Monday, 19 September 2011

:) Happy Birthday, to me, Happy B'day to Me......etc

I woke this morning at 6.00. With bright lights, and those words ringing out!! (having not slept too much, - because of little Morris) Can we pleeeese let him upstairs, Go on then. So that was me on my 45!!!! b'day, My 2 children squabling about who was going to pass me the pressie, and little Morris, having to run and jump from the landing in order to get on the bed. It was great, I think the novelty will soon wear off. But my daughter gladly ran onto the park, with Morris.

I was kinda down when I got up because Miriam cancelled our lunch date :( in the park.

Thanks Rob, it was nice to hear from unexpected folk :)

Ahhh, then Miriam said if you can meet me in an hour 'lets meet' dare I take the Morris Waggon? on Abbeydale Rd South, nah..... later. So out for a quick walk we went, and I beat the bus, to Millhouses Park. Oh I forgot to say, John the taxi driver turned up this morning, with 2 bottles of Wine for me :) anyway, I met Miriam, who had yet more pink sparkly stuff!!! and flowers. I moved onto my Mums, who'd kindof bought me a new digital/waterproof/illuminated which is a lot more feminine than the monstor I had, that looked like a piece of armour plating.

On my return, I nipped Morris out again, in the hope of preparing him for a little outing in the ' Waggon'

(i forgot to post this yesterday) But I had a nice day. xxxx

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