Sunday, 1 January 2012

BIG TESCO!!!!! (and it wasn't even 2012)

Recently, my son had been reminiscing about the 'Fun times' we used to have on our little adventure cycle rides. Like, Me ending up in hospital, with 16 stitches in my leg!!! And him helping me and Ziggy over one of those silly bridges, that aren't even designed for wheelchairs, let alone Tadpole recumbent. Or the time we went for a cycle ride in the pouring torrential rain, I don't know how we managed the cycle track, behind the Spit? But we were very muddy when we arrived at the Spit, for kinda Brunch.Because of the need for him to see me trying to achieve, little goals, and and with his very generous help,he is proud of himself too,and rightly so. We had decided, to attempt the return trip to Tesco. To fetch some bucks fizz, (for them to have a little tipple) and some champagne, for me. Oh and his Xmas money was burning a whole in his pocket.

I arranged various meeting points along THE WAY, BECAUSE HE HAD CHOSEN TO RIDE HIS new super speedy scooter, on the pavement.

I am a bit like Mr Bean though with cars crashing behind me, as they swerve to avoid a calamity. Usually I pick up speed (and love the thrill) of going down the dual carriage way, on Baslow Rd, if any ones familiar with it? But I had followed my son, and where I came onto the carriageway, I hadn't realised THERE WAS A RAILING SEPARATING THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC. (Ive only lived here 22 years) So yes, you guessed it, for a few metres I was speeding down the wrong side of the carriageway. As a passing car driver gesticulated wildly from a passing car!!

Our meeting place was the Bike Tree, where I called in to ask if they could just Service Me :) I mean my Cycle! They tightened my Corset Ziggy's I mean. And just clipped my rear brake back as it hung limply catching on the wheel sometimes. But because of the hydraulics, I will need to book her in. Which I am tempted to do, because The Bike Tree is so easy for me to get to, as apposed to Recycle. But they are so lovely at all cycle shops, and they only charged me £2, and that was because I had a couple of coins handy.

I love the fact that my Son is sooo proud of me, or Ziggy, I'm not too sure which? We cut through Henliegh Hall, pausing for a moment, to look up at my Mums window. On through Millhouses Park, calling off at the Skate Park, and no I refrained from trying the jumps. (2 years ago today, I was at A and E, having stitches, because of my failed Cycle rricks)

We reached the end of the park, and using my sons local short cut knowledge, Tesco was about 25yards. Sorted.

The Return: After lunch, with heavy bags we began our return trip. It was so difficult with the heavy bags. Near HH I met up with our neighbour, who conveniently had got the car. So I was really cheeky and got her to bring my shopping home for me. Phew, I was now as light as a feather :DDD not really!!! But it was considerably easy.

Once out of my Cycle, I fell over because my legs were still cycling!!!!

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