Tuesday, 20 September 2011

tear jerker

Wow the impact of me, quite spontaniously 'squeezing in' my little piece of writing at the Event about the Health Champions and the CTC, was astounding. I mumbled my way through it I thought, (rushing it because I had presumed folk were bored, because of the silence.) Because you could have heard a pin drop!!! it was eerie, the place had been packed with happy smiling faces, but no more.

I finished and tried to hide my blushes with the book, rubishing it, as I do!!! And Nigel West took over saying, 'Well how do you follow that!!' This young woman rushed over, eyes still dewy from tears? And then the woman next to me, said the same. Soon there was a bit of a crowd, I'd gone from being Billy no Mates, to the most 'Popular kid on the Block!!'

I got in the lift to go, and another woman, congratulated me, on my story, and confessed to weeping.
I must admit, when I read it out loud, it has a different effect, than when I read it to myself, in my head.

Morris has been for 8 walks today!! And Richard the cleaner let him have a little breather. OOooops and his tea twice!!!!- brain injury, forgot that my son had given him it!!!!
Hi if I met you today, please leave me a message. x


  1. Well done - I missed the CTC employees session in London on 20th (Steve M presumably there) and did Lib Dem Conference Transport Hub fringe meetings.

    Expect to be passing by/in SHF on 29th and NEC on 30th - where are you then?

    Natter sometime soon.

  2. 29ths a Thursday, so hopefully I will be at Hillsbro.

    Puppy had his first silent night :) So there's a bed settee, but he does wake up at exactly 6am. But I'm free for a tea at the Spit, if you fancy it on the Thursday.