class!!!! He's just told me how his Dad took, him out in his new Q8 car....??? and when they had stopped at the shops, Finn stayed in the back, comfy on the suede upholstered seats, and you guessed it!!!! but he caught it in his hands....yuk!! And bailed it out of the window!!

Apparently there were 35 folk, went to C4A last Thursday despite it being freezing, and despite having to pay.  And the team managed fine without me :( although I was missed by the Marj' of the world. 

I didn't eat or drink for 36hours over the weekend. I felt awful.

I'm feeling a bit better.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Awwww poor Lisa Lynch

When I first started blogging, I had a nosey at what other folk were reading, and some of you (2) were reading this. I became a follower, but over the years, i've just popped in on you occasionally Lisa. And laughed at you trying wigs on and bras! does that make me a sicko? I don't think so because it was your intention, as you tried to make the 'Bullshit' a little easier to bare. I hope it was perfect for you in the end. I will think of you often. xxx

I cried yesterday, as Community Transport let me down, again. Thing is Daisy forgot to mention it to me until 8am.

My children were both off sick anyway, so it would have been difficult. But it is my intentions to Cycle/Train/Tram/another tram/ walk and borrow a trike whilst i'm there!!It sounds mad but I think it would only take me about 45mins. So thanks for that then Dave, but I aint done it yet.

We've got the gorgeous Robbie dog tonight. :) 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Duvet days!

I had previously invited a Guy and his son, for dinner tonight. I helped Matt who has Cerebral Palsy, learn to ride a trike, and later helped his Dad source his very own. And do you know, I enjoyed speaking on the phone sooo much about proper adult (not like that ;)) I invited him to come around for dinner. Anyway he got in touch last night to say he couldn't, but then he could, but I couldn't so we're doing it next Saturday, I think?

Do you need to know all this really? I don't know?

I cycled with Holly to the shops, and back. She's very brave....or perhaps just so dim, that she doesn't see the danger?

Anyway, it's freezing out, snow?? is forecast, I'm not impressed!! So we're snuggling down under a duvet on the settee, with hot chocolate, and a wet whippet.

Friday the 8th

My legs ached a bit this morning, but do you know what I felt so alive. I'd got my identity back!!

I cycled to ~Millhouses Park today to meet Angela, for a bit of brunch. Which was very nice :)

Thursday the 7th of March.

Guess what I want?

The Launch

Well the weather was cold and dull, but at least it didn't really rain or snow! But it was a bit chilly.

It was great being back, seeing all the usual suspects. The Marjorie and Barry's of this world :) Who were very pleased to be back, and I've missed them it's bizarre I know, but I get an incredible buzz, knowing that they enjoy the ride. And just maybe Barry who is Marj' main carer. Gets a bit of respite and gets his strength back till next time.

Alan returned, I'm not sure he will be back though, he was the only person out of 35, who minded the fact that he was going to have to pay, just a £5 for a couple of hours. Everyone else really did not have a problem. We listened to every ones thoughts though, and the Individuals who come? can just pay £5 cash. The organisations and schools, will pay every 4 weeks into Heeley Development Trusts bank account. Because they now own the Cycles, and pay Steve and Graham a wage.

The side by side Tandem Hand Cycle got it's virgin launch. Well it's first proper use, by a woman who'd originally come to The Book Launch that I did, back in 2012! She said she will definitely be back!! I do hope so, she did a couple of Kilo Metres, which is quite hard for me, with the Hand Cycle. But her and her friend had no trouble.

Another 2 beginners were lovely young women, who had received an electronic flyer from Sheffield Centre for Independent Living. It was the one of Zara and myself on the side by side. They were fantastic, 'Go 4 It ' types, who had mildish Autism. They loved life, and cycled many times around the park. They kept stopping to play on the climbing ropes!!and climb trees etc.

Lawrence returned, which was nice, and I thought he looked really well.

Poor Graham, deserved a medal, because he helped Steve, even though he had the heaviest cold, in the world. And he was so considerate, because he stayed outside, so he wouldn't spread germs. So I kept him stocked up with hot tea.

What does everyone think of the name 'Joyriders' for the Project?

I thought brilliant at first. But now I'm wondering? is it a bit like 'Sunshine Variety'? buses. And does it need to be more explanatory in it's name?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Eve of the Launch

I'm 46, and I feel like a kid, returning to school after the 6 week holiday (that's mysteriously become 7!!) My tummies got butterflies, and it's all because I will see the joy on peoples faces, as they cycle. Maybe for the first time? maybe it'll be their first experience of independent movement?

And the look of joy on Pats face, as Graeme notices her painted nails! 'Have you done them especially for me?' She turns away shyly, chuffed to bits that he has noticed. And the look of sheer delight as she feels the cool wind in her face, as he speeds down the hill, with her chair on the Velor Plus.

Tomorrow is free, but we will have to start charging after. But I don't think that is gonna be a problem. I asked Steve?? but i don't really know who it will be up to maybe Heeley Development Trust, as they have taken over. I asked if I could take charge of the individuals who come? because they will probably pay about a £5 a week. For either a morning going round the park, or an afternoon.Or they could pay £10 for 5hours, but I think that's unlikely?

I wonder if there will be some new faces?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Proper poorly!!

I woke this morning with a pulse running through my head, I felt like 'Stressed Eric' who has big veins sticking to his Temples, bulging with every beat of his heart!!! Urrrgh, I felt rough, I made myself a cuppa, let the dog out, woke the kids (several times) And crawled back to bed with a bowl, and shivered under the duvet. I stayed like this much of the morning, but taking calls from excited folk about Thursday.

Julie Andrews called round, whilst Richard was here, and they had cosy chats about which shamy leathers worked best, and such stuff.

I was supposed to meet Steve M at Tesco, hey I must have been poorly to call off.  But I called him and was full of gratitude for bringing Inclusive Cycling to Sheffield. Regardless of what happens, it's definitely here to stay.

Btw, my head ache has got worse, until I ate a really unhealthy? veg pizza (hey it had spinach in it) and now it's gone.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Double Take :D

I had to laugh at this police car today, I was just cycling down my road, with Holly dog trotting dutifully at the side of me. It was about 5pm? so it was still light. I was slowing down at the cross roads, to let this police car continue down the road, as he had right of way, anyway.  Talk about 'Capstone Cops' !! with a hand brake screech, wheel spin and quick reverse! The Police, backed up to stare at me, Oh well, I just smiled.

If I can raise £2000 and get an Ice Adventure Pedal Assist, with lots of add ons. Up from Cornwall, she's mine. :)

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Poor Queenie

I'd hate to be the Queen. When quite literally you can't fart, without the world knowing! Poor thing, I mean, us common folk,  would simply call in work, and go back to bed with a hot water bottle. And I bet there is some poor child who was chosen, to give the Queen flowers and curtsy,who is distraught today, because Queenie farted, and followed through!!

I spent the day, protesting about how it really wasn't very convenient to have my sons friends round today. But why wasn't it? I hadn't got owt on, so I sucommed, and became a snarling and growling Mary Poppins. I nipped to the shops on Ziggy, with Holly trotting along beside me, I don't like the fact that oncoming traffic seems to expect me, to run her over. As apposed to them pulling in for 2m!!!!

I glimpsed at the weather forecast for Thursday (C4A launch) It's forecast rain :( But who knows?