Saturday, 1 October 2011

John Frost

My extremely nice computer guy , the one who only accepts cash;) if you get my drift. Rang me up this afternoon.And as it was, totally out of the blue. And asked if me and my kids, would like to go in 'his box' - OOooo er, (but it wasn't that) at the Sheffield Steelers match against Hull Sting Rays, playing ice hockey that evening. We met some sound folk in his Box ;) and my kids loved it. So Thank you John, even though you admitted after, I was kinda bottom of your list!!!

Oh forgot, the day was so hot for flippen October!!!

My day had began at 630, I do love my morning stroll, I've got to admit though I did hang back until it got light about 7.

Sped off to see my Mum at about 10, I did get there without incident, but as I reached my Nemesis, where I cheat and go round the corner on the pavement. A pedestrian from the other side of the road yelled, pull in love, there's a queue of traffic behind ya!! Ooops, I did, but only when I would have done anyway!! and yep...15cars!!

I took my Story, to read to Mum, because It was about Dad, and his beloved Ecclesall Woods. With a subliminal message about cycling :D (you know the kind, if you read it backwards at midnight, the soles of your feet will develop cleats, or you will sign away your soul to the CTC) . But alas, she fell asleep!!!

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  1. Thanks for the overnight good to have that short chat and sit with screen to plan the next day - meant to call when I got to the station - 30 minutes, but all a bit rushed.