Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Having gone to bed entirely dressed, because, if I undid a button round my neck??? It was agony on my ankle!! basically if I breathed? it hurt. So I dosed myself up with legal stuff, elevated my bed. And that was me 'snug as a bug in a rug' or whatever the wank saying is :) At 2, I woke with the pain, and my leg felt like it was busting out of my support sock, a bit like sausage meat, escaping it's fine skin.

I'm sorry to all those folk who got a dramatic text at that time, and thank you Dave for taking the trouble to answer :) I took his advice, and fell asleep sometime later on the settee, with a bag of cauliflower cheese, on my ankle.

My SW arrived, My I was depressed, I am depressed. I wanted everything to be so perfect, when ITV filmed it all, I didn't want to be all helpless, I am quite pro active when there, I wanted to display that :( I wanted to show my powers of persuasion ;)

Steve M phoned, and complained about me always being a drama queen, I said Oh like the time I had 16 stitches in my left leg!! Anyway he called from Hillsbro', so hopefully he was checking on equipment (heres hoping) Nigel West phoned, who was far more sympathetic. But do you know through all this, I could cycle!! I couldn't walk a step. So I phoned my GPs and asked if they could strap it up? Am I boring? do you want an intinary of my actions?

Lunch, and a bag of goodies with 'Parkin' for tomorrow. Is Parkin a local thing? Hey, I've got to sweeten the guy up!!!!

My hair looks pretty dull :( I don't know why but I always imagine that a new hair do, will transform me. But sadly uuurrrrrm, NO

I cycled back, no one could believe the ease at which I cycled, when I couldn't even step!

I speeded back, and spoke to Miriam, who's the woman who nominated me. She was sooo giddy, it's very contagious. :D

Have fun on the River Bank this weekend, D and K.

Did I tell you Derek? than when I was little, my cat (he was very hard!!) came home with a stoat. dead :( Beautiful it was though, sort of chestnut colour with a white chest and nose, ahhhhh.


  1. I'll be charitable and believe that the stoat died of old age and your cat found the corpse :0)
    Have a good day tomorrow!

  2. I think you need to do a course, or get dose of my ethos - I don't do panic, frantic or manic, or any such ic-ups