Monday, 24 October 2011

Yorkshire Post

Ooops I'd forgotten, we were to feature in The Yorkshire Post today (p9) 'Group that is rewriting story of those with brain injuries' I'm guessing that maybe you'll be able to get it in the archive section tomorrow? but I can't find the link - sorry Dave. And yes you were right it was on Broadsheet, to get my inflated, falling out of the dress boobs pic in!! As usual it goes for the blood and gore angle, preferring to discuss my accident, and the past. And Stephs fantastic true life recollection, of what coming out of the coma was like for him.

Anyway gone were any ideas of watching 'Under the Hammer'. Nigel mailed me to remind me to pick him a copy up because he was away. And I felt better, I'd say about 95%, so off I cycled and bought a couple of copies. Hey I actually sound quite eloquent!! not the usual na den stuff!! And of course it promotes cycling and the fab CTC, not Hillsborough though :( But it does go on to say how much I've enjoyed the chance to show that I have the mental capacity, to write. Which reminds me!! Have you heard of a guy called Norman Doidge? Well I'm buying his book 'The Brain that Changes Itself , because thats sooo my philosophy, if you fill your brain with positive things, it will change and repair and grow.

A minor misunderstanding when I sent s'one at the CTC a mail, with Lu and a x. I'm pleased to say once they had an explanation, that I always behaved in such a way. It was 'passed' as ok!! Has society lost all it's humility and depth? are we to become androids or s'thing?

Thank you Pete, my solitary reader. I didn't need the recipe, which convinces me, it was a reaction to the jab. xx

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