Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pedal Ready Pam :)

I first met Pam, in late 2009, so she has seen my cycling skills from early on. And she is such a sound person, who I love very much. She will always go out of her way to meet me, and I just feel that she's all about the positives in cycling. She works for Pedal Ready, mostly. But supports many of the CTCs projects. Like she leads a Well being group, the same as Hillsborough, but at Endcliffe Park.

I'm hanging back booking for Truro in Cornwall, because I believe there maybe a straight through one available maybe in March?

My porch is looking good!! (i cant explain it)but honestly!! and the loft???? I believe it is :) (but I can't climb the ladder) So he may just go up there and bang a few pipes!!


  1. Can't you send a kiddie and a camera into the loft? ;-)

  2. Yeah, they've been up lots. Finn likes 'Helping'