Saturday, 8 October 2011


I am a happy person honestly :) most of the time!! Hey I've just remembered, I got up at 530 and took Morris out, and saw this.

Spoke to a few important folk, everyone does seem to be on a downer, which is effecting me a little, just because I grasp happiness in my hands like sand, and I can feel it escaping through my fingers, as every person or idea I seem to run to with enthusiasm, is saying NO. However I do have a plan, and you know what I'm like I'm bursting to say.....but not yet.

It was Fantastic Brockwood today :) I do like Brockwood. But today was difficult. I honestly didn't know what to say, when I was hearing stories of people who had aged or had learning difficulties. Who were faced with having to move care homes because their budget didnt reach the required amount. Eeek that was a toughie!! I don't know the answer?

All I could say was how it was for me, and tell them who might know.

I did the normal thing, and started to tell the story of my life post 27/06/88, and that black couple of years when I first claimed my Benefits and my husband left. And how much it had changed since I discovered cycling.And all the things that had led me to do, and the fascinating folk I had met along the way. That day the day had taken a different format, wi folk just asking questions. We broke for a drink and this student came up and said 'I think I know you! we started work together at Middlewood Hospital, I recognised her now!! She went on to say how she'd read the front page of The Star ' the night of my accident. And cried!! ahhh, bless her she was all watery eyed as she said. And I started crying then!! Everyone in the class got the drift, and we all went a bit mushy about one another. Hey, and she owns a Tandem!! so we're gonna meet in the Park.

I sold some more books!! and advertised October the 17th.

Despite not seeing eye to eye with my wee gir.....sorry 19 year old. In her head that is!!!! We went to The Spit for Fishy Friday. And do you know, I got soo drunk, I haven't done that for ages, I fell over in the kitchen, on my return having cycled!! (on the safest mode of transport!!)

Mmmm What Else? Oh I've been asked if I'll be on the board for this fantastic company, who are offering services. It doesn't appear there is owt in it for me, but I do love the guys who have started the business, it's called

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