Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday 26th of Sept.

Today I was invited to the Awards of Excellence by the regions Pct, where along with other Survivors of Brain Injury, we were nominated for an award for our work with BIRRP. Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research Partnership, (in case you're wondering!)

The day started off with a mix up, with the taxis!! - I was ok, and arrived on time to meet Mark Parker (Centre Manager) having left poor Steph, cursing everyone, and standing on the pavement in his PJs.

It was great there because, they had the usual 'Market Stall' type thing , with different exhibitions. And they were mostly to do with Mental Health Issues and Therapies. So I had met a few folk through my Cycling and the Well being factor that that gives.

Once seated Steph said, 'Oooh dont forget to act surprised when we win!!' To which I replied, I will be absolutely stunned and a bit embarrassed if we do. I didn't think we deserved to win for maybe 3hrs work a month!! I think the group were very surprised at this. But sorry folks!! I wasn't wrong a voluntary group which met weekly, and were looking at setting up a Help line won.

At the end the Executive Board was open for questions, so.......I took the bull by the horns, and asked why Brain Injury Survivors, weren't mentioned in the list of interested parties? Because I really didn't think I fitted into The Learning Difficulty box or the Mental Health box? but they obviously did!! So ?? And I was as nice as I always am! apologising for my feelings and all that usual stuff :) They stumbled with an answer, don't ask me what it was it was so kind of vague....Steph was obviously incensed by it, because he snatched the microphone. And continued words among a similar theme. So having made our presence known, I don't think anyone attending will get my brain injury mixed up with mental illness.

I'm just off to meet Matt, to collect some, more Head-lines books for tomorrow. And I know like an arse I can't turn the italics off. Ughhhh!!!

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