Saturday, 3 September 2011

It's difficult to 'Big' myself up, anymore?

But I am ever so excited about the 17th of October now. Now Kev and Bridgette?? are suggesting they are coming :) And I've just asked Jock, if he minds collecting our children, after the Launch (I've just realised I am babbling on.....) Anyway, all it is (in fact I will copy, the back of the booklet)
'Headlines' is the first anthology of work from writers who have all experienced coma or brain injury, sometimes both. The collection exposes a vast array of experiences; from the cognitive confusion of post coma awakening, to the empowering nature of cycling as rehabilitation; from fell-walking in the Peak-District, to poetic observations of the world around us.

This is a powerful, touching and uplifting collection of stories that will stay with you long after the last page is read.


And on the night I will be reading my effort, which I've got to warn you is quite airy fairy compared to some of the other very profound pieces :D In fact every other piece.

There will be a number of Brain Injury Clinicians, Consultants, Steve Marsden, maybe some Social Work Staff? I'm hoping some cycling folk, and Nigel West, Miriam from Zest,, maybe some friends and I might invite Autism Plus or somebody who can vouch for my genuinitivity???? (is that a word?) it's not.... but maybe it should be!!

I set off today, after lunch to the lil Tesco, which is just over the railway bridge, if you know my area. And it was great, as I sped down the dual carriageway, my Daughter and her mates screamed and waved with excitement, from a bus shelter. I got some perishables, and set off back, Hey good on yer Mum, I heard from the shelter, I felt proud that my kids are proud! Then I bumped into my Sons mates, who said 'Love the bike it's soooo cool'

If you want to order a Cap book, the cost is £3.00 +P&P, let me know on

And wow, Steve Mc Williams my Occupational Therapist of 22years ago, phoned me this morning, to see if I was going to Jon Froggarts funeral on Wednesday. And maybe I shouldn't have felt good about hearing from him, but I did. I do love everybody at the moment, and it is just because folk are nice to me aren't they?


  1. Well one word might be provenance of your input/effort, but I think Roget can turn up something better - you really should get a paperback Roget and sling in the odd word here & there to add flavour to the postings. Of course this could result in your becoming a new Mrs Malaprop and coming out with gems like the 'immaculate contraception' to describe the birth of Christ.

    I had recently been plugging away at ALL bus operators (TM Travel (Transdev) take note) to first of all get a common protocol for carrying compact folding bikes on ALL service bus routes - with possible exception when the bus is full with standing passngers in the rush hour, and to allow bikes in when the services are quieter - First is about to do this as a pilot in Scotland after 7pm on certain routes - but in effect it is restoring the service we used to have with SMT (the old Nationalised bus operation)when it was sold off piecemeal to First, Stagecoach, Arriva, Yorkshire Traction and National Express. Stagecoach never stopped carrying bikes on the express services, and in the North of Scotland they carry up to 10 bikes on a coach (20% of the passengers) when kids want to travel to Aberdeen's BMX track or Fochabers (Foc-a-bus) for the Ben Aigan MTB trails, and no parental taxi service is available. Handy for packing the kids off home if their cycling runs out of steam.

    Would be handy with First Mainline on 1 & 2 in Rotherham to get up the hill, and get folk home late at night when many fell less comfortable cycling on a busy (or very quiet) road.

    But I want to press for recognition of bikes as mobility aids - after all the bus operators nationally now have a protocol for carrying (some) mobility scooters, so they should equally carry tricycles used in place of mobility scooters, The 97/98 loop through different parts of Totley but both cover the run from Abbeydale Road to Shiremoor - a relatively short ride to reach Hillsborough Park, and as a disabled person you should be able to use your bus pass with your mobility aid - result a substantial reduction in the cost of getting to Hillsborough, and many other places. Now I realise that catching a bus with Ziggy is akin to the next Beauchief Lights taboo topic but lets take it gently and remember that the combined 97/98 timetable delivers a bus every 10 minutes, so if the first one that turns up has the wheelchair space full the next will probably be OK.

    The man in charge of First's UK bus operations lives in Harrogate, so he might even have seen your regional TV appearances!

  2. I know it will happen in England eventually, there's no way it won't (in the name of equality, and all that) It's just I'm not 6ft 5?? and strong (muscley)I'm 5ft 5, fat and disabled, oh and female!!

    Thanks for your care though. x

  3. You'd be amaze at what some wee wummin get up to - puts big blokes to shame it does.