Monday, 30 January 2012

Cycle Chic

I met /miar today at Millhouses, and I have to say she wore an attractive very Chic outfit. I just wish I had the nerve s'times.

I cycled back in the perfect cycling weather, and experienced no dramas :)

I'm trying to plan a journey to the Newquay Disability Cycling Conference, shall I spend about 7 hrs on 2 trains? or fly there? Either way I must fund it myself. :( But BIRT, will be there, and you can't get bigger in the Brain Injury field.

I must go to bed now, and read Mr Stink, it's very late.

Nite x


  1. The bulk train journey will be on one train (the Edinburgh-Plymouth (and sometimes Penzance) one, presumably the flight will mean a mash-up of taxis, buses/trains to reach the airport, a bit of hanging around and then the flight. There won't be that many flights, but there is at least 1 train per hour direct, and several 'backstop' options. With the appropriate ticket you can stop off and visit someone on the way home, or invite them to travel part of the trip with you.

    For simplicity the train is good and if you take a lap top Cross Country has wifi all the way so you can blog, and it is very likely you might join others heading for the event en route (Kevin has options to go via Birmingham or Reading - or Worcester) and if suitably victualled up you can enjoy the trip as a sort of rolling party.

  2. I believe Kevins giving it a miss.

    I can get the Manchester Air port train from Dore, which is quite handy. Although I wouldn't risk leaving Ziggy locked up there!!!

    At the other end it will be a mixture of very interested parties that meet me and provide lodging?????? Wendy Creed and BIRT, mostly.