Saturday, 17 September 2011


Morris :)

I'm sorry I've been quiet, I almost feel like I'm jumping the gun now!! But in 4hours, 'lil' Morris, is joining our family. He's an 8 month old Patter-Jack, and I can hear the cogs going in your brain, whilst you work out the cross breed? His Mum? a Patterdale? (i'm not actually sure they are a recognised breed, in any case? )and his Dad, a Jack Russel, another high ranking Pedigree:D ? But I think perfect for us!!

He's fantastic with children, and loves other dogs,which is perfect because Robbies 'Dad' and I have agreed, to be holiday homes for each others dogs.

He aint been (cough, cough) done though, so sadly it's snip, snip time. I can't run the risk of him running off. :(

And I've been bursting to offer reports on my hunt for a doggy waggon for my trike. Well I've got one, off Amazon for £65, so I can take him everywhere. :( best not Hillsborough though, a number of the children, are scared of dogs. I have tried to fit it myself, and my kids have tried, but we are not strong enough to loosen the bolt? on the back wheel. I'm pleased to say, the connecting attachment isn't very big, so I can take it to Hillsborough, and ask a kind person :)



  1. Nice one!

    You can probably use a pair of pliers to open the spring clip more easily.
    To extract the bolt you will need to pull on the bolt with one hand and wiggle the trailer about with the other.


  2. We've managed. Have you got a dog? I do love having a dog in the house :)

    I've only dared take him to school in the trailer, and not the dual carriageway, to see my Mum yet. Maybe next week.#

    C x