Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ooops Brain Injury awareness next month!!!

Sorry about my mistake!!!

I am knackered but yet sooo invigorated, I just love Cycling (not so keen on falling off though!!) I do just love my life!!

I went for a walk at 8am, with Holly. Who I swear can smile :) I think she has a slightly 'Undershot' jaw, but her lips seem too curl up at the corners when she's very excited and giddy. And no, she's not snarling. I feel she is genuinely happy honest. I felt very awake and was so excited about cycling.

Dial A Ride arrived, and didn't grumble about Ziggy, in fact he was incredibly helpful and pleasant :) or is that the mood I'm in?

My porch looks like a huge extent ion!! because its.....tomorrow, I will take a pic, so I can explain where my trikes going.It's too dark, and cold now.

My children, are back later. :)

I arrived at Hillsborough Park, and went for a cycle round the park, stopping abruptly with a Wow, because I actually thought it was one of those wheelchairs, with a front attachment with pedals! and I was so excited. I'm sure my face didn't hide the disappointment, when on closer inspection, it had an electric battery underneath, and no pedals!! But it didn't stop me chatting to this woman for 20minutes, about her beautiful Dalmatian. Which is going away for a month to be trained as a Support Dog.

Ooooooh, was my turn to have a lesson and I met the beautiful Dave on the courts and my 2 wheeler waited!! I hadn't tried for 2 weeks, because it was too icey last week. So it was with trepidation, that I mounted 'Edward' Oooooh that sounded soooo rude!!! it was the name of my Bicycle, for Heavens sake!!! what else. I had a couple of rotations, and I looked in the direction, I wished to go like I'd been told, but the bike continued in the wrong direction, as I frantically tried to steer. And yes, I fell off!!!!!


I lay there for a bit making weeping sounds, it was so frustrating...why am I still so crap? I try so hard!!!

Anyway Dave, put his big arm round me and said come on let me steady you, and so we spent ages, me cycling and Dave keeping up and holding to my hood of my coat, bless him. I am so grateful because I would have hated to leave having had a negative lesson. It became apparent that the big issue for me was keeping steady when stopping. and to use both brakes, but put my Right LEG DOWN FIRST, AS THAT IS MY STRONG LEG. So for me it was a bit like patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy!! Left Brake on (which I wasn't doing effectively) and Right foot down!! I did get in a tangle, it's kind of the fine tuning. I can balance when cycling in a straight line, it's just the rest :) We seemed to spend a long time. Poor Dave, and my shoulders, I'm like Quasi Mo do, , again.

I went to the Butty shop, and fetched lunch, The mental Health Group arrived, and another 3 who regularly come on a Thursday, and my mate Lawrence, who I spoke too about Write Way, writing group, which begins again in a week.

The cabin was packed again, and we all laughed and joked, there was no status THING GOING ON, it was just nice.

I soo don't want the beautiful team we have going at Hillsborough to get disbanded.

Dave is on holiday for 3 Thursdays now, and we will miss him :( But he's sending a text on Thursday at 1, from Morocco!!! Ahhhh

We are kind of looking at the 29th of March, for a launch day. I'll let you know.

Publicity from the SHSCT sheff health and community trust phoned, and poor girl, I don't think she bargained on me speaking for an hour, hardly pausing for breath!! But I think I said it all.Really emphasising how cycling has transformed my life.

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