Monday, 31 October 2011


I was soooo very depressed, but then a little birdie (not sexist at all, but it was called Laura) told me I had a secret Mortgage 'stash'. What an absolute relief!!!

Firstly my taxi arrived 30mins early, then the taxi driver asked me to get the staff at HIRC, to confirm that I was ok to be dropped off, at Zest!!! The driver thought it too dangerous, to let a 'Brain Damaged jibbering woman', loose on the streets of Sheffield!!!! :D I had to bite my tongue!! as I put it back in my mouth after licking the window, at passers by.

I met Miriam, and was driven for a gorgeous lunch, from where I buy lunch When I'm at Hillsborough, I wish I'd had more time to call in and see Nick :(

But after 4 years of really thorough research and discussions, finally the day had arrived, when Jay and I were to interview our first Survivor 0f Brain Injury, about his discharge (yuk!)process. And what a fantastic couple 'Mark' and 'Sue' (fictitious names) were? I know Jay, my partner and Occupational Therapist at the Centre, was happy, with how things went. I think the couple were just happy to be back in the security of HIRC. Which had obviously offered some comfort 8 years ago.

My Cab arrived, I rushed back just in time for my first lot of tricka treaters of the evening. My daughters gone out looking like an evil but very attractive Lily Cole!! and my Son ? some kind of Terrorist!!!

Today has really tired me :)

I'm going to visit Mum tomorrow. (watch it rain)

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Ghosties and goulies and things that go bump!! in the night. That's what tonight was supposed to be about, or should I say 9 big bumps for my son. Who celebrated his b'day. I usually get depressed on his b'day because it is a lot to do on my own, arrange a party, Halloween, bonfire night and my daughters b'day. All in the space of 2 weeks. But apart from being a bit mardi because our son was too tired for football. My ex proved to be exemplary, by taking control of most things, which, I know is s'thing I grumble about, (when folk try to take control) but as I really didn't have cash or energy I welcomed it. But saying that tonight was my children, and I, Pete, next doors children and Ok, Ok Mark brought all the youngsters home.

So my children ate like kings, and I said yes ok, it's fine to have double gammon and egg!! (with ££ signs totting up in my eye balls) But Whats done is done. And it 'got me out', folk always say that to me, as if I'm some kind of knee hugging window lick er!!

Hey but I cycled there and back, not too far!! but it's a right pain because I ain't got any lights so I crawl metaphorically speaking along the pavement, but there's no street lights either!!!! So now I'm home, Pete's gone home bless. And I am left to go melancholic about the last 9 years, I can honestly say, I only regret 16months of that. And they were the months I spent wasting my tears, when their Dad traded me in for a younger, prettier looking bird, whose about as interesting as.........she evokes no image :)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Write Way

My mission for the term.....To try and be more inspiring in my writing, I just want folk to feel energised, and want to go out and cycle when they see me getting so much from it. And I know only I have the ability to make things more riveting in my life, but if I can convey that in the written word?

We all had different aspirations, for the next 6 weeks. Plus 'Olga' had joined, she had had a Stroke, which damaged the left side of her brain. So, what a crew we are....2 car accidents, 1 motorbike, 2 brain tumour survivors, and 1 anesthetic 'overdose'!!! I think there are some more folk joining next week, ooooh what interesting damage will they have? I'm serious, because it's all a bit fascinating to me?

So our journey continues on for another 6 weeks.

I have got to say, at this point I find Stephs written work fantastic, and without doubt the best. It is very real, and perhaps a little distressing, so not a cheery happy uplifting writer. But if you can take it, it's very good. And I think he will uncover more this term, as he really does use the cathartic powers the Write-way.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


I am a paper mac he brain? Very long story which I won't go into for fear of being frightfully boring!! (im pissed, you can tell?) but I was/am convinced that I've been taking 400mg of tegretol retarde x2 when in actual fact whether by intent or other I have lived happily 'fit' free for 5 years on 200mg x2. Either way after taking 400 all week, I've been a bit poorly. Too ill for Hillsborough, which was a real shame. I did miss it.

With my..... Oh my goodness have you seen the Sheffield telegraph today? What a massive feature they did on 'Write Way, the writing group for the brain injured. But I really didn't believe they would print all the stuff I spoke about to the Journalist, it was just too ordinary. But yes they did, so apologies to anyone who got dragged in there at least I didn't say anything derogatory, and I could have. I wish it had said a bit more about the purpose of the writing group though. Instead of glamorising? me, if I could ever be glamorised.

I am a bit drunk so you might have to take what I'm saying with a pinch of salt!! I've just been to the Spit, to meet my old (as in a long time ago) colleague I worked with on my first ever job. At a huge Asylum!!! (psychiatric hospital, dating back to 1850) We were innocent and naive, and believed in human privacy, and not sharing a commode in the middle of the day room, or sheep dipping in a bath at night.

Do you recall, ~I did an active travel show at brammel Lane Sheffield, well apparently she had great fun trying Ziggy round the car park. But of course we never really met, Steve or Gavin had helped her.
Anyhow, I'm a tad drunk, child free. And my dilemma is should I have my tablets tonight?

I've got creative writing in the morning, which will be fun for Steph and I but the other 4 members of the group might feel a bit neglected.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Brockwood :)

I had my nearly teenage daughter and her mates round last night to stop o'r. Now this is conceited of me I know, but I do enjoy the challenge of educating them very subtley about how bonkersly normal brain injured folk can be. And I'm happy to say they think I'm well cool because of Ziggy. Of course they were all especially interested in my RTA because of their mate Charlie :( Four rounds of eggy bread and beans for the guests, all the washing moved on a stage in the dirty....washed.....dried.....folded....put away process, and my taxi arrived to take me to work, happy in the knowledge that my kids were shared equally between their friends.

I can't tell you the amount of times I've told my Personal Story for folk, and it's not that I fib or even embelish parts, it's just that I seem to forget bits s'times, and sometimes I don't. But a big HELLO, if I met you today, good luck, and why not use Hillsborough as a preventative measure, it could lead to so much more as I discovered.

Hey, I was bored yesterday, I hate been bored...whilst opening m,ail I came accross a letter from Motability, asking me to take advantage of their car hirwe scheme. As I say, I was bored. So I sent them an email asking why they didn't promote pedal trikes bla, bla. Anyway I got a phone call tonight from Motability, saying how fantastic my story was.....but basically NOT for them :( I did kinda try, and I did get on with the Mineon who phoned me.

I'm at Hillsborough tomorrow, how embarrasing I will see Fred and Lawrence, the last time we met they bundled me into a taxi, after my face first tricks into my curry. Then Mums, cycle home, I hope I don't need any lights!! eek. Then remember Lorraine? Who I met a Brockwood a few weeks ago? we're meeting at the spit. My children? who knows....:).....I do actually, they are staying at my bruvs for the night.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Radio Sheffield.....but not me

Matt Colbeck, and fellow brain injury survivor/writer, of Blue Polystyrene shoes the best story in the Anthology ,in my opinion, were on my fave DJs Rony Robinsons show this morning. And Matt spoke of the uplifting story of rehab through cycling, I guess that's mine then? :) thanks Matt for that. x

I'm working at Brockwood tomorrow, which I love.

I was Mother Theresa last night, and looked after my little boys STEP brother overnight. I know I astound myself at times!!

Forgot all my heartfelt love and best wishes for a full recovery too my daughters 'boyfriend' (one of a few!!) who fell off his BMX at 'Chain Breakers' bike jumps made from piles of mud, (you know the sort?) Now this happened about 6 weeks ago, and he's been in an induced coma ever since, well until a week ago. After a series of joyful phone calls, my girl and mates paid him a visit today, and they were very shocked. I'm not gonna get into the helmet/no helmet argument, but definitely when stunt riding. He's 12 is in a wheelchair, has no front teeth, had 2 fractured eye sockets. And no ones really sure about the long term prognosis, they say it's too soon. But evidently his short term memory, is non exist ant. I don't know if a helmet would have helped, but I think common sense says it would.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Yorkshire Post

Ooops I'd forgotten, we were to feature in The Yorkshire Post today (p9) 'Group that is rewriting story of those with brain injuries' I'm guessing that maybe you'll be able to get it in the archive section tomorrow? but I can't find the link - sorry Dave. And yes you were right it was on Broadsheet, to get my inflated, falling out of the dress boobs pic in!! As usual it goes for the blood and gore angle, preferring to discuss my accident, and the past. And Stephs fantastic true life recollection, of what coming out of the coma was like for him.

Anyway gone were any ideas of watching 'Under the Hammer'. Nigel mailed me to remind me to pick him a copy up because he was away. And I felt better, I'd say about 95%, so off I cycled and bought a couple of copies. Hey I actually sound quite eloquent!! not the usual na den stuff!! And of course it promotes cycling and the fab CTC, not Hillsborough though :( But it does go on to say how much I've enjoyed the chance to show that I have the mental capacity, to write. Which reminds me!! Have you heard of a guy called Norman Doidge? Well I'm buying his book 'The Brain that Changes Itself , because thats sooo my philosophy, if you fill your brain with positive things, it will change and repair and grow.

A minor misunderstanding when I sent s'one at the CTC a mail, with Lu and a x. I'm pleased to say once they had an explanation, that I always behaved in such a way. It was 'passed' as ok!! Has society lost all it's humility and depth? are we to become androids or s'thing?

Thank you Pete, my solitary reader. I didn't need the recipe, which convinces me, it was a reaction to the jab. xx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I aint well, or I haven't cycled?....both.

I ain't cycled since Friday, and I wish I had the oomph to make myself, I know I'd feel better. Instead I feel like I'm burning up, but I have no snotty nose or sore throat. It is possible it's a kick back of my flu jab? I want to feel different anyway. Pete called to make sure I was eating etc...:) I am lucky, I know.

Friday, 21 October 2011


I'm really sorry Kevin, I have tried so hard to load the advert for the Inclusive Cycling Event on Friday the 28th of October in Oxford. It really sounds like it's gonna be fab, so I can bet my life you're involved.

Regarding the ICF meet on the 5th, I still can't say for definite, as I have no sponsor now for all the 'nice' things. Anyway isn't it at St Paul's where all the riots are going to be I don't doulbt? And there is a tiny question of my children?

My leg aches, it's defiantly to do with my socks though. I've got an appointment for the Drs on Monday! I know, it's stunning that it's so quick! I normally have 5 days to wait. My tummy aches, but that's a normal expectant thing, or the opposite to being expectant!!

I still feel mightily hung o'r from Monday, or s'things else is up. I'm not my usual positive self.

Oooh Sheffield Telegraph phoned this morning, and are doing a feature on the Story I wrote and read, at Headlines Launch. I expected the interest to be in the writing group, but that's not the case. They were interested in My old Dad, and his Bench and Ecclesall Woods. I put the phone down, and The Yorkshire Post called, but this time they wanted to know about the Writing group.


I was actually dreading yesterday, because I'd get to hear about 'The Lovely Morris' whom we all miss like hell!! And I had a fear that they would want to give him back, and well , just how f* up would he be, getting passed on again?

So it was with a glum face and feelings of trepidation, that I greeted everyone on Thursday. OOoops plus embarrassment! many of the folk had seen me at The Launch on Monday, when I got very drunk and fell asleep in my curry!

Cycle For Health Arrived, and the group seems to grow each week, although it is the last week next week. Steven, his Physio, and his Carer arrived, again. It's always such a pleasure helping him to get started on his TMX because I can see the absolute pleasure he gets from it. And it gets easier every time, he is becoming more able to position and swing his legs (or we are I'm not sure which)

Speedy Sean, didn't show this week, which was probably just as well. The 2 Sues sauntered around the park, on the side by side, loving the very frosty but sunny day.

My fave group Autism Plus showed, so I separated the court with brightly coloured cones. So we didn't disturb CFH. I was very low, they didn't make me smile like they usually did, I've got to confess. I zoomed off to LIlies. on the butty run, to fetch Dave and I's Sandwich.

On my return, Dave was here (my contact with Morris) Phew, I felt massive relief as he told me things hed been up to. Although he still had insatiable energy levels. And did familiar things like nip when HE wanted to play!! It sounded like he was being loved? So I did feel a little better. Apart from (nowt to do wi Morris) but my left lower leg, is aching!! it's really weird, but it actually feels bruised?? on the outside? but I ain't had any trauma with it. It's been like it for a week. And I do think it s'think to do with my support sock? or the pressure in my leg? Sorry to digress.

I called in to see Mum, on the way back. And stayed about 30mins, but it is difficult having a one way conversation. Even for me!!

I cycled back, which does not hurt my leg at all, but neither does the impact of walking, it's just external pressure. Anyway, I've actually booked an appointment at my GPs!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pete's A Star

I forgot to mention, on Monday, with my Make up and Hair do, and pinching pretty frock. (the Palace one!!) I cycled back from the hair dressers, like a Tart. Only for my dress to get tangled in the chain on Ziggy, causing the chain guard tube thing to ride up and get all gnarled up, on the sprocket!! Anyway, I just forgot about it yesterday, remembering this morning, when I realised I'd got my annual inoculation, against Flu. I just happened to mention, a little bit like a damsel in distress :) Ziggy was poorly, to Pete my neighbour, who came round unscrewed something and fed the casing back towards the rear. Tightened it up again and Hey Presto! I was back in business. x

I can't go out without attracting lots of attention?? I do love it really I mustn't grumble, I'd grumble more if no one ever noticed me. Anyway, I've forgotten the chaps name now, but we had a right long chat about my cycle Oooooh and his!!

Had my jab, only a little prick :)

Cycled back, and boy I'd forgotten just how hard it is to Cycle the school run. Because tonight was Parent Evening. So off I set, thankful for knowing Pete.
I was told off a bit by Mrs Wile man, for keeping Finn up too late.

Hello, I am still here...

Sorry, I just haven't felt much like been jovial, and a barrel of laughs. Because I keep wondering about poor Morris, and praying? ...hoping, he's happy. It makes me cry just thinking of him, and I only had him a month. (I did take him for 120 walks in that time though!!) So his behaviour had become predictable, and it kinda defeated the reason for getting him. So the kids could get pleasure. Because it just wasn't wise to let the kids deal with dog fights! We are getting another, but one without any history, this time. Which I know will be a pain because we will have to train it etc. But I'd rather that than go through a similar heart break. We've decided on a whippet, so it's still small enough to pick up and take in the car. (plus the kids loved Robbie sooo much) And it just suits, 4 walks a day, but quick blasts chasing a ball.

Cycle Nation in Sheffield, brought Kev and Bridgette Hickman, up to Sheffield. And I'm delighted, that they supported me by hanging on, an extra day for 'The Launch.'

The writing group I am involved in, who have all experienced Coma, or severe head injury. Produced a 'Book' ok, ok so it was more like a book-let. But it was definitely more than a Leaflet, which my little girl had called it!! In it were 6 stories, all writen by a group member. Everyone was deep, and philosophical apart from mine which, was a bit pink and fluffy. If you want one, contact me via cost is £3.50 including P&P.

The evening began early for me, because I'd arrived there early with Matt to help set up, and meet Miriam for a.......small drink!!

I returned to see folk arriving, and Wow so many really important bods. In the world of Health and Neurology. And Cycling, well important to me anyway!! Fred, Dave, David, Steve M, Pam and her husband, Kev and Bridgette, Nigel West, Miriam. Hannah, Nicky, Ruby. And then there was the Consultants within the field of Neurology.

I quaffed wine as I listened intently to the others, then it was my turn, I made some lame (no pun intended) attempt at humour, because I had felt it was a bit too serious. (I know it's a serious subject..but) Folk laughed politely as I tried to squash my boobs back in my dress!! I looked like ' Barbra Windsor' All small and Dumpy, with a dress that was too small. But I didn't care I was on a bit of a drunken roll!!

I know I maybe shouldn't have a favourite story..but.. I think the first one called Blue Polystyrene Shoes, by Steph was the most descriptive about the awakening from Coma. So there fore the most relevant.

I went for a drink after with a few folk, got absolutely wasted!! I can't say no its the 21 year old in me!! Fell asleep in my curry. Fred got me a taxi, and Lawrence jumped in, (i dropped him off) Next thing I knew, it was 4 am. I was scantily clad on the settee. But I still had my shoes on!! I hadn't made it upstairs.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Right Decision.....Wrong dog :(

I can't write for the keys and screen are blurred. I wish he was as lovely with other dogs, things would have been differen't. But I aint physically strong enough to seperate him, and he will only let go when he feels like it.

But 5 weeks, and 175 walks later, I just don't/didn't trust him. I have let this young couple who said they would look after him because they had trained Border Collies?? I have given them a list of phone numbers including mine, and Thornbury Animal Sanctuary, as they said they would retrain him, but were just too full.

I really know I've passed on the problem, I just really thought he would be better if he had another chance before he went to Thornbury, which is where I have a feeling he will end up.

But I am grateful for the Mornings we had on the Park, and the lovely sunsets too.

And although Robbie (my friends dog, we looked after) isn't for sale, we definately want another. But one without a history this time.

Hi to everyone in Sheffield for the conference, I hope to see some of you on Monday Evening too, at The Launch.

Sad post....even sadder day.

Friday, 14 October 2011 busy

Ok, I'm too tired, to go into massive detail, but I'll probably end up doing just that.

I was so pleased that Steven, the Guy with Cerebral Palsy had returned, because I reckon he's maybe 25-30 (i'm possibly way out) and maybe he needs some stimulus, and to be able to achieve self propelled movement. Not for mobility, because he uses his electric wheelchair, but for self esteem and pride (am I revealing inner feelings that I had?) He was supported by his Carer and his Physio. It took 5 of us, to get him comfortable and safe on an Upright Tricycle (TMX) which had big paddle, looking rests for his feet, so they could be strapped safely to the pedals. What an ace feeling it was watching him move. :) I think by the end of his session, he was tired, and excited at what he could eventually achieve. He does live in Barnsley though, and I believe there is a new Inclusive Cycling there, so he may check that out. But either way, I reckon, we gave him a day to remember. (i told you I'd go on.....~) Folk like him make it all worthwhile.

Meanwhile CFH and Dave and Sonia, were having fun on the other half of the court. And Singing Sean, was tonning it around the park, with his carer, desperately trying to keep up. (the tandem, that was promised to Nigel West, would be ideal for Sean and a Carer) We kept yelling at him to slow down!!

Happy Days arrived, and were soon cycling around the park, on the 2 Velor Plus' that Hillsborough have.

Sue and Sue, arrived, having been recommended by the lovely Miriam from Zest. No wonder I split myself in 2 sometimes, to help out at Zest, because it's nice to be nice.

We all assembled in the cabin for drinks at 12. Did I say Steve Marsden, had arrived to see us being busy, which is nice. (i think last time he came, I just made drinks at ate CAKE)

Sue and Richard, Marcel, Russel and some more from the Well being group, had arrived. We were running out of chairs!!!!

Sorry to just make it boringly factual without any injection of my usual wit and panache. (I think I've got wit and panache, others beg to differ)

I'm just off to do a Reading at the University, and straight onto Zest, with my Trike. (A favour for Miriam really)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I forgot to mention this

There is a 'meet' on the 27th of October, for some 'Off Road Inclusive Cycling' at Hicks Lodge in Leceister/Derbyshire? I'm not sure who to contact other than Cycling Projects and Bike Club?

Mmmm, let me think what have I been upto? I was asked to attend a meeting at SS in Sheffield. And I have to say they were very Politically Correct, when I asked them which catogeraphy they put the brain injured folk? Their reply was a lot come under physical, and all come under cognitive. Oh and the main theme of the meet was actively only promote, those Services which used Co production. And their was talk of publicity drives for business' that want to effectively use Co Production.

I got home and thought about it, and a more successful Partnership than Hillsborough and Myself it would be hard to find. So maybe that will lead to some publicity, although at the moment Hillsborough, doesn't charge for any cycle training.

Ooooh Tuesday, began as every morning does at the moment with me and my son taking Morris on the Park at 645am.

And you know how obliging and nice I am? (not like that....enough ;) Well it was the first time I'd met 'Headway' since they didn't show for their Cycling Session at Hillsborough, and they obviously didn't realise? that we were expecting s'one, or at least a phone call, to say that lots of young people, didn't want to learn a way of using personal mobility to get about? When I asked what happened on the 8th of Sept, the reply was they couldn't force members to cycle!! They might possibly use a story opposite to my Wellbeing story about 'The Bench' with Cycle Trainers........Stop !! I might get prosecuted for slander!!:D

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Today is Sunday!!

Yesterday, was in fact Friday. :)

I had a relative lie in this morning until 7 (lucky me!!) There's no glorious pics of sunrise, it was a gloomy drizzle!!

Nowt exciting, in fact I feel a bit silly now, for even signing in. I Did cycle to the bus stop, and I Did cycle home. After paying extortionate amounts of money for a taxi, because I got totally bloody stranded when I arrived in town, only to find out the buses were stopping due to some fun run???

I'm going to a meeting tomorrow, to discuss, tokens/expenses/Hillsborough/Record Of Involvement.

Wakey wakey, I'm going now :) night.

Saturday, 8 October 2011


I am a happy person honestly :) most of the time!! Hey I've just remembered, I got up at 530 and took Morris out, and saw this.

Spoke to a few important folk, everyone does seem to be on a downer, which is effecting me a little, just because I grasp happiness in my hands like sand, and I can feel it escaping through my fingers, as every person or idea I seem to run to with enthusiasm, is saying NO. However I do have a plan, and you know what I'm like I'm bursting to say.....but not yet.

It was Fantastic Brockwood today :) I do like Brockwood. But today was difficult. I honestly didn't know what to say, when I was hearing stories of people who had aged or had learning difficulties. Who were faced with having to move care homes because their budget didnt reach the required amount. Eeek that was a toughie!! I don't know the answer?

All I could say was how it was for me, and tell them who might know.

I did the normal thing, and started to tell the story of my life post 27/06/88, and that black couple of years when I first claimed my Benefits and my husband left. And how much it had changed since I discovered cycling.And all the things that had led me to do, and the fascinating folk I had met along the way. That day the day had taken a different format, wi folk just asking questions. We broke for a drink and this student came up and said 'I think I know you! we started work together at Middlewood Hospital, I recognised her now!! She went on to say how she'd read the front page of The Star ' the night of my accident. And cried!! ahhh, bless her she was all watery eyed as she said. And I started crying then!! Everyone in the class got the drift, and we all went a bit mushy about one another. Hey, and she owns a Tandem!! so we're gonna meet in the Park.

I sold some more books!! and advertised October the 17th.

Despite not seeing eye to eye with my wee gir.....sorry 19 year old. In her head that is!!!! We went to The Spit for Fishy Friday. And do you know, I got soo drunk, I haven't done that for ages, I fell over in the kitchen, on my return having cycled!! (on the safest mode of transport!!)

Mmmm What Else? Oh I've been asked if I'll be on the board for this fantastic company, who are offering services. It doesn't appear there is owt in it for me, but I do love the guys who have started the business, it's called

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Quickie :)

Fortunately Nick took the batten off me, with regard Nhs delegates visiting Hillsborough, to discuss raising funds.

Steven came today for the first time after his Social Worker had recommenced it (i must find out who she is)

Lawrence returned :)but I'm not sure whether he joined CFH or Cycling For All, because he was there at 10 and looking comfy, when I left at 2. As was Sean, he is a usual for lunch now, along with his carer. He makes me smile, singing in an operatic voice, how I sounded like a 'Green Bird'??? What's a green bird?

Russel got out his spam collection again!! much to the amusement of everyone!!

I do hope John Boileau gets in touch.

Zest want to quote me !!!! So I agreed, as long as they put in about Cycling :)

And Wheels For Wellbeing are starting up a new website, called Disability Cycling. Since when has Cycling ever been Disabling? I will still try and support it though!!

I've sold 26 copies of Headlines, but unfortunately, urm.... I ha vent kept the money!! but I did find most of it. Matt dropped me off another 10 today, because I'm off to Brokwood tomorrow.

I called to see my Mum, who slept, and then cycled back in the most torrential rain.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

NHS Delegates

Today, I was one of a team of guest speakers, from Altogether Better, at a lunchtime meet in Bradford, to GPs and Project Managers, within the Health Service.

Hi if I spoke to you today, you were all fantastic, and gave us such a warm reception. I was really touched :)

And how exciting I've got real interest in funding for Hillsborough in March, not just for me either. So I'm really excited about that.

My lovely friend Pete had to call and let Morris out, and Richard 'touched up' the fence :D

I sold another 20 publications ....(leaflets :D no they are a bit thicker) But I refused to sign them!! even though I was asked 3 times!! We had tears again! but folk did say, it was because my story was so happy.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

5 ingredients for happiness

You know like the Government, and Health Organisations recommend 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day. Well remember I met Nic Marks last week? I thought I'd just follow it up with an insight into what he's on about. I do hope he gets in touch and wants to use me as an example. I supposed I should be a little hurt, by s'one wanting to use me, because in their eyes I am the epitome of society's image of a woman whose got every reason to be very sad!! But because on a daily basis i practise 5 of the following things, I'm not. I happen to be happy.
1) CONNECT: I exchange meaningful feelings, of gratitude.
2)BE ACTIVE: I cycle, most days, and exercise my dog, at least, twice a day.
3))TAKE NOTICE: I am alert(most of the time) taking notice of bulletins, conversations.
4) KEEP LEARNING: I need too ;)
5) GIVE: If you aint got a lot of cash, give time.

He did recognise that I had a sense of humour!! Which until 5years ago I wasn't really confident enough to share with strangers. I know it's hard to believe!! Me!! who readily discuss' my 'Cycle'

Saturday, 1 October 2011

John Frost

My extremely nice computer guy , the one who only accepts cash;) if you get my drift. Rang me up this afternoon.And as it was, totally out of the blue. And asked if me and my kids, would like to go in 'his box' - OOooo er, (but it wasn't that) at the Sheffield Steelers match against Hull Sting Rays, playing ice hockey that evening. We met some sound folk in his Box ;) and my kids loved it. So Thank you John, even though you admitted after, I was kinda bottom of your list!!!

Oh forgot, the day was so hot for flippen October!!!

My day had began at 630, I do love my morning stroll, I've got to admit though I did hang back until it got light about 7.

Sped off to see my Mum at about 10, I did get there without incident, but as I reached my Nemesis, where I cheat and go round the corner on the pavement. A pedestrian from the other side of the road yelled, pull in love, there's a queue of traffic behind ya!! Ooops, I did, but only when I would have done anyway!! and yep...15cars!!

I took my Story, to read to Mum, because It was about Dad, and his beloved Ecclesall Woods. With a subliminal message about cycling :D (you know the kind, if you read it backwards at midnight, the soles of your feet will develop cleats, or you will sign away your soul to the CTC) . But alas, she fell asleep!!!