Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ugly Betty - Oh no. not me, even 4 cycling

Even I have to draw the line, but I know it wasn't until everyone at the 'BIRRP' meeting was appalled that I was even thinking about it. It was the fact that the title was 'Undatable' made me thing they werent planning on showing my best features!! But without being too big headed, which I know I am s'times. I knew I was exactly what they were looking for!! when I spoke to the producer yesterday, she was in 'tucks' listening to my Internet dating stories!! And the fact that I woke up with a plan everyday, on how I could get disability viewed more positively.....well most days :)

I attended the BIRRP meeting and at the end I just squeezed in, did everyone think it was a good reflection of brain injury survivors??? Everyone asked the title.... Undateble, I replied, and well you can draw your on conclusion of the type of image they were going to portray. I emailed the producer, explained thaT i WANTED TOO WITHDRAW MY INTEREST, oops she asked why I explained my skin was too thin to go with the title. So ten minutes later she mailed me and asked if I'd reconsider if they changed the title!!!....I said no, and am quite happy with my decision.

Hey apparently I was on tv last night, on Look North, bbc1??? I must check it out on the iplayer. Vote for Altogether Better, because without them I wouldn't have done all the great things. I know some of you have already, and thanks. Hey we are in the final 3!!!

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