Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fantastic, and soooo busy, at Hillsborough

I didn't really have time for a drink this morning, I kinda made one knowing that gladly I would leave it, because I was needed. And Steve could have managed wqithout me, I just knew I wouldn't get another chance to speak to him, unless I went for a ride. With him on the Velor Plus with Dan, a young chap from Happy Days, so I tagged along on my Greenspeed. Hey apparently there was a Greenspeed Recumbent, in the Tour De France. I asked Steve, if he'd just check over Ziggy, because the gears are playing up? Which he has done, and rectified but he said, she really needs a service as the steerings wonky, and she's not facing forwards. And I badly need the left brake sorting, because I stoped at the Crossing this lunch to press the button, and rolled into the road.

It sounds as if I'm all moans and groans today, but I'm just loving it!!

Hey remember the Record of Involvement? Well JobCentre Plus, just happened to overhear the lovely Hannah talking about it. Anyway, they want a meeting with Myself and Michael about it.

And Dave I'm getting the train to London, with, Ollie Hart after Chris Shaw has collected me. and possibly David Witney?

It's at a University Building....not sure which yet??


  1. Rather a lot of Universities in London. are your escorts from the guys who organise or am I supposed to know who they are?

    Might be a time saver to take Ziggy to WC recumbents on the train and drop/collect from Derby! (probably silly idea though as you'd need to be sure trains went via Derby, and train connected with Rob at station.

    Let me know the programme as it develops off-blog if you want

  2. Hmm notice you managed to get 'escorts' rather than a 'companion' for the trip. You keep trying?

  3. I tought you'd mabie google away! at my co-speakers, who I'm traveling with.x