Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Record Of Involvement

I went to the first 'Feed Back' meeting today, to see for the first time, what the R o I looked like.

Michael and I had been the volunteers, involved in it's creation, we teamed up with Hannah Boneham, who has been fantastic to work with.

I had dropped some clangers though, which fortunately were picked up at the meeting today. Like writing in the 3rd person, when it is an 'Owned' document. And some of my language, is too complex at times. But on the whole it was positively received, and I am glad I was part of it's creation.

Awwww Ed, whose a top Manager within Adult Social Care, said 'look at this everyone' and showed everyone Me on 2 wheels last week :) Hey it was nice because everyone was super impressed. I feel I'm experiencing a bit of a growth spurt!! not body mass, hopefully!! but personal happiness, what with Holly dog, nose piercing, and best of all riding a 2 wheeler!!! It is what I need though, after the end of 2011 :(

Dial a ride phoned today, to cancel tomorrow
:( Which is horrible. I can manage a one off, now I'm not taking my trike. As Dave said we'd have a concentrated lesson on the 2 wheels. But do I a) Cycle to the bus stop, and then catch the bus, and then tram. b) Cycle to Dore train station, and then catch the train and 2 trams, to Hillsborough Park? and have to do it all back 4 hrs later?

I think a)

Began the day as usual, taking my sweet bitch out. :) Awww, she is such a delight though.

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  1. Bus-Tram is better as the bus you need is every 10 minutes, if you catch it down by the bike shop, and tram equally frequent.

    Secret of robust travel - pick services that are frequent (so you can miss one/it can be cancelled) and cut out the interchanges (as you will need to allow for overlap (waiting with not much to do otherwise)

    Hairy month end - late payments coming to me means me being late paying out.