Saturday, 28 July 2012

Poor team GB :(

After an amazing show last night, for the opening of the Olympics. I was upset for team GB, not for me, but for them.  It certainly did Cycling the power of good though. And I'm not really bothered about it being 'Sport?' I'm more interested in it becoming a viable percieved as transport.

I've been kind of asked???? to go on the Monsal Trail, in Bakewell, with a Guy, and his son. But he doesn't drive, so I've been trying to find out if I can hire a Tricycle once there, but no one has returned my call or email as yet. Although he is 6ft 7, and has offered to cart my trike on the train? He's called Martyn, and I cycle with his Autistic Son at Hillsborough.

I'm a minute
Just been for a wee :) Anyway, if you know me you will laugh when I say... I've been so into the Olympics today! inbetween, mundane tasks like resorecting my kitchen into some state of normality!!

I was actually cheering Hannah Miley, although she never really had a prayer!! But what a positive, wee slip of a thing!


  1. Where would you get on to the Trail It doesn't have an immediate station connection does it.

    Option for TM Travel on 280 perhaps?

  2. I wouldn't be able to fit my trike on a bus. I've tried it, and it's too long. I'm gonna ask Dial A ride if they will take me :) x