Thursday, 19 January 2012

I can do it, it wasn't a dream :)

D.A.R turned up at the early time of 9!! So off I set, prepared to spend 30mins in the rain, but I was ok, I didn't mind doing a sort of figure 8 around Hillsborough Park. I'd wait patiently for my shot on a 2 wheeler :) I was excited, or was it nerves? I had a feeling, the boss man Mr Marsden, might show? to see this miracle, with his own eyes.

Folk were slow to arrive. Ann arrived who I had suggested that she join us all, because she missed the old CFH at Hillsborough. And Christine, who was the lady who had also cycled for the first time, last week. I waited in the court for Dave, with trepidation, and excitement, and Steve M, showed complete with Video Camera
I just straddling the bike (hey it's good writing Bike, instead of trike!!) and I just went for it, no preparation, it was just shit or bust time!!

The Fall:

I did another lap, showing off in front of Ann, who I'd started CFH with 2 years ago. I braked and said 'Hi look at me!!' and fell. :D

Holly dog, was so good, the builders took her on the Park at lunchtime, without the lead! and she clung to their leg(ooooh that sounds so rude, but not like that:) Apart from circling them at break neck speeds, every so often. So that's cool.

Ooooh I might have to buy a BICYCLE!!!!

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  1. Oooh Look at HER! There someone' left a comment Perhaps the first time in history that a woman's been safisfied with 50% less.

    I think we are all sitting back in awe/shock/disbelief/ROTFL at the thought of Caroline careering around on 2 wheels. You are providing inspiration to many who never could believe what thay could achieve.

    I'm seriously going to get you back seeing Pat again - since we've gone almost a year since the last time you told us about the Tuesday Tesco flirt. Now although you think that Pat is a TM man he has connections which get right back to Derby, and beyond, so we might see some fun for F & D in the range of day's out too.

    I think you shold also have a small read-up on the bung that South Yorks PTE is getting for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, and its objective in getting folk sustainably to work, especially if its folk who like you might have big difficulty in getting a driving licence, mixing what you can do with a cycle and the bigger picture of adding it to the bus or train.