Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Can you see owt?

Put your helmets on kids!


  1. Propaganda without substance?

    Blow to side of head? No cycle helmets are tested or designed protect against side & frontal impact.

    Scaremongering tactics.

  2. The really cynical would say - making money for helmet manufacturers and shops that sell helmets.

    The test for helmets is dropping them vertically on to a flat surface, they don't stop you stoving in the front of your face when you face-plant over the handlebars and likewise have limited side protection. As in any crash it all depends on how you land, but the design of the 'spaceman' huge lump of styrofoam may have some less desirable effects when it hits the ground obliquely and twists the head around on the neck.

    Best safety measure is making sure you can see and hear to plan and avoid the crashes, and to learn how to fall off in least painful way.