Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Eve of the Launch

I'm 46, and I feel like a kid, returning to school after the 6 week holiday (that's mysteriously become 7!!) My tummies got butterflies, and it's all because I will see the joy on peoples faces, as they cycle. Maybe for the first time? maybe it'll be their first experience of independent movement?

And the look of joy on Pats face, as Graeme notices her painted nails! 'Have you done them especially for me?' She turns away shyly, chuffed to bits that he has noticed. And the look of sheer delight as she feels the cool wind in her face, as he speeds down the hill, with her chair on the Velor Plus.

Tomorrow is free, but we will have to start charging after. But I don't think that is gonna be a problem. I asked Steve?? but i don't really know who it will be up to maybe Heeley Development Trust, as they have taken over. I asked if I could take charge of the individuals who come? because they will probably pay about a £5 a week. For either a morning going round the park, or an afternoon.Or they could pay £10 for 5hours, but I think that's unlikely?

I wonder if there will be some new faces?


  1. When you weigh up the other options of having a social activity - like going for a coffee, or a group visit somewhere £5 is perhaps a real bargain. In some ways I'd hope that you'd have the courage to do what the hugely successful Spokes Lothian Cycle Campaign has done since they started over 35 years ago - they have NEVER has a set membership fee (plus a few other base-line socialist concepts which I'll leave aside at present) all they ask are 2 core things. First that members pay what they think their Spokes membership is worth to them, and Second that if there is some skill or task that member can deliver to Spokes, it is recorded with the organisation and delivered when called for. Their newsletter, for example is stuffed by a gang taking over a city flat 3 times per year, and delivered by individuals taking bundles for their local street. Occasionally a specialist skill connects perfectly with a current need - like making banners for special events.

    It is a leap of faith, and some folk need to have their hand held when they jump.

  2. I'd be on for that to be honest because everyone I asked today, was really keen to pay for the service. Apart from one guy who wonmdered if lunch was provided, and if i'd make him a coffee. And complained loudly that he liked washing his hands after he'd bneen to the toilet. Snd thought it disgraceful that there were no hand towels!!

    It was really steady today I reckon about 50? But it was cold fortunatley, it stayed dry. Lots of new faces. And the Tandam Hand cycle got used! by a woman who couldnt pedal with her feet and a carer.

    I am bolloxed though!