Thursday, 29 September 2011


I was a bit tired, but to be honest I usually feel so invigorated. So I arrived there, and was really pleased to see Dave back and Simone, no one had dropped out of the small (5) CFH group which was nice. I'm really pleased that folk from all the groups that attend, aren't shy about asking me for owt, you know, it's just nice to belong to everyone. I caught up with CFH, who were cycling randomly around bollards, and laughing and chatting. Meanwhile Sean had arrived with his carer, and he seems to stop longer each week, (he brought his lunch) Natalie arrived with Darren, they both use KMXs and look after themselves. The mental Health group started arriving gradually, I just had to make sure that I hadn't upset anyone last week, at the nominations. Ahhh Ellie appeared, I haven't seen her for a while, so 'Hi Ellie, it was nice to chat' she lives not too far away, and says she could make it to Millhouses Park, so I gave her my moby no.

Nick took, Happy Home? around on the velor Plus, there are 2 wheelchair cyclists who come each week., and need to take it in turns.
Oh forgot to mention, my fave group Autism Plus arrived, they are mostly big men, who don't walk very easily and never run. And they get so much out of just being able to race around the courts on their chosen cycle.
Miriam arrived, but not for me, she was taking s'one bowling. It was such a scorching day!!
I do love the community at Hillsborough Park.
Dave Santa, had to buy me lunch because like a 'Dolls Ed' I'd forgotten my purse.

I arrived home, having left Morris for 5hours, which is quite long, (although he did go for a walk at 7) and bless him, he was so excited, when I walked in the kitchen, he weed on my foot!! He couldn't cry, wag his tail and kiss he got in a state and wazed on my foot!!

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