Monday, 16 January 2012

First night nerves!

My Son and I were cosy in bed by 9 leaving Daisy to do the necessaries, that was to become our routine for the next 10 years +.

At 3.00 AM there was almighty crash from the dining room, it must have been extraordinarily loud, to wake me. I was soo tempted to roll over and cope in the morning. But I had visions, of our new dog frazzled on the end of a plug wire, or s'thing. So I crept downstairs and noticed that my very 'Helpful, I'll get up no problems if Holly needs me' Children, snored. I opened the lounge door, and this poor timid Holly, came crab walking towards me because she was too excited, and scared about my reaction would be at the destruction, she had left in her wake. In actual fact I was sooo relieved that she was ok, I bent down and cuddled her. Partly, because I knew she'd be spending the rest of the night, in a Crate. The noise had been a box of books falling off the DINING table!!! and the mess was the kitchen bin, with the week ends Take Away boxes strewn all over the downstairs.

I set about putting the Crate up, at 3am and blury eyed, I did surprisingly well!!! (for me!)

I seized the opportunity, of Wee time in the Garden, HER not Me.And Bob's your Auntie, I mean Uncle.

Drrrrrring at 6.30 Finn ventured out whilst I made every ones breakfast, Muuuuuum it's not the same without you, so for the second time today I found myself walking in the crisp frost leaving a trail, in my path.

At the moment, we are not letting her off the lead. in case she spots a cat, her recall, isn't good.

Got a nice (Hot Flush!!!) response eventually from Mr Marsden, I think he's busy, because I got a back log of replies, bless him. I'm hoping we're going to all have a meeting at Hillsborough to form a 'drop in Club' maybe we will start charging a hire fee?

Apart from 630 I have been an utter failure, at cultivating that Wellbeing feeling. I know what to do it's just doing it.

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