Monday, 30 July 2012

Shake Ass!!!

I've done nowt, well cycled to the Chippy, to get mi tea and a bottle of wine. Which I won;t drink all at once....honest.

Had to contribute a meaty bit of  theory today, about Co-Production for theExecutive Management Team. of Sheffield Health and Social Care. I very quickly did it, and sent it. And I'm still not sure what anyone thought of it? But I stole the well used quote 'Make no decision, about me, without me!!!'

When I very briefly had words with Steve M last week, at Hillsborough. He had said that it was his intention to take Dave Brenon, Graham, Pam and myself out for lunch, this week. Well logistics, and lives go on, and I knew priorities would slip. So this morning I organised it and told him where it was!!!So this Wednesday at Endcliffe Park, we are meeting for lunch. :)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Poor team GB :(

After an amazing show last night, for the opening of the Olympics. I was upset for team GB, not for me, but for them.  It certainly did Cycling the power of good though. And I'm not really bothered about it being 'Sport?' I'm more interested in it becoming a viable percieved as transport.

I've been kind of asked???? to go on the Monsal Trail, in Bakewell, with a Guy, and his son. But he doesn't drive, so I've been trying to find out if I can hire a Tricycle once there, but no one has returned my call or email as yet. Although he is 6ft 7, and has offered to cart my trike on the train? He's called Martyn, and I cycle with his Autistic Son at Hillsborough.

I'm a minute
Just been for a wee :) Anyway, if you know me you will laugh when I say... I've been so into the Olympics today! inbetween, mundane tasks like resorecting my kitchen into some state of normality!!

I was actually cheering Hannah Miley, although she never really had a prayer!! But what a positive, wee slip of a thing!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

It's official

I deliberately aint put the graph up, because I didn't want to upset Dave, but I've just seen this graph, that says the most common cause of a Head Injury is a car crash at 49% and get this :) Equal to walking is Cycling at just 1%!!!!

Had a strange one at Hillsborough today, Cycling 4 All wasn't on :( because Steve thinks it's too dangerous, with the Park been so full. I still sneaked off wi Marj!! and did 15 laps of the tennis and ball courts!! But you must understand that was before I knew he didn't want us to ride;)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nice Nurse / Nasty Nurse

After self referring myself to see the Nurse at my GPs, about my oedemitus ankles. And a suspicious looking sore, which had broken out. On my old BMX ramp scar! I don't sell myself very well, do I? I mean, I hardly write lusty bed time reading ? When I talk about Oedemitous legs breaking out in Ulcers. mmmmm, how attractive!! Anyway, to cut a long story short or shorter, I had to hide my trike behind a car, in the doctors surgery, next to the steps which lead to the Nurse. And I don't have a Big Sign saying Oooooh look at Me, I am disabled!! although s'times it would be handy.

I saw the nurse, who was pleased with the action I'd taken Independantly to aliviate the swelling, but she thought I ought to take some wee-wee tablets to speed up the process :( I hate taking those!1 I have trouble as it is making it to the loo after walking in the house!! It's called 'Hand on the door Syndrome'

The first Nurse was charming, and so interested in my medical history, she spotted my trachiostomy scar, and freely asked me loads of questions, about my Coma and such. I told her about the Torch, I tell everyone about the Torch!!

I was just making an appointment to see the Dr (in a week!!!!)And nurse no 2 stormed in!! Is that your bike!! (well the cycle helmet was a bit of a give away) I've just hadf to walk accross the car park, and use the main door, because your bike was in the way!! 'Oh I'm ever so sorry, and yes it is my TRIKE, I had to park it there as it is the only Near and Safe place to chain anything too. And my disability means I do have to bring it to get here. I must remember to have a word with the Surgery about some Bike locks!!

My kitchen is looking better, not long now!! Dave and Scott will soon be gone, and they have been lovely to me. :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Perfect Cousin!....What I like to do he doesn't!

View photo0263_002_001.jpg in slide show Me raising a bit of cash for the local community. A £ a photo, holding the Torch, I'm optional.

Oh and this is Andrew, my second cousin!!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Quietly Chaotic!!

I've sunk into the depths of despair and lethargy. I know how to get out of this, but I'm afraid I am past the point, of actually doing it. Instead I let my brain convince me that I'd prefer to have a nap and keep snuggled. Or that s'thing terrible will happen to me if, I don't look on Ebay, or check my emails.....again. Poor Holly dogs gone into a big depression also, so feeling sorry for her, I took her to my bed last night in my drunkerd stupour!! Mmmmm she repaid me by Pooing all over the stairs, which I slipped in this am!! So she's going in her crate tonight, for definate, and I'm not looking at her Puppy eyes!! I think she's missiong the kids also.

Tomorrow, I'm actually doing s'thing for Totley, remember the Farmers Market? Where I gave out some leaflets on Cycle 4 Health. Well there's another one tomorrow, and I asked Totley Residents, if they wasnted me to bring my Torch, and folk have their Pic taken, and donate a pound. It goes towards Xmas Dinner for the Elderly and lonely, who reside in the area.

I don't know if folk are still into it though?

Hey aren't we doing well in The Tour De France??

I know tomorrow is a forn=mality but.....

Did any of you CTC members get Cycle Magazine? Apparently the article I wrote is in. But unfortunately my subscription has bounced, so I don't know????

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I'm back!!!

Durrrr.... I 4got I'd had to change my password again, because it wouldn't let me access my blog???? Don't ask??? I'm easily confused!!1

An insurers nightmare!!! ooooops!!! I've done it again, or circumstances have done it again, my dishwasher has been flooding for about 3 years??? soaking the kitchen  floor and soaking the joists. Which means I've got to have my entire laminate floor on the ground floor replaced again!!!

View Photo0261.jpg in slide show Awww, has anyone had the pleasure of meeting Mark Smith??? from Derby Well I met him 3months ago in Cornwall, and he was very interested,  in starting s'thing similar to Cycling 4 All.

And I did try my hardest to be sweet and gushing but my swollen and sore tummy, made me a bit of a moaning minnie I had a gift for Steve too, an official photo of me carrying the torch, and the crowds, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He's putting it on his office wall, he promises!!

And it's just ty[pical, we were so busy last week, but this week only Marjorie and Barry came and a lady called Sue for the Specialised Cycles. But C4H came as normal, and the mental health group, reinforcing the 'All Inclusive bit of Thursdays.    

Thursday, 12 July 2012

50 folk

I reckon we saw 50 folk at Hillsborough today, between 10-2!! Most of them arriving at exactly 11 Oclock!! And I bet Mr Marsden, never gave us a second thought as he plays mountain bikes in the French Alps hopefully dodging Avalanches! It was good fun today, but exhausting, I never sat down apart from on a cycle seat!!!

Oooh the lovely Jeanette, has s'thing to talk to me about on Monday. How can I wait that long? And apparently I will like what she's gonna say. :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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    • If you thought I'd forgotten? Nah sorry mates, I found these. I love the one of the kids and I.
      The GP I went to London with - Ollie ? He's gonna start refering Patients to Cycling 4 All. If I will Mentor them? urrrrm I think so !!!!


    Fantastic Day!!

    I absolutely loved it at The National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medcine - Working For Health & Wellbeing.

     I was collected at 9.30 am, as we were having a meeting on the train, by the most straight talking no B* type of Director, you could ever meet. His name? Chris Shaw, I was a little anxious, about spending 11hours with a Guy, I didn't know? But I needn't have worried, the conversation flowed easily.

    Sheffield will be given £10 million by the government to develop a centre of excellence for sporting medicine, it was announced by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.
    The funding for Sheffield is intended for the development of one of three hubs around the country, which together will form the country’s first ever National Sports and Exercise Medicine Centre of Excellence. The Health Secretary made the announcement today while visiting one of the network partners, Loughborough University..

    In addition the Government has promised 5 x that amount. Because it recognises that it has to invest and create to Save, if that makes sense.  And all the other parties have agreed to this, should there be a change. :) 

    The event had been on all day, and was quite Dry and Theory based, and then it was Sheffield's turn. 'Ey Up' Ollie Hart said (the GP from Sheffield) 'I'm sorry about the Track suit'. As he stood there in front of lot's of 'Twin Sets and Pearls' and 'Men in Suits'. I've just Cycled to the Train Station, and thought it appropriate, for the event. And I'm here to support Community involvement, to explain better is Caroline our very own Torch Bearer. And that was my cue, to lallop? down the stairs, to the platform. Urrrrrrr, I started to prespire (true to my name) glanced quickly about the expectant audience.....nowt......I darted a glance at Ollie, who said You tell em, about your visits to see your GP. And that was it, he'd released the pressure valve!! I just spoke for about 10 mins, telling the crowd,  and the board, I had sufficiant evidance and knew exactly what to spend 50 million on. And they should give it me!!! I got a massive round of applause. I beamed like a Cheshire Cat, and returned to my seat.

    On the return journey, Chris and I had to sit in those flop out seats near the doors. Because like a true man from 'down t pit' he wouldn't spend Public money on 1st Class travel. And we were only given permission, because I played the disability Card!!

    Ey, we even stopped at chippy, for Cheese and Cips that I took home to share with my daughter.

    For all you dog lovers, Holly went to Erin Hounds.

    Sunday, 8 July 2012

    Enough Said ?

    Somebody has updated the sponsorship panel on London's Boris Bikes
    · · · 4 minutes

    Mmmmmmm Curry!!

    My friend Paul, brought his Son for a Picture opportunity with myself and the Torch. (hey, I never tire of it!!) Paul actually came to Conisborough, on June the 26th. And was lucky enough to find me (my other friend from Leeds, saw s'one else carrying the Torch, after waiting about an hour!!) Anyway..... I dashed out on Ziggy inbetween downpours, with my children and enjoyed the fresh air, the humidity does seemed to have cleared a bit.

    We enjoyed a fantastic gorgeous meal at The Mohul. Except for Finn, who didn't enjoy it second time round, about an hour later!! He's ok now though :) just in time for school.

    I'm getting all anxious now, about what to wear on Tuesday???

    - I'm still wearing the yellow band they clipped on my wrist to show, that 've bought my Olympic Torch. I'm a rite Saddo!!!

    Thursday, 5 July 2012

    Fantastic, and soooo busy, at Hillsborough

    I didn't really have time for a drink this morning, I kinda made one knowing that gladly I would leave it, because I was needed. And Steve could have managed wqithout me, I just knew I wouldn't get another chance to speak to him, unless I went for a ride. With him on the Velor Plus with Dan, a young chap from Happy Days, so I tagged along on my Greenspeed. Hey apparently there was a Greenspeed Recumbent, in the Tour De France. I asked Steve, if he'd just check over Ziggy, because the gears are playing up? Which he has done, and rectified but he said, she really needs a service as the steerings wonky, and she's not facing forwards. And I badly need the left brake sorting, because I stoped at the Crossing this lunch to press the button, and rolled into the road.

    It sounds as if I'm all moans and groans today, but I'm just loving it!!

    Hey remember the Record of Involvement? Well JobCentre Plus, just happened to overhear the lovely Hannah talking about it. Anyway, they want a meeting with Myself and Michael about it.

    And Dave I'm getting the train to London, with, Ollie Hart after Chris Shaw has collected me. and possibly David Witney?

    It's at a University Building....not sure which yet??

    Tuesday, 3 July 2012

    Wow, exciting.....

    On the 10th of July, I am going to London, to tell 300 Delegates and Ministers, how my health and wellbeing has improved, how 'Exercise is Medcine.' And how the Health Champions and other Community Projects... (Hillsborough ?) should have a slice of £50 million.

    I have sorted Holly out, and she is going back to Erin Hounds, which I know she loves. And the children? .... not too sure yet??

    My children are off to Portugal, on the 23rd of this month, they're away for 10 days!! I hope they have loads of fun, but I'm really gonna miss them.