Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trouble is, it makes me hungry!!!

Working hard you can burn around 600 kcal an hour. Even going slower, 300 kcal is normal. Great, you can look at the scenery, work your Cardio Vascular system (C.V) and lose weight, without pounding your joints to death, all for the cost of a bike. (my friend Graeme Wilgress, posted this, and I stole it!!!!)

It was like winter wonderland on the Park this morning. Kids sledging, lots of giant snow boulders, which Finn had pushed together, and added a nob!!! (it was quite an inaccurate portrayal, only drawing attention, to his age and inexperience).....I believe it was anyway ;0)

Holly proved that she has zero call back skill!! and just sprinted at top speed, excitedly around saying hello, to everyone!! Fortunately my daughter came out to rescue her/me after 20 mins.

Tut, tut!! I've just had an angry text off her dad, saying she has put a huge Stretcher in her ear!!! The joys of being a parent!!!


  1. Lol, maybe it was feeling cold?

    Don't worry about the hunger, just eat good stuff and you will be fine.
    I am already on breakfast, 9 biscuits and a lasagna.

    There were two snowmen in a garden, one says
    "Can you smell carrots?"


  2. Snow jokes eh?

    Why is snow forecasting like expectations for a night of passion?

    You never know how much you are going to get and how long it will last