Saturday, 28 January 2012


Since aged 15 I have wanted my nose pierced, but I have never dared, because of my dear old Mum, and the disappointment, she would have felt. And it is so accepted now. I mean I remember when I had my ears pierced about 40 years ago, that wasn't accepted. Anyway on Monday, my 13 year old daughter, asked if I would ever let her have her nose done? Mmmmmm, only if your Dad says yes, (that's always a cop out) but to be honest, I really am ok with it. Shall I have my eyebrow done? I suggested? Now this was greeted with enthusiastic whoop's!!!

The dainty tiny nose studs, are what sold it for me. And the idea of having a metal BAR pushed into my forehead, and out in my eye lid area, filled me with fear. So here it is :) Sorry Mum :)xxxx

I enjoyed snuggling down my duvet, this morning, and made Daisy take the dog out on the park (if she wanted her nose piercing :) ) But I felt lazy as I struggled to pedal to the bus stop, I wish I could make myself eat less and do more exercise!!!

Brrrrrr!! it's really turned cold though, I nipped Holly out, when I returned. (i cant wait till I've got a special Ziggy garage!!) - random!!

I'm meeting Dave Bocking at Hillsborough on Thursday. He's running a Story on my Cycling Journey! I'm excited because I love Dave.

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