Saturday, 4 February 2012

I do detest the white stuff (i mean snow!)

It makes me feel colder even if it's a tad warmer. Gone, were my good intentions of Cycling to the shops for a new padlock, she's shackled to my railing with a couple of Bike locks!! So is probably laden with snow, and rusting.

My daughter has fallen out with me because I won't let her dye her hair purple!!!

My son and Dad have gone to the Steelers v Sting Rays playing Ice Hockey. I first took Finn, to see the Steelers, and has nagged to go since. Trust it to be really bad driving conditions.


  1. Well no snow in the North, but it did start about 15.30 with a very fine dry spindrift snow.

    We had a quick snowball fight and a session warming fingers and toes - because wellies actually are not that good for keeping your feet warm, unless you wear a) good socks and b) tights to keep the legs going in to them warm.

    Two big marches in the town, and huge police presence plus traffic jams, so that heading back when the snow began to settle there were a number of big police minibuses. It was amazing how many drivers were driving too slowly. In snow in a car you need to keep rolling at 20-30mph as a minimum of the open road to punch through the drifts and keep rolling and I was pleased that I could tuck in with the police minibuses and keep up 30-40mph along the A50, passing the stalled drivers who had gone too slowly and then (with bad driving technique) kept spinning the wheels and sliding on the spot. One guy hit the brakes going in to a roundabout rather than going down through the gears and slid sideways in the lane next to me but I managed to keep rolling past.

    Still it took over 2 hours to do a journey that I normally manage in around an hour and 20 minutes, and I thought I'd miss my train - Shouldn't have worried - first train was 50 minutes late and next on was 50 minutes late and promptly broke down - twice, so well over an hour late getting back.

    Enjoy the sna

  2. Ahh, I bet it was a quality Saturday for you then. I've just been out on the Park, wi my Son and the dog, we let her off the lead for the first time. And she was off.....!!!! Recall skills-0 We won't be doing that again!!! She does break neck speeds round the garden at the minute.

    Enjoy, them being friends with you. My daughter hates me, because I won't let her dye her hair ...burgendy!! I know I'm soft but there are limits!!

  3. Good colour, purple.


  4. Stirrer, just 'cos you are at least 200 miles away.