Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I will be brief, because I'm really suffering and am going to bed, in the hope I feel a bit brighter in the morning. My throat is closing in!!! I have been extremely busy today, but boringly so, it was a job that I needed to get out of the way, and I do feel quite proud of the result. I just feel a bit bolloxed now!! I've been writing the Power Point Presentation on Word for now. And it's done, so i just need s'one to show me how to do it. And I can transfer the presentation, of the Record of Involvement information.

That's my Porch and Ziggy home!! it's not finished yet.

I've told everyone, IU aint going to Hillsborough tomorrow, but I know if I stay home I will find things to do. So it's nice when you have to Cycle....usually. I'll see, xxxs

Monday, 27 February 2012


I'm just writing the Power Point Presentation, abot the Record of Involvement, that Michael and I have produced. And Michael, is a whizz at Techy Computer Stuff. So he's producing the slides, with my writing,, and I'm gonna do the reading. And I think I'll let Nigel West do the clicking of the Mouse!!

I was with Adult Social Care for about 2.5 hours this afternoon, and I am absolutely knackered. How do these folk manage for 8 hours a day!! I arrived home as my children returned from school. I quickly did a DEAL, WITH dAISY, she could make everyones tea, except poor me. If I took H out, I don't know how and why they find that hard, I still love it, I love making her happy.

Oh Activity Sheffield, are coming to taljk to me at Hillsborough on the 8th and 15th!!! It should be interesting!!!

Ahh I've just received an email, thanking me for being so supportive, in Creative Writing. :) nice xxxx


Mundane, ....yes sometimes my life does have to, or need to be controlled by the mundane laundry, tidying, just occasionally though. Steady on!! I delegated to my children to take Holly, and nip to the shops. I would have liked nothing better though. But I think it's good to remind them that they must be responsible now they have a dog, so they called me Grandma!!! (because I was far too sensible)

My friend Paul came down from Leeds, now Paul was the original 'Bush Cutter' who I met on the Internet :) We don't participate in any Horticulture any more, preferring to let my lady garden be wild and free. He does love dogs very much (no comments either!!) So I knew he only came to see Holly really!! :) Which gave me a nice lie in this morning, because he slept downstairs, and took Holly out at 7.30, and brought me a coffee.

I must get some more lights for Ziggy, as I did struggle last night coming back from the Mohul, after a lovely meal. And had to use the pavement!!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012


I've cycled today, and I kick myself for not doing it more because I feel so good now.Only a bit but it was my favourite short trip to little tesco and back, with the wind in my hair and warm air in my face. I didn't need owt, I just went because it was a beautiful day :)

Holly's behaviour has been impecable today, I'm well impressed. Faced with an open garden gate, or coming back to boring me ....she came back, ahhhhh.

I've started writing a fantasy, and NO not that type!!! Hey, it might be my Forte a bit of sauce!!I randomly picked an image off the net, and I'm imagining a story round it. But it's so difficult, well not really it does ooooze out, but I am laying myself open to criticism. It is so much harder, than writing fact, like I usually do.


I loved Friday, it was Fab seeing Matt, and the others. It is fun, and my brains frazzled, when I've done :) OOoooooooh One member has left, sadly due to ill health, his tumour has grown, on his brain. How bloody devastating must that be???? I can't imagine!! Another woman had joined the group, she was an ex probation officer, very intelligent, maybe a little bit 'uptight' but she walked with a white cane, as she only had partial eye sight. I did 'gush' and offer assistance, which she declined. But I liked her and she seemed to fit in.

I rang the lovely Nigel West, when I returned about the Record of Involvement, presentation on the 16th of March. And I aint got power point, and it's £190 to buy. So I don't think I'll be producing it at home, but maybe Michael and I will have a go on Monday. As we have a Pc, a manager, and a support person to Co Produce the final bits of the ROI. Before it goes live and I try and sell the Idea, to lots of folk.

Oh BTW, having found myself wanting the same Consultancy position as Steph with the, laST NIGHT i OFFERED TO PULL OUT. bUT DID SAY, IF THEY WERE PAYING FOR AN EXTRA PERSON TO CATCH THE TRAIN WITH sTEPH? iT MAY AS WELL BE ME!!! oooops

And they agreed, so I think that will be interesting as they are hoping to do a lot of similar stuff to Sheffield ASC from what I gather.

You know my life? It is very good :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday :)

I am juggling a lot of important stuff at the moment :)

Hillsborough was just the escapism I needed. Dial A Ride, didn't show?? So I payed a builder to take me, it was Dave, who's finished my Porch. I still aint got a pic.

I can't say soooo much, but it's good.

I've got to learn how to do a Power Point presentation, of the Record of Involvement, Ooooooh I might have to learn how to do it first. But I won't let anyone do it for me!!!

I cycled a bit on 3 wheels today, Dave's on his holiday, so Nick had to 'help' me, and I just didn't trust him :) that sounds so bad!! because I do really.

I took holly out early, and she fell out with a huge Rotwieler, that couldn't catch her!! she just skipped around him really pissing him off, as he kept trying top sink his teeth in, and they kept smashing together!! ~The owner got mighty upset, with me!! Oooops.

Weds..... I think?

Have I told you I went to a meeting about the legacy of the Olympics 2012, and Wow what a fantastic opportunity it's going to be to get Hillsborough noticed, and funded??? for the future. Rumour has it, cough, cough. That the flag is coming through Hillsbrough on it's travels??? so whether I'm in the plan?????

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


It occurred to me this morning, (tues) that I had simply followed a CTC link, which was directing me to write to my MP. As they were due to vote in Parliament, about the future of City Cycling. I clicked on the link, and was directed to Nick Clegg as he is my local MP!! So all I'm saying are my intentions were 'Pure', no malice, no alterior motive? So I haven't a clue who I've upset and why, it was so long ago!!

Monday, 20 February 2012


Apparently Steve M (ctc), has spent a lot of the day, defending himself and Hillsborough, because of a letter I wrote to Nick Clegg, about a month ago. I was very tired when i wrote it, and I remember it was'nt very gramatically correct, or mis spelt even? But apparently questions are being asked??? Which is good surely?? Back me up?

I met Miriam from Zest for lunch, before I went to a progress meeting on the Record of Involvement, and Co Production. I got very excitable as plans were discussed about me Co Producing at a higher level within the council???? I'll keep you posted on that development.

Apparently I could take Ziggy on a bus now????

I can imagine going on a tram,? maybe? but I really dont think she'd fit on a bus and turn 45"

Hey s'one has reported my Porch???? saying I didnt get planning permission.?? Which is true, but I replaced the delapidated old one. Some of my curtain twitching neighbours!!! just piss me off, just because they have got nowt going on in their sad lives!!

I took Holly out at 8, she does worry me a tad, because she always runs to the outer limits of the park, but so far has never gone out.

I also received an email from Nicks new Boss at Hillsbrough, who wants to meet with me to discuss the future of Cycling at Hillsborough???

I do get upset when I upset folk!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ooops Brain Injury awareness next month!!!

Sorry about my mistake!!!

I am knackered but yet sooo invigorated, I just love Cycling (not so keen on falling off though!!) I do just love my life!!

I went for a walk at 8am, with Holly. Who I swear can smile :) I think she has a slightly 'Undershot' jaw, but her lips seem too curl up at the corners when she's very excited and giddy. And no, she's not snarling. I feel she is genuinely happy honest. I felt very awake and was so excited about cycling.

Dial A Ride arrived, and didn't grumble about Ziggy, in fact he was incredibly helpful and pleasant :) or is that the mood I'm in?

My porch looks like a huge extent ion!! because its.....tomorrow, I will take a pic, so I can explain where my trikes going.It's too dark, and cold now.

My children, are back later. :)

I arrived at Hillsborough Park, and went for a cycle round the park, stopping abruptly with a Wow, because I actually thought it was one of those wheelchairs, with a front attachment with pedals! and I was so excited. I'm sure my face didn't hide the disappointment, when on closer inspection, it had an electric battery underneath, and no pedals!! But it didn't stop me chatting to this woman for 20minutes, about her beautiful Dalmatian. Which is going away for a month to be trained as a Support Dog.

Ooooooh, was my turn to have a lesson and I met the beautiful Dave on the courts and my 2 wheeler waited!! I hadn't tried for 2 weeks, because it was too icey last week. So it was with trepidation, that I mounted 'Edward' Oooooh that sounded soooo rude!!! it was the name of my Bicycle, for Heavens sake!!! what else. I had a couple of rotations, and I looked in the direction, I wished to go like I'd been told, but the bike continued in the wrong direction, as I frantically tried to steer. And yes, I fell off!!!!!


I lay there for a bit making weeping sounds, it was so frustrating...why am I still so crap? I try so hard!!!

Anyway Dave, put his big arm round me and said come on let me steady you, and so we spent ages, me cycling and Dave keeping up and holding to my hood of my coat, bless him. I am so grateful because I would have hated to leave having had a negative lesson. It became apparent that the big issue for me was keeping steady when stopping. and to use both brakes, but put my Right LEG DOWN FIRST, AS THAT IS MY STRONG LEG. So for me it was a bit like patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy!! Left Brake on (which I wasn't doing effectively) and Right foot down!! I did get in a tangle, it's kind of the fine tuning. I can balance when cycling in a straight line, it's just the rest :) We seemed to spend a long time. Poor Dave, and my shoulders, I'm like Quasi Mo do, , again.

I went to the Butty shop, and fetched lunch, The mental Health Group arrived, and another 3 who regularly come on a Thursday, and my mate Lawrence, who I spoke too about Write Way, writing group, which begins again in a week.

The cabin was packed again, and we all laughed and joked, there was no status THING GOING ON, it was just nice.

I soo don't want the beautiful team we have going at Hillsborough to get disbanded.

Dave is on holiday for 3 Thursdays now, and we will miss him :( But he's sending a text on Thursday at 1, from Morocco!!! Ahhhh

We are kind of looking at the 29th of March, for a launch day. I'll let you know.

Publicity from the SHSCT sheff health and community trust phoned, and poor girl, I don't think she bargained on me speaking for an hour, hardly pausing for breath!! But I think I said it all.Really emphasising how cycling has transformed my life.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm all talk!!!

Hi, I'm sorry I ain't been here for a bit, I didn't feel comfortable coming here, when I ha vent cycled for so long. But I will get better, when the kids get back to school, honestly!! Before then, because at least, I'm going to Hillsborough tomorrow. I ain't been doing nowt though!

I have recently been working with a young guy with Learning Difficulties Michael Eldevyn, on an ASC project, and our work has been facilitated ???? by Hannah Boneham, whose been a star on this Co Production project. Firstly together we decided, which groups of people made a fair representation, of Volunteers who might benefit from a bit of 'Proof' of their personal commitment. We then invited these groups, to come to a 'Brain Storm' where they could say when they might want to use their Record of Involvement or RoI. We collected all the wants and definitely don't wants, of which there were a few!! This was back in September!!

At the BIRRP meeting on Tuesday, I took a dummy copy of the RoI, and at a very Packed meeting, they all loved it!! and thought it was a very positive way, in giving Volunteers recognition for their work. Which hopefully will be endorsed by a lot of the organisations using it. So we can start collecting, users logos!! Mark suggested I arrange a meeting with ASC, myself and him because Brain Injury Services wanted to endorse this very professional piece of work. When I suggested it, it was thought myself and Michael, could meet with interested organisations, reflecting the true Ethos of Co Production.

Mmmmmm what else.....

I can't say. Oh go on then :) A side effect of being menopausal? Appears to be lack of desire....(ok I'll say it!) libido!! not totally gone, but it took some finding on Sunday Night, (I wasn't alone) what were you thinking!!!

Today, is Wednesday, and I did some work at Brockwood, in the classroom. I met a really interesting and funny as in ha ha, woman called Helen. Hi Helen!! Hopefully she will come along to Hillsborough, when it starts again, just before Easter. I want to shout about it, but I've been instructed to keep it under wraps, until it's definite!! Helen's husband broke his back badly. And she thinks he might enjoy the social side of Cycling?

Oooooh it's Brain Injury Awareness week next week, so I've been hunted out by the media. And they're really interested in talking to me because of the Olympic Torch thing. And HSC Health and Social Care in York, have also been in touch via s'one else. After coming to the Book launch back in October, and sought Steph and I out. So she's phoning tomorrow anyway.

That's It Folks!!!


I've missed you.

I got a valentine card, signed from Pete x and I sent him one, just as friends you see. But no one else loved me :(

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Before I forget....

I was a little put out because this Campaign, only seems to feature Bicycles, and no others. But it has to start s'where, so I signed up to it. I also wrote a letter, with lots of grammatical errors. To Mr Clegg, urging the funding for Inclusive Cycling, to be increased. Because of it's effects long term.

I ain't cycled, but I've taken Holly out twice. She can clear a vertical 5ft fence from a standing start!! I was advised to block her view, so she wasn't tempted to escape and chase again.

I have promised my son a cycling adventure on Friday!!

Ooooooh Barry? do you need me for the stall on Fargate this year? Isn't that soon?

A year ago Steve M broke his shoulder in 3 places!! after falling off a kiddy BMX!!! eeeek!

I'm going to bed, it's only 8 on Saturday night, as well!!But I ain't very happy :(


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Too Icey :(

I did go to Hillsborough today, but only because it might have jeopardised future trips with Dial A Ride, if I'd messed them about. But once there Nick and Dave who'd been surveying conditions, declared it too icey. It was mightily cold, and I'm sure my body has used up so much energy, trying top keep warm.

The team, well most of it, treated ourselves to lunch at Which was soo nice. We returned Russel, arrived and some folk from the Well being Cycling Group, only to be told, there was to be no Cycling this week. So we sat in exactly the same seats, wore the same clothes. And talked about similar things :Dxx

Ooooh I've got 1st class return from Truro, on April the 26th, returning on the 29th. :)

I don't feel half as bad as I did last week, at this time, after freezing my t* off, using it Public Transport, (or not as the case was!!)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I'm so sleepy, and it's all to do with a Co Production meeting I attended today, which was only 1hr long, but I felt like it was 7!!!!!

I met Lorraine for lunch, who if you remember was an old friend (or friend I've known for a long time) And I bumped into her At Brockwood, when I was helping out in the classroom. I used to work with her at the Psychiatric hosp.

I'm tired I will fill you in tomorrow, when I've slept. I'm going to Hillsborough tomorrow.

I've got a launch date for Hillsborough, but I better check b4 I blab to the world.

Catch you tomorrow. xxxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Slip sliding away....into the bins!!!

Cobblers!!!! I mean why don't they move with the times? I cycled with relative ease, to The Rise. Where I was gonna get a new Padlock for Ziggy, as she's suffering been double bike locked to the railings, she's getting repeatedly soaked, most nights. And I need a new lock so she can resume her place back in the shed, where she's padlocked to the floor, when I've got one!!!

Anyway, he wouldn't let me use my debit card, and my local friendly Post Office accepts every bank card .....except the Nat West. So I cycled down the dual carriageway, and the cycle lane was covered with brown (atleast not yellow!!) (childish) forcing me to take the left hand lane of the Rd. I bought a few things, and totally forgot the purpose of going, so consequently arrived back at the Cobblers without cash!!

I took the Cycle path home, but ended up applying my brakes, careering side ways into 4 tall plastic bins (whoops!!!) After that my wheels were spinning, I wanted to cry, it was too steep and slippy, to get back to the rd, and a long slushy walk pushing Ziggy to get home. I walked, pushed and occasionally remembering Robs advice about slippery mud, I did ride a bit in Mountain Drive.

I've decided to go to Truro on the 26th of April - 29th. I'm going without Ziggy, and just borrowing a cycle down there. Thing is, I cycle really slowly, I hope the Ride, on Saturday Morning isn't a Sprint.

Holly's recall skills aren't improving, they are perfect in the house, but once she gets the wind flapping her ears, she's off....

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trouble is, it makes me hungry!!!

Working hard you can burn around 600 kcal an hour. Even going slower, 300 kcal is normal. Great, you can look at the scenery, work your Cardio Vascular system (C.V) and lose weight, without pounding your joints to death, all for the cost of a bike. (my friend Graeme Wilgress, posted this, and I stole it!!!!)

It was like winter wonderland on the Park this morning. Kids sledging, lots of giant snow boulders, which Finn had pushed together, and added a nob!!! (it was quite an inaccurate portrayal, only drawing attention, to his age and inexperience).....I believe it was anyway ;0)

Holly proved that she has zero call back skill!! and just sprinted at top speed, excitedly around saying hello, to everyone!! Fortunately my daughter came out to rescue her/me after 20 mins.

Tut, tut!! I've just had an angry text off her dad, saying she has put a huge Stretcher in her ear!!! The joys of being a parent!!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

I do detest the white stuff (i mean snow!)

It makes me feel colder even if it's a tad warmer. Gone, were my good intentions of Cycling to the shops for a new padlock, she's shackled to my railing with a couple of Bike locks!! So is probably laden with snow, and rusting.

My daughter has fallen out with me because I won't let her dye her hair purple!!!

My son and Dad have gone to the Steelers v Sting Rays playing Ice Hockey. I first took Finn, to see the Steelers, and has nagged to go since. Trust it to be really bad driving conditions.

Friday, 3 February 2012

a little bit, but steady on, not too much

Better :)

I am just thasnkfull that I do cycle and that 99.9 % of the time Ziggy, is fit aND READY TO GO..GO...GO. oops!! I took Holly out in the cold frozen earth, or should that be on? She is lovely, I do love her so, she tries so much to please. Then I cycled to the dentist where my wee girl had an appointment. (i had to be present!!) I've gotta say it was very cold this morning, but I don't care how attractive/or not!!! they are but I have to wear thermal Long Janes and long sleeved thermal top!!! After the dentist, I rushed home to see Holly off to have her 2nd vaccinations, and I'm so glad I didn't have to go because, mmmmmmm :) her anal sacs:( urrrrgh were packed and needed emptying. 'Mmmm, shall I show you, so you can do it next time?' enquired Helen, who had taken her?. NO.... I think I'll pay, was my reply.

Good News for anyone having squabbles about access rights, is it not? A new bill that says, parents with Loving and good intentions, should be given equal access????

I've just been to the Spit, for Fishy Friday, with my boy and mate.I met up with my mate Pete, and had a couple, it's a good job I've got 3 wheels you know? :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Crap Day :(

I set off on the long journey, at 10 am, (because it was warm inside, and freezing out!!) I cycled to the co op, securing Ziggy with chains and 2 Padlocks!! to the shop awnings? - is it a word. Just missing a bus, I ran - maybe not!! to the central reservation, and gave puppy eyes at the bus driver, who shook his head and drove off!! - nice I had to stumble about half a mile to get the Tram, to Hillsborough Park. It was unbelievably slow. I must tell you about this Man who got on at my stop, Wow, total admiration, at how he copes!!! - a body, 1 arm, with 2 fingers, another hand coming out of his shoulder, on the other side. No legs, just feet at the base of his body that were wrapped in bandages. And he was TEXTING!!! (i bet he knows how to use predictive text!!1 - I don't!) And for Dave's knowledge, 2 mobility scooters got on as well!!!

I arrived at 11 40, to a fan fare of Hello's :) And I tucked into my lunch, I had really got cold.

Disaster followed, Dave and I went out for my 2 wheeled adventure, and it was 'Edward' a different bike. And it felt totally wrong, after loads of alterations and falls. I only managed about 10 laps of the ball court. _Poor Dave caught me on numerous occasions, he is very strong. And when he didn't I grazed elbows and knees!!

Hi to the woman, who brought her girl, for a try on the cycles. I'm really sorry I wasn't more attentive. I will be next time honest :)

It took me 2 hours to get home, I did stop s'where for 20 mins.....but I am so knackered, I've hated today!!

What a spoilt BRAT I am, I've just re read about the chap who got on my Tram!!! and I have the ordasity to moan!! I'm sorry. xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Record Of Involvement

I went to the first 'Feed Back' meeting today, to see for the first time, what the R o I looked like.

Michael and I had been the volunteers, involved in it's creation, we teamed up with Hannah Boneham, who has been fantastic to work with.

I had dropped some clangers though, which fortunately were picked up at the meeting today. Like writing in the 3rd person, when it is an 'Owned' document. And some of my language, is too complex at times. But on the whole it was positively received, and I am glad I was part of it's creation.

Awwww Ed, whose a top Manager within Adult Social Care, said 'look at this everyone' and showed everyone Me on 2 wheels last week :) Hey it was nice because everyone was super impressed. I feel I'm experiencing a bit of a growth spurt!! not body mass, hopefully!! but personal happiness, what with Holly dog, nose piercing, and best of all riding a 2 wheeler!!! It is what I need though, after the end of 2011 :(

Dial a ride phoned today, to cancel tomorrow
:( Which is horrible. I can manage a one off, now I'm not taking my trike. As Dave said we'd have a concentrated lesson on the 2 wheels. But do I a) Cycle to the bus stop, and then catch the bus, and then tram. b) Cycle to Dore train station, and then catch the train and 2 trams, to Hillsborough Park? and have to do it all back 4 hrs later?

I think a)

Began the day as usual, taking my sweet bitch out. :) Awww, she is such a delight though.