Saturday, 7 January 2012

Olympic Torch gets nearer!!

I'm excited now!!!! I think in my giddyness, I deleted the email, with the contact phone number on it. Because this morning, I received another reminding me of the closing date for accepting, is the 26th of Jan. And if I had questions there was the crucial number, (an answer to all my questions?) Having been inundated with Postmen, and Birth Certificates as well, this am. (ok only 2!) but it proved I hadn't totally lost it, and I did order them. I started to get giddy, for the first time.

I rang with many questions, of course the first one..Can I Cycle?...Can I fix the Torch in between the front wheels, on my Tadpole recumbent? She is going to find out for me? But asked is there anyone, I would like to Carry The Torch, for me, if I couldn't? Of course I said Steve, but I haven't a clue whether he'd want to?

Pete called telling me about this Soldier, who'd lost his legs and had also been picked. We were both sayinmg Wow!!this is immense but, I am feeling humble. I have heard of 3 folk, who wern't chosen, and the only 'edge' I have on them, maybe? Is that I like talking. So thank you blogger 'Wait For Pete' for suggesting it. Even though I had to ask Nigel to nominate me!!! I did it for the right reasons!!

I haven't made any New Years Resolutions - well not repeatable ones!!!

So here are a few, I've just made.

Get a dog from Erin hounds, that's been tried and tested.

Carry the Olympic Torch.

Make Hillsborough better, and more accessable.(2 days for a start)

Not lose friends, just make my Network of different folk grow.

Cycle a 2 Wheeler.

Stay financially sound.

Get a spare Cycle.

Go on Holiday with kids?

Do Porch/bike shed/loft

Maybe? I'm not sure about this one, so I'm scared to put it......find work?

Stay Happy!!! because I'm feeling happy nopw, because if I'm honest it was getting me down not knowing who to speak to about the Torch.

Happy Birthday Miriam, xxxxx


  1. Cheered me up - missed my train - if I wait here that's arriving 14 hours late in Glasgow. Might try for the bus but battery running down Megabus site is not working, and their phone booking line won't send to the phone after 22.00

    No Printer so can't print National Express ticket for 02.00 bus - but shows available seats.... might take a gamble on that one.

    Still sullen kids but today James let us come over and use his kitchen & watch TV - he now gets his girls to stop over on access weekends. Watched catwoman and a bit of Jurassic Park. Got a new Fiat 500 Twin Air this time took ages to find the way to open the windows!

    Very concerned that their clothes stink of stale nicotine, and hate to think what the conditions in the house are like - looks as if the ex- is still hitting 40/day. s'one mentioned that for small kids some SWD consider that is abuse as bad as being in drug-using h/hold

    Good to hear so much 'positive in your resolutions, and maybe 2013 will get "Catch a bus/train with a cycle to make a longer trip! (joking of course)"

  2. :) You can't resist can you Dave? x I'm suprised you didn't mention, a diet!!!

    I missed the bit about James' house, but it sounds great. And just whats required?

    I know, if you Smoke, you can't Foster kids. Yuk, I bet that's a horrid thing for you. But my Mum used to smoke 40 Park Drive. And although I don't like the smell of Nicotene now, I did think it was a normal smell when I was young.

    I hope you got home safetly and you weren't too cold.