Thursday, 22 September 2011

Overdramatic....but true....HONEST!!

On Wednesday evening, I 'collapsed' in the pet shop. How embarrassing, grazing my left arm and leg, I was mortified, and had risen, even before the shop keeper could bring me a chair. He flapped about me pushing the shopping baskets in with the dog mixer, as apposed to jutting out in the Aisle like they had previously been. Are you sure you don't want a cup of tea? (tea the answer to everything!!) My plan had been to pick up some shopping, from little Tesco, but not anymore I felt 'drunk. Now I know I talk about my bodily functions, quite freely, not giving too much thought about YOU the poor reader. And I'm not too sure, I would have altered my actions, even if I had realised that my period was due!! But a quick add up of days, at least explained why I'd fallen. Awwww it was the new Cycle For Health at Hillsborough this week, but as thing looked last night, I was too much of a liability. So I sent my apologies early, and went to bed.

Thursday at 6.00 my little Morris,every time!!, at exactly 6, he does the loudest yawn, do you know the sort? which means, I've got 30mins, to get dressed, and take him out before he breaks into a crescendo of puppy yaps!! (presumably) Today his routine was a little different, because he was NIL by mouth, because the hot blooded boy (teenager) was going to have his bollocks snipped off. ....Ouch-i imagine!!! And I do feel wicked, don't rub in :) no pun, We've done them all about it being an 'a cute pain' because he's so little. Once I've heard the very loud yawn, I cannot rest....but do you know despite the previous night I felt fab!!#

Off we trotted (ok I fibbed, he was the only one who skipped on the dewy grass) Chasing these huge humongous wood pigeons, I am astounded that they managed to fly, like massive Zeppelins. He was so happy, what was I doing to the poor little mite? The children said their farewells, as if they would never see him again!! (just rubbing the salt in my cuts)

I had text folk to let them know I was going to Hillsborough, not that anyone alters plans of arrangement, or owt.

Morris DOES NOT like his waggon, I have to fib to him, and pretend hes getting a treat, shake the 'Tic Tac thing' from the zipped hole at the other
end, only I couldn't today :(

So Waggons the song goes, I mean he only weighs 8kg??? But it wouldn't roll up this curb, that the council had forgotten to drop. Ziggy was fine, but I was soon pulled back onto this quiet Road. So off I pedalled the long way round. Have I always been this ex centric??

I'm really, really glad I went to Hillsborough today. There was only 5 turned up for the new CFH, and 3 of them have been on previous courses. But I think I appeal, to folks humility, when they see me struggling to Put Cones out/Make tea/wash up/or cycle even, everyone wants to help, and so the group of all abilities, helps one another from time to time, by showing a big interest in each other, and caring.

I collected Morris in the taxi, on the way back, I didn't think it would do him much good being stressed. He's fine :)x

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