Thursday, 5 January 2012

I did it!!!

It wasn't as easy for me, as it might have been for other people, who might use Sheffield Community Transport, or Dial a Ride as it is known. I am a bit conscious, of being categorised and put in a box, where I don't feel I belong. But I shouldn't be, Dial A Ride is for the use of younger physically disabled folk too. So Thank you Kev Hickman, for sussing that one out.

Today was extremely windy, and rainy, and Haily (is that a word?) And I only cycled once round the Park, and to the shops. But I feel ace!!! It was great, getting my hands dirty again when my chain came off!! Dave fitting me a bell, all of it, I do love the folk there, and for just £6 a week, long may it continue!! But the driver did say, 'Oh we're lucky this week, I normally pick Betty, the blind lady up, and take her to town. And I need to collect her, and she's ne' ready, I have to put her coat on, and sometimes she can't find her teeth. And she can't go without her teeth!! Soo I can imagine, things don't always run smoothly. But if I can cope with being judged, as a person with Learning Difficulties, who needs to be escorted places. Then I'm sure I'll cope!

Mean while Altogether Better, have said they can't fund a trip to Cornwall, on the 26th of April. There is an all Ability, Cycling Conference.

It was nice being back, we all HAD SO MUCH TO SAY :) Dave suggested that we have an all ability Cycling Group, at Hillsbro. I think pretty much as a Thursday is now, but kind of making it more official. and getting some publicity around an open day in March, at the Kick off of the new Cycling 4 All. So we would combine with the mental health groups and experienced and not so riders, and well anyone. It's all exciting and Dave and Nick talked about doing 2 days a week!! (maybe a Monday/Tuesday as well.)

Tex ted Steve, who wants to meet with everyone. But it's just easier, if he visits on a Thursday. :) xzxxxx


  1. Hur-bloody-rah!!!

    Really glad it's worked out. Do they go via the Indian as well? :o)

  2. Awwww, thank you Kevin, it only happened because you sussed it out, it was a no goer, when I had tried 2 years previously. Because they had to remove a seat, to fit Ziggy in. But he did say that wasn't a prob to him now he knew. The driver was one of them that couldn't stop talking....(do folk think that about me?) But worst than that, he would ask you a deep question at the end of it as if to test you!!!

  3. Let's hope it's not a service destined for cuts. You might be some good publicity for them though - a community service enabling a community service.

    How long before you rebrand them as Ziggy's Trolley Bus? :o)

  4. Looks like you've just been arrested and popped in the paddy wagon!

    But seriously those minibuses are surely designed to have q/r seats so they can carry wheelchairs.

    So cinderella* is that a bit of a hint about Cornwall?

    * not sure about cinders - cinders are fine debris that drop from the fire or float up the chimney they are small and delicate.... maybe clinkerella