Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nice Nurse / Nasty Nurse

After self referring myself to see the Nurse at my GPs, about my oedemitus ankles. And a suspicious looking sore, which had broken out. On my old BMX ramp scar! I don't sell myself very well, do I? I mean, I hardly write lusty bed time reading ? When I talk about Oedemitous legs breaking out in Ulcers. mmmmm, how attractive!! Anyway, to cut a long story short or shorter, I had to hide my trike behind a car, in the doctors surgery, next to the steps which lead to the Nurse. And I don't have a Big Sign saying Oooooh look at Me, I am disabled!! although s'times it would be handy.

I saw the nurse, who was pleased with the action I'd taken Independantly to aliviate the swelling, but she thought I ought to take some wee-wee tablets to speed up the process :( I hate taking those!1 I have trouble as it is making it to the loo after walking in the house!! It's called 'Hand on the door Syndrome'

The first Nurse was charming, and so interested in my medical history, she spotted my trachiostomy scar, and freely asked me loads of questions, about my Coma and such. I told her about the Torch, I tell everyone about the Torch!!

I was just making an appointment to see the Dr (in a week!!!!)And nurse no 2 stormed in!! Is that your bike!! (well the cycle helmet was a bit of a give away) I've just hadf to walk accross the car park, and use the main door, because your bike was in the way!! 'Oh I'm ever so sorry, and yes it is my TRIKE, I had to park it there as it is the only Near and Safe place to chain anything too. And my disability means I do have to bring it to get here. I must remember to have a word with the Surgery about some Bike locks!!

My kitchen is looking better, not long now!! Dave and Scott will soon be gone, and they have been lovely to me. :)


  1. I hope you are ready for next time - immediately come back to Nasty Nurse and ask her to come show you where the disabled cycle parking is.