Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fingers on buzzes

Well it's a bit late for that actually. And I'm not sure if it's a phone vote??? But it will be screened warts builders arses and all!! But he did promise me he would be 'kind' when condensing 2hrs of filming into 15minutes. But how fab, is that getting inclusive cycling onto prime time tv? Ey I'm right proud!!

And I know, they might have just been very good at their jobs? But Mark and ANT, made it all a great day :D (and I'm not just massively creeping)I loved their humour, it was a tad smutty a bit like mine ;0D

All the important folk had arrived on time, cycling group, the ones I had sought permission off, the previous week? They didn't show :( Mark explained that they had to have some footage, of me at work. But whilst we were all together, he did some individual interviews, which must have been awful, for Miriam and Nigel of the Health Champs, who went first, whilst I was there. Fortunately I moved away, to be spoken too, where I suitably gushed about everyone., and how I just wanted more folk to have a choice Wheelchair v cycle? Steve M, wouldn't do his, in front of me :)

But my minds constantly on rewind, because I know there is bound to be a word that I over used?

I left Ziggy with them, and limped back with Miriam, who was being as lovely and natural, no airs and graces, but as inoffensive, as ever. Ahhhh, the Deli shop hadn't packed the baguettes I'd bought. But Ed had brought a beautiful curry, that he let me share mmmmm, I am becomming a manbird, who likes curries!!

This group attended at short notice, and phew they were willing to be filmed. Although non of the 3 were able to cycle as such, apart from this guy who just wanted to hold hands with everyone - Josh. And no matter how many folks hands he had on top of his. He wouldn't have a helmet on, and staff thought it imperitive that he did. So I set off on the 'Velor Plus' where the wheelchair can be clipped to a platform, and a person (me) cycles. I found it hard not to sound patronising, as I uttered words like 'are you waving at your friends?' But in contex it was appropriate, honest :)

I'm really happy, just how powerful I have been, because Steve, Nigel, Miriam, Fred, Dave, Derek, Fred, Kev, Rob and Carol have all supported my journey.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Having gone to bed entirely dressed, because, if I undid a button round my neck??? It was agony on my ankle!! basically if I breathed? it hurt. So I dosed myself up with legal stuff, elevated my bed. And that was me 'snug as a bug in a rug' or whatever the wank saying is :) At 2, I woke with the pain, and my leg felt like it was busting out of my support sock, a bit like sausage meat, escaping it's fine skin.

I'm sorry to all those folk who got a dramatic text at that time, and thank you Dave for taking the trouble to answer :) I took his advice, and fell asleep sometime later on the settee, with a bag of cauliflower cheese, on my ankle.

My SW arrived, My I was depressed, I am depressed. I wanted everything to be so perfect, when ITV filmed it all, I didn't want to be all helpless, I am quite pro active when there, I wanted to display that :( I wanted to show my powers of persuasion ;)

Steve M phoned, and complained about me always being a drama queen, I said Oh like the time I had 16 stitches in my left leg!! Anyway he called from Hillsbro', so hopefully he was checking on equipment (heres hoping) Nigel West phoned, who was far more sympathetic. But do you know through all this, I could cycle!! I couldn't walk a step. So I phoned my GPs and asked if they could strap it up? Am I boring? do you want an intinary of my actions?

Lunch, and a bag of goodies with 'Parkin' for tomorrow. Is Parkin a local thing? Hey, I've got to sweeten the guy up!!!!

My hair looks pretty dull :( I don't know why but I always imagine that a new hair do, will transform me. But sadly uuurrrrrm, NO

I cycled back, no one could believe the ease at which I cycled, when I couldn't even step!

I speeded back, and spoke to Miriam, who's the woman who nominated me. She was sooo giddy, it's very contagious. :D

Have fun on the River Bank this weekend, D and K.

Did I tell you Derek? than when I was little, my cat (he was very hard!!) came home with a stoat. dead :( Beautiful it was though, sort of chestnut colour with a white chest and nose, ahhhhh.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I've sprained my left ankle, by not walking terribly well in my Silly Posey Dangerous trainers!! Thank goodness Horice, my cycle friendly welfare worker, was here. With muscles of iron, (contrasting his shiny gold teeth)he managed to save me from serious harm.

I'm very nervous as tomorrow, my social worker is coming round to discuss my new SDS budget. And because I thrive so well on the very meagre amount I receive. I reckon she'll be looking at reducing it. I might not be so quick to tell the world it is the way forward, if I loose the ability to choose and take measured risks. I'm hoping that I will have got extra in there to pay for cycle repairs and add ons. Like my Schluphf kick plates for example. And maybe holidays rather than, having to scrounge off my Mum every year. Because I felt sooo safe at the exclusive Centre Parks earlier this year.

I must visit my Mum tomorrow, go for a beaufont hair do, and call for some more sexy support socks.

Steve was uncharacteristicly gushing this morning. He might not be after Thursday, we shall see?

And Kev and Derek, I think I've answered the post, I've ticked 'watching' the topic, we shall see? But what a shame Kev, you may have to come to Sheffield to fix it, whilst I go girly. I definatly need to update my people page. Oooooh how exciting it's The Cycle Show soon........I'm scared :) Does that suprise you??

Monday, 27 September 2010


It was raining, but I actually quite like cycling in the rain. Nick Nurse, wanted to meet. But I really HAD to get Ziggy sorted, so I told him he could meet me at 'Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet' for a coffee, if he wanted too.

I cycled to the BT and left Ziggy with Ash, I also explained about my cleats? Gave him the box that I'd been sent, with the special tool in. I have to say though, I wasn't impressed with the fact that I needed to sit down to show him my trainer. And there wasn't a stool for me to sit on!! They had a couple of bar stool type things, that weren't any good for me. I sat on Ziggy in the end!!!

I went to meet nick, I must have been a right boring git, because all I kept talking about was kick plates and geeky things. He drove me back to fetch her, ahhhh it was great, she was done. Just a matter of my spds, Nick said lets see your cleats then, so I sat in Ziggy, stuck my feet out, and he stuck them in place. And I acted all girly. :D

I didn't think after all the fuss, I was gonna be able to wear SPDs with my new kick plates. but ooooooh I can you know? and they actually work with a size 5 shoe. So thank you Kevin and Derek, what a top idea it was to get Kick plates.

After all that I thought LIGHTS, I'm conscious of the nights drawing in, I need lights for collecting the children at 3.30!! I had lost one of my front ones, and my back one didnt appear to work. I'm so glad Nick had come along, because the BT was gonna charge £30 for lights, and £5 for fitting them!!! He just swapped my very bright one to the outside, and rejigged the batteries around in the back. :) Ash charged me £15 for fitting the kick plates.

I think the gears needed sorting anyway, because she rides like she did before folk tampered with her. I can actually get nearly to school now, without using the Slumphf mountain drive, which is exactly how it should be instead of, me having to put it on as soon as I turn out of my road. :) I'm very happy. Shame about Nick been married though, no future there.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Boo Hoo

My SPDs don't seem to fit:( I was so looking forward to using them. I will get Ash to take a look at the Bike Tree tomorrow. Hey do I sound geeky? But you know the 'clip' part on your trainers? is that supposed to have solid plastic on the underneath? if you follow. It just looks like if the plastic wasn't there I'd be able to clip them to the pedals.

Paul, Northern Rail person, ex fb took me for a fantastic b'day meal. As he wasn't around last week. I ate a gorgeous ticka Marsala, king prawn which was so filling, but I couldn't leave any, it was just too lovely, hey that was me stepping out of my comfort zone of safe and sweet Korma!! Anyway I found myself having a really serious (ey steady on) talk about the decline of Guards Vans on trains. (I know I scare myself sometimes!!) It was actually Northern Rail, who'd initially started my money pot for Ziggy.

Fingers crossed, that Ash can work magic on the 'Kick Plates' and have a bright spark about my trainers. I was soooo lookijng forward to ridng.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

I'm not going to incriminate myself

So for the benefit of readers, I cycled to a post a few feet from the bus stop locked Ziggy up to a post and caught the bus for the long journey into town. Once there I did actually get some new SPD trainers, from Decathlon, who were fantastic, btw. I played my disability card, and I wasn't lying when I said, I was exhausted from walking. And did 'Adam' mind putting my cleats in for me :D And my little boy chirped up 'She's got mental issues' I didn't care what got me them screwed in, so I didn't argue!!!

All the clan were out on the street, the same ones who had laughed at me earlier in the day for falling into the Road!! Oh I 4got I'd not mentioned them sniggering earlier today, because I fell into the road trying to step over Ziggy. They are the original 'Clam pets' who are so reactionary about every new activity in the neighbourhood .

I was feeling a tad bitter, until Dave phoned and just reminded me, of the reason he'd nominated me for the award.

Hey, I got a right shock today, I was waiting for the bus and I heard a familiar song coming from this Markee, I found myself singing to it, but I couldn't place the artist, BANG WALLOP!!! I remembered, It was Nick the Nurse. I dropped £1 in his oxfam bucket, and sent him a rude text ;Dxx Which he has replied to ;)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Warm and cosy

It's true central heating weather now, and longer nights. And my body seem's to have gone on strike, since I decided, enough was enough, and I wasn't going to study for my Cert Ed. I am content though, it's not like I'm bored, just yet. Give it another week though?

I spoke with Miriam today, the young woman who nominated me, along with Dave for the 'Feel Good Award', who is busting a gut with excitment, at the prospect, of being filmed on Thursday. We had a bit of a girly chat about hair and clothes, and what to wear :D

I cycled to school at 3, only to see my wee boy, showing off giving backys, through the gates, and then saying'Ooooh no hands!!' I did chastise him, as if I'd ever do anything as childish :D (2 weeks ago!!! , I fell off though!!)

I rang Steve M to catch up, because I aint spoken for a week. Awwww he did say, how lucky he was to have me as a supporter :) I know he meant it because, he doesn't compliment for the sake of it. (like me) And I do work very hard at times to make Inclusive Cycling, well.....more inclusive and accepted.

Ooooooooooh I emailed my original blogmaster today and asked him to visit Hillsbro' and take some pics on Thursday. So that would be so nice if he did.

Oh 4got I also phoned the Bike Tree this am, and Ziggys booked in for 10.30 0n Monday morning, to have her sexy 'Kickplates' fitted. She can be all smart for her tv debut.

Hey, it won't be my tv debut. Do you recall Big Breakfast in 1992?? and Paula Yates on her big bed? Yep, I know it's hard to believe but my ex and I were featured on there. Because in 1988, in an effort to get me walking, he'd proposed, on the condition that I took a few steps b4 Xmas. Ey, and I took him to every word!!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Right Decision

I think I made the right decision, to forfiet my Cert Ed, and continue at Hillsborough with the Inclusive Cycling. I do love it. The 1st group, although they possibly get loads out of it, they aren't as relaxed, as the group that follows. :D The guy that took off to the field last week? Well he sped off towards the duck pond this week!!! But luckily Fred could run faster!! And it's these chaps who are excited about being filmed, next Thursday.

I sat about for a while after, with my old Cycle For Health friends, and the conversation led me to talk about the 4 months I lay in a coma, 22 years ago. Now everyones jaw dropped!! :D I was only telling them that whilst still asleep, I was handed a piece of paper and a pen, and I wrote 'Lager and Black' (see Hotmedog, I Haven't changed)

I'm excited about next week, I've just spoken to ITV, who are very giddy too. But I know, it's their job.

I feel very happy with my decision, not to leave Inclusive Cycling, and do my Cert Ed. Today was a pleasure, as apposed to me being challanged.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Even Keel

I'm so happy just going to see my Mum and back, I don't need to be educated to enjoy the very simple things that I love.

But urrrrgh on the way back, I was merrily turning the pedals at my pace. And not been pressured by the traffic behind, that was escaping past me, occasionally. I turned in at The Bike Tree, and these obnoxious men, in a big white van (it had to be) wound down the window and shouted 'Get that Fuckin shit off the road!!!' I was hurt how dare they call Ziggy shit? Then I went into the B T, saw Ash who's the Guy who was gonna fit the 'Kick Plates' if he'd got time,( he said he was too busy, and to gi him a ring on Friday.

It's Hillsbro' tomorrow, I mustn't be late home because I've got an important date ;0)x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bushes and choppers

My friend has volunteered, to come and chop some beach trees, in my back garden and use his big chopper, on Julies 5 bushes!! I informed him today, that Julies bush is mouldy, but worst still mines got fungus on it.(I'm sooo childish, sometimes)

It was good to have Pat back on the Tesco bus, Oh we did laugh.....but you had to be there......

I cycled to school, to fetch my wee son who doesn't really need me there. To think it was exactly a year ago, I used to struggle up there on Gretel. A lot of the Mums have moved on now, I wondered what many were doing?

Nick the nurse is coming in the morning, which will be really nice, then Im going to see Mum you see I wouldn't have been able to relax and do these things, if I'd have done My Cert Ed. I think I'm just not ready to grow up and get a steady lifestyle.

You see I've only cycled to school, and my mood is the BEST

Monday, 20 September 2010

Mental 'Incapacity' :D

I was asked if I'd help train folk, by that's not it!! Write some useful 'tools' into the training of Social Workers, who would be ascertaining someones mental capacity. Before applying for Self Directed Support!! I say capacity, but it felt like Incapacity, by the time we'd finished, honestly. I did feel a little 'challenged' at times. But I think I contributed, even if it was to say Woa!! too much jargon at times.

Secret squirrels, I tipped out of bed, and kind of went in the awaiting taxi. Far too much booze was consumed at mine last night. I know I am a big wuss but I haven't cycled for my sins. And yes I feel ashamed :(

Sunday, 19 September 2010

An assortment of flowers/flours

I have to thank Dave H, for his carrier bag containing plain flour, self raising flour and wholemeal flour!!! What a lovely colourful bunch of flours they were.

Sadly/happily I am a bit tidley :) Hey I was 44 today!!! flipen ek!!

Wr drank in the pub from 1230- 6, although to be fair I was extemely sensible, although I did fall o'r once home. I can't think why? :)

Everyone seems to agree with my decision regarding the Cert Ed. I'm working with the SW tomorrow, which I love.

Hey My mate Nick wants xxxxxxs

Friday, 17 September 2010


It oozes out of me at the moment, and I understand I'm seeing a possibility in everything at the mo. It's just that I haven't necessarily, got the ability, to do the practical stuff, it's so frustrating!!

I've loved it since my children have gone back to school, because do you know? They've been in bed for 9.30 every night, it's great!! So I have had absolutely no probs getting up at 6.30 everyday, showered and ready for them at 7, I'm like Mary Poppins at the moment.

I rushed off in the taxi at 9am and arrived at VAS in Sheffield, and it was absolutely packed, I reckon there was over a hundred folk there. Eeeeeek!! I was suddenly a bit nervous, I glanced over and thank goodness, Hannah, came rushing over and was obviously pleased to see me. I was bundled in with an invisable coat (not really) I just seemed to attract a lot of attention, as if I was a rock star or star, or something? I grabed a coffee, and seemed to be introduced to a lot of folk, one of which 'Luke', who gave a talk after me. And I'm sure I stole all his thunder!!!

I spoke for 20minutes, and made folk smile a bit (politely) poor Hannah, she must think Here we go about the trimmed bushes and big choppers and stuff!!

I was asked whether the CTC/Inclusive Cycling would like to hold a stall, in the 3rd sector market at the town hall in October.

I met Heather, who I worked with ten years ago in the Youth Service. Who was telling me about these fantastic new premises the YS had got in Chesterfield, with a cycle track around the field, it sounded brill.

I wish I'd been able to stop all day, because I felt very knowledgeable (i know, steady on Caroline!!) But like Cinderella, my carriage waited outside the building.

I jumped in, (yeah right laugh Caroline!!) about as gracefully as a sloath!!

My next gig was miles away (honestly it's true Derek and Kevin)It was where I help train Social Workers. Only today, it was to be the support staff, in case they were the folk chosen to write support plans with clients.

It went really well, I thought, I actually knew one of them. Her son used to play football with my son. So she is very familiar, with the sight of me and Ziggy, Ziggy is my trike for those of you who aren't familar. Anyway again it was a really nice group, but I am knackered!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fantastic Day!!!!

I really enjoyed my day at Hillsborough, at the Inclusive Cycling. Because the group we had at 11am, I hadn't met b4, so I approached both staff and clients with a degree of reserve, (Ok 4 about a minute!!) and I'd kind of got the impression from my darling Fred, that he had wanted me to play more of a role, if teaching was what I was hoping to study. Well I began asking those who'd found suitable bikes to follow me. And well, it was a bit like a deliberate set up, because there were 5 of them and they all scattered to every far corner of the court, apart from one who took off to the grass. Luckily there was 3 of us plus 3 staff, who'd arrived with them. Once settled I guarded the edge near the field, just gently reminding folk which way to go and saying words, like fantastic a lot. Because It was brill they were all so excited at riding (semi freely) and at times so fast. Their excitment was soooo contagious!! I had a word with the staff, and asked if they'd all like to star in the filming on the 30th? Yeah they all could there was only one, who hadn't given written consent. And Fred volunteered to take him on a ride round the park happily. :D

I was a bit sad, because today would be my last day at Hillsbro' Inclusive Cycling, apart from the day of the filming. And Fred and I had to agree, we make a great team.

Tomorrow, I've got a 'gig' at 9.30 giving a talk, at Voluntary Action Sheffield, on the joys of Self Directed Support. At 12.30 I'm being whisked away, to help deliver training on SDS, I get paid for the latter though :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Such responsibility!!

My children stood before me, all militery style this morning before school. 'Now F* I won't be home until 4, Mrs R knows your alone, go to her if your worried, about owt!!' 'D* have you got everything for trampolening?' 'There's some jam sandwiches in cling film if your hungry, b4 I get back' Such responsibility, I was piling onto my children aged 8 and 12, and I knew it. But they acted so capable, have I forcedthem to grow up too quick? with a flick of a lambs tail they were gone. Leaving me, still doubting my own capabilities. I couldn't not do it, because everyone was putting so much effort into me making a success of it.

Today was for all students who had some form of disability, I would say most must have had hidden disabilities, like dyslexia, there were a few in wheelchairs. But one, who I really wanted to speak to and he was a guy, who'd had his leg amputated at the hip, just like my mate Kev Hickman, who runs the Inclusive Cycling Forum
And I wanted to know if he cycled too?:D But first I sat for 3 hours listening to folk, saying what was available. And how they had links to a huge long list of sporting organizations. But cycling wasn't on it, so I waited till lunch and steamed in, with news of Hillsborough, and the ICF and told them about Ziggy. So if I met you today Hi!!! But I deliberatly sat on my hands when they were recruiting volunteers for stuff.

Does anyone know where Steve M is? I really don't want to be dropped in it with the filming crew next week!! So I'm absolutly knackered, but I'm making myself go to Hillsbro tomorrow, just to check that Inclusive Cycling is still happening.

I had left the house in a bit of a tip this am, but I thought the House work fairies had been, when I returned, my shopping had been put away from last nights Tesco delivery, (fruit in bowl !!) Ahhhh, my mate Julie, had been to borrow sugar. And she felt sorry for me :) how nice.

Kev can you phone me flower and Cycle Chic, is it ok for Social Services to use the pic of me on the trike. Or anyone else for that reason, it will all be in the interest of promoting cycling?

I'm tired but content :)

I'm sorry for being all insular, and self absorbed, I'm just tired.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

This post is soooo random, I've just re read it :)

Some of you may get this twice - heaven forbid!! I just can't miss anyone out and leave them not knowing.

I went to a really well organised, workshop which was run by one of my fellow health champions. And the group was small enough (8???) to keep the discussion intimate and sensitive, and repectful at all times.

I butted in at the end ;) asking if there was room in the Health Champs for me to do such a thing? (Iwas thinking of my Cert Ed) I was hoping to pair up with John, as I like working as a double act.

Oooooooooooh and I got my kickpedals, for my slumphf mountain drive. How about that for service from West Country Recumbent (they've even lent me a geeky tool too.) Kick plates even!!!!

Next bit of good news was, the cameras are coming to Hillsborough on the 30th of September at 10.30am. So (I know I always say it, I must get tiresome?) High heels and lippy are the order of the day!! I WILL make an impact on the people disabled and not. Who think that life is about dependancy, and boredom.

Rhians got very big plans, thank you.

I rang Hallam and I really rubbished myself, just wanting to excuse myself, when they gave me the 'dear John' but the dear John never came. So????

Monday, 13 September 2010

Dave, in answer to your Q?

In answer to a question you posed on the 4th of September? I never have, and I never will, there's just no need.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Don't you love the fact that they (google) always put 'relevant' adverts in my blog? I mean lets just experiment with a few key words, obesity and dieting (hey it's been close to my heart) Sex, impotence, frigid, (in for a penny in for a pound!!) Mind you I often discuss my periods and I don't get adverts for sanitary products. So maybe it's all in my head.

I'm right excited and geeky, because my 'kick plates' have arrived in Derby at West Country Recumbent. I'm so looking forward to being able to put my 'Slumphf' gear on. Without having to hold up the traffic and press the button manually.

Yorkshire tv, are phoning tomorrow, they want to come and film me at the Inclusive Cycling at Hills bro', but I don't know, it's really not being the same this summer, lots of politics and me not feeling very appreciated at times, has seen my attendance dwindle. Also it's on the same day as uni, who incidentally have written. Saying they want written confirmation, of my teaching practice.

Friday, 10 September 2010

The Elephant in the Corner of the Room

As I am sometimes described, and if it's true, I don't mind it being used to publicize just how accessible cycling is. I don't mind making a total arse of myself wheezing and puffing, uphills for TV, for 2 reasons. 1) because what better way, to get disabled folk to see their own personal possibilities , than being thrust into their front rooms via television? And the res the non disabled people, who really haven't got the motivation, which is like an illness, in itself. A very difficult one to cure or break the spiral of.2) I just like publicly thanking folk and organisations. And educating (i know I'm on about 4 reasons!! just don't stop me, I'm on a roll) did you know, I haven't been to my GP for 14 months!! because of illness. This is since I've been cycling, regularly. So Money that was invested into the CTC and the Health Champs, teaching me to cycle. Has been saved, because not only is there the cost of my medical attention, but the cost of looking after my children maybe, because I am ill.

OOoooooooh im having a rant now!!!

So because of the lovely Dave and Miriam, I get the opportunity to be on everyones tv. But you know how your brain starts ticking over things???? Well the day they are coming to film at Hillsborough, I bet the majority of folk won't be on tv!! So I might be calling on 'plants' and not the green leafy type either. So all you wanna be movie stars? You may be getting a curtain call on the 30th of September.

And my heart beat like a drum today, more than it has beat for anybody else. (Wow secret squirrells) I jusrt have to tell the world, don't I?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thank you Dave

I do honestly like it, that you think about me, I do think that when Steve 'lands me in it' it's not by choice or thought though. Although he must have some faith in me, along with Liz Howard from the SDS team. They were both my referees. But I'm sure many folk can appreciate how really difficult things can be, being a single parent. and a non car driver, just think if I could drive I'd be an even fatter git, and I wouldn't have met all the wonderful folk that I have. But sometimes, I could cry, because life's hard. I mean, why am I taking on s'thing else???? Am I setting myself up to fail? And how will I feel when I do fail?

Steve Marsden (CTC) along with Chris (f) took some young folk to York CTC rally in June, to gain their Duke of Edinbourgh awards. I suggested to Steve that maybe I could work with Chris and those young folk. He's lookin into it for

Anyway today, I didn't go to Hillsbro' today because of my cycle :D

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Oooooooooooooh I just don't

I phoned Uni today, to find out the next step?? Now I had presumed, I had only been accepted on the Cert Ed course, with a view leaving at Xmas with my Ptlls, but apparently they have accepted me on the Cert Ed course, with the hope that I can find some practice hours. And if I can't I can always opt out, and settle with the ptlls, as a last resort. So again I don't know whether I'm putting too much pressure on myself. I discussed it with Steve, who suggested various Cycle For Health meets, which I have already signed upto, and is taking place at Endcliffe Park, which isn't too far. just very busy and hilly.

Having been busy letting my children take centre stage in their build up and preparation for new schools. I have to admit, I breathed a sigh of relief when they skipped off with satchels, knee high grey socks with Tawney feathers tucked in the top.(Urmmmm I dont think so) rewind, steady on... they wore new uniforms :)

I'm going to Hillsborough tomorrow, ahhhh I'll miss it really, it's been a massive shift for me , moving from the dependant disabled woman who attended once a week, to borrow a low rider trike, for a couple of hours. To the independent 'wanna be' student teacher' who zips round on a super cool 'Greenspeed' trike.

Ouch!!! wasp stings!! (my poor wee boy) gotta go.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Sheffield Cycle Chicks :)

Spot deliberate ploy on words. Ahh I met the Chic herself today along with her enchanting little girl. It brought back many memories, because I really used to feel like I had to watch my children 24/7 and of course that aint always possible. So I feel they survived their early years, by chance, rather than super parenting skills. I am proud though, my big girl started secondary school today, and my little boy, Juniors. It is a miracle, I know :D

I have been buzzing for 12hrs now!! My day began, at 6.30am, with my children so excited and in dependant. Now I know I've done nowt but really miss them, whilst they've been away, but I have welcomed the routine and freedom that school brings.

I passed 'a bike shop' on my way to the park, and Ziggy was making a terrible din!! So I pulled into the car park, feeling quite relieved at the convenience of things! But even though the staff, saw me struggling (I struggle at everything:) ) they remained closed and didn't open up 10 mins early, so I had to risk it and climb back on Ziggy. I kinda knew it was the mud guard or s'thing, so it would wait.

I was just about to make a total arse of myself, when I approached this other young woman with a child, and smiled and I was about to utter the words 'Hello I'm the fat lass' when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman, striding towards me, the bike leaning against the wall with a child sitting next to it, gave the game away really. We settled for a coffee, which SCC treated me too. When this very excited man, came over and started excitedly asking questions about Ziggy. Do you want a go?? He looked disbelieving, but I eaxplained that I didnt want to alter the legnth etc. But he could have a go, if he wanted. And he was off. We chatted for an hour or so, and she took some pics of eeeeek me on Ziggy, and lots of Ziggy on her own, whilst I regressed and became all maternal, (I know it's unbelievable) playing with her little girl on the climbing frames etc!!

I cycled to see my Mum, who was totally delighted to see me, it was great!!

I saw Karen my mate, whilst there :)

And told Adam, how to find this. So Hi Adam :)

Julie Andrews popped in to say Hi, and I crept up the hill to school, whilst she walked. It's much harder having to go at walking pace. My BMX mounted boy and I raced home :) Life's gooooood.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sheffield Cycle Chic

Hey look I can do 'no hands' on Ziggy. I have tried to upload a pic of my eye, which is much better than it was, and I cant. So don't expect this too often :) Thanks to Rob, btw did you get my pics on the moby. I'm very excited at the thought of being able to control my gears, without stopping.
Hope everyones well, in Norwich, that's folk off the Inclusive Cycling Forum, who are having a meet.
Oh yeah, I knew there was a purpose to this blog? Sheffield Cycle Chic, I've lost your moby number you'll need to call me. But I'm still on for cuppa and CAKE, on Monday.
Must tell you, my friend kipped in one of the kids beds, eventually. And I kept waking her in the night because I was laughing so much in my sleep :D

Friday, 3 September 2010


I woke this morning, feeling suprisingly refreshed, I say suprisingly, not because like this weeks been work or owt? Because I've loved it. But I am feeling a bit 'judged' not in a nasty way, heaven forbid. And not really by Kev and Derek, because I'm sure they would have 'admired' my efforts. :) regardless. The fact that we all enjoyed each others company was a bonus. And I'm just sad I can't join everyone, in Norwich tonight. (hi everyone in Norwich :))

I've got a bruised eye!! btw.

I think Derek and Kev, pointed me in the right direction, for ordering some new plates for my Slumphf drive. Because I keep having to stop to put it on or off, holding up cyclists behind me. As usual Rob and Carol Hague, from West Country Recumbent are being ever so helpful. Also Wendy Creed, had asked me to look after Sharron and her son, and I have been in touch, and reckon, Rob and Carol, would be able to help better. :) It's so lovely how the community of cyclists, steam in to help each other.

I went to Hallam University, for my Cert Ed interview, and despite it going really well, and the university, trying to fit me in, kinda thing. I kept saying, that I assist in everything really. And I would have loved it if I'd have found somewhere in Sheffield, that was running the Preperation to Teach Life Long Skills. So she offered me a place for the first year, and it will be my PTLLS. Which is cool because that is my City and Guilds.

I'm just cycling to the Spit, for someone's B'day, and my last night of freedom, before my children come home :)xx I'm quite excited about seeing them.

Thursday, 2 September 2010


:( :D It was a tinsy bit funny.

It was good to be back at Hillsbro today. But I got my come up pence ???? (is that a northern thing)

Luckily I'd taken 3 helmets, because we're always a couple short. (what a shame, I didn't wear one)

Firstly a man returned from last week, because he'd had such a good time. And like me he'd got brain damage, only his was caused by a stroke, but the result was similar to my traumatic brain injury. Left sided weakness, and poor balance. Making him have difficulty with balance, and pursuing any form of exercise. Then Steve Marsden arrived, making 4 staff, and me as a volunteer!

A community group of about 6 adults with various needs arrived, they had come with 3 staff of there own.Anyway they came and went. And for once we actually took the bikes back, and returned for lunch and a drink, and a wee!! Not on a piece of cardboard in a black plastic bag either!!! (compost) (hey Kev and Derek, thats what I need to secure my shed even more)

Slowly but surely my ex collegues, from the SDS team started to arrive. It was great, I hadn't seen them for a few weeks. One of the team, had brought her 2 teenagers which was nice. And what a beautiful sunny day, it was turning out to be!!

We chose our bikes, well they did. And Steve was the 'pilot' with Mary on the 'Velo Plus', so she remained in her chair, whilst Steve cycled at the back. Now, it wouldn't suprise me, if Marys wheelchair weighed a ton, honestly. We decided to leave the young boys playing footy, and go round the park, and cycle on the grass. Everyone was sitting, except for Ed and I, who had decided to take the Tandam trike for a spin. What a total fool I am, I had taken my helmet off, because I was on the grass (big mistake!!) We were both wearing our CTC cycle champion, t shirts, and we were shouting and laughing as we picked up speed, coming across the grass, towards the group. Ed went 'Oooooooooh ooooh, no hands!!' and raised them up, so I rather foolishly took my hands off, to prod him in the ribs, as he raised his arms. And that was me off the trike and eating the grass and the soil. It hurt a lot, but hey ho. (21 year old again)

How beautiful, and what a fantasic idea, Liz Salmon, one of the SW had brought strawberries, merangue nests, and cream, spoons dishes. Plus lovely sparkly pop with cups. What a fantastic day :)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Today Wednesday :)

Well Derek did in fact enjoy his 'Portable Porridge'. Thank you Brigitte for the lovely home made jam, mmmmm. There's no wonder Kevin doesn't like any of my preservatives :) (it's an in joke, you had to be there honestly!)

We sped to Millhouses Park, and it took us about 6 minutes as apposed to the 30 mins I had predicted in my neurotic state. We were meeting Rob Wright and his de blasi trike, Steve Marsden and 100 bike mad kids.

Steve and Kev got on fantastically, and I did make several attempts to add bits, but they barely paused for breath. So Derek and I stroked every dog in the park :) Then when Rob arrived, it was lovely to think that I had 'stalked him' with incessant emails with suggestions of which trike, when and where to ride it. Because he really got loads and loads out of being the main reason why Kevin and Derek were here, (Kev had wanted to see the tricycle)

Awww thank you Derek for your kind offer of a bed for the night, or 2, when it's the Inclusive Cycling Forums AGM in October.

And the good luck wishes for tomorrow, are appreciated Dave, because there are 9 social Workers and guests confirmed today.

Hey, I booked Ziggy in for Wednesday, with Ash at The Bike Tree. I bet he thought me mad I was buzzing a bit and possibly talking b*

Thank you to every person whose helped make K and D visit a success. (at least I think it was :) anyway.)

Yesterday, Tuesday.

I woke in a bit of a panic, because I'd got sooo much to do, and I felt my credibility was at stake here :) I hadn't meant to 'big my part up' again :D and I don't think for a minute Kev, and Derek thought I was. Because I'd have been able to cycle better, if I'd have wanted to build my part up. :D

Wendy Creed popped into say Hi, and put faces to names etc. I felt a tad rude because I was having to fly about, picking school uniforms up, putting the Tesco shopping away, tidy round in preparation for K and D.

Oh yeah, also 'Hot Me Dog' ...(fellow blogger) had been in touch, and he was gonna try and make it over in the evening. Wow this was snowballing, I don't mean it to, I just see possibilities, and I seem to know who would be interested in meeting, each other.

K and D, settled in, we bid Wendy a safe journey. (she also gave me a contact I must follow up, and encourage)

We decided, to go to the gorgeous local curry house on our way to the woods. And collect on our return. Thank you btw xx Now I've lived near the woods for 43 years (ok, v nearly 44) now I was acting pure Galois, and said follow me I know a short cut!!! Did I? urmmmm NO, I got us totally lost!! And I took us up a very difficult path, Derek was a star, because I did need quite a lot of supprt.

HMD called and I told him to come round and meet everyone :D (building my part up again)

Once back food, wine, lager and conversation freely flowed, for many hours. Pete called, but we were in talky mode, not party mode.

I wanted to play Trivial Pursuits, :( awww. But I was happy enough, hey I'm easily pleased.