Saturday, 9 March 2013

Duvet days!

I had previously invited a Guy and his son, for dinner tonight. I helped Matt who has Cerebral Palsy, learn to ride a trike, and later helped his Dad source his very own. And do you know, I enjoyed speaking on the phone sooo much about proper adult (not like that ;)) I invited him to come around for dinner. Anyway he got in touch last night to say he couldn't, but then he could, but I couldn't so we're doing it next Saturday, I think?

Do you need to know all this really? I don't know?

I cycled with Holly to the shops, and back. She's very brave....or perhaps just so dim, that she doesn't see the danger?

Anyway, it's freezing out, snow?? is forecast, I'm not impressed!! So we're snuggling down under a duvet on the settee, with hot chocolate, and a wet whippet.

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