Friday, 3 February 2012

a little bit, but steady on, not too much

Better :)

I am just thasnkfull that I do cycle and that 99.9 % of the time Ziggy, is fit aND READY TO GO..GO...GO. oops!! I took Holly out in the cold frozen earth, or should that be on? She is lovely, I do love her so, she tries so much to please. Then I cycled to the dentist where my wee girl had an appointment. (i had to be present!!) I've gotta say it was very cold this morning, but I don't care how attractive/or not!!! they are but I have to wear thermal Long Janes and long sleeved thermal top!!! After the dentist, I rushed home to see Holly off to have her 2nd vaccinations, and I'm so glad I didn't have to go because, mmmmmmm :) her anal sacs:( urrrrgh were packed and needed emptying. 'Mmmm, shall I show you, so you can do it next time?' enquired Helen, who had taken her?. NO.... I think I'll pay, was my reply.

Good News for anyone having squabbles about access rights, is it not? A new bill that says, parents with Loving and good intentions, should be given equal access????

I've just been to the Spit, for Fishy Friday, with my boy and mate.I met up with my mate Pete, and had a couple, it's a good job I've got 3 wheels you know? :)

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