Tuesday, 6 September 2011


My mouth feels a little bruised, but he is extremely gentle, when he's open!!My local one (boo hissss) is private....and the ultimate sin - his breathe stinks. I'm sorted now, even though my pain plays musical cavity's!! round my mouth, and it's impossible to 'nail down. Hopefully I won't need to go for some tim.

I'm sleepy, I've missed my trike today. Tomorrow surely?

I'm a bit nervous, I'm going to a funeral tomorrow. And I'm really touched (but mot in a sexy way!!) that Steve (different one!!!)is going, he's coming over from Stockport. Ahhhh and I think he's the only person I know.

It got me into planning my funeral, because I would hate to have to leave it to Daisy to fight my corner, in a very adults world of mourning for the bereaved. Did you know that I can have a white cardboard coffin, for £195 as apposed to a wooden one for £600-£1000. So I'm being cremated whilst in a cardboard coffin, and my daughter wants to have the music I want to ride my bicycle.

Aren't I a Morbid B* :)xxx

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