Sunday, 30 December 2012

Finn and I

Photo: <3 I Love Cycling! <3We have a cycle ride planned , in the woods on New Years Day
Can you see the resemblance?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Alan Greaves RIP

Life and death is so cruel, the poor Guy who died yesterday in a Sheffield, didn't deserve to die. He was s'one who was passionate about helping his Community and others, and yes he will have received Respect and Love, from the Community in return.....until Xmas Eve. Was it a gang? a single blow, from a single person?Who knows? I hope they catch em, whoever it was. My thoughts are with his Wife and 4 kids.

I'm trying to share myself between 2 places on New Years Eve, but to play it safe, I promised my lil boy we'd go on a Cycle ride on New Years Day. So I can't go mad! My plan is to cycle with Holly to Anj' in the afternoon. And then in the evening go to the Spit, but thing is my eyesight' deteriorating and at night I really have problems. Putting my trike away and such stuff. A friend is coming to the pub, with me, but I don't know? I ended up in a garden last time!!!

I don't sound very attractive do I :)xxxx

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hey I'm good, and i'm happy.

I slept in till 8, and it really wasn't very light!!! So I took Holly round the wet streets of Totley (that'll amuse my friend who claims it always rains in Totley!! Even though he comes from Leeds!!!!!)

My old friend from 1980!!!! - came to visit, with his girlfriend and 2 year old. Ahhhhhh, it was lovely seeing them before they embark on the next chapter of life which is, New Zeal and!! He did say to Daisy, that I had been her age when he first knew me!!! But I looked a lot older!!! I do suspect, that's in his head though!!

I'm not wanting to be incredibly;ly negative, but blumin ek!! it's amazing how many of us are dead!!!

I tried to sell him a greenspeed as he was heading that way. As his 2 year old sat playing in Ziggy, I'm not sure I convinced hum. But I got the impression, money wasn't an issue!!

I shackled Holly to the back of the trike, with her new collar wit h red flashing lights, despite having this, I wanted a lazy slow crawl to my mates. So I took the pavement!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Lucky Me

I slept like sweaty Betty, feeling like all the strength had been sapped from my very existance! and that in the night I'd snacked on a packet of Razor Blades!!
 I called my GP, to get some Anti Biotics???? It was a long shot. But the dr, who'm I had never seen or spoken too. Remarked on how healthy I was! and she asked what I thought I needed etc.....:)  I arranged for the tablets to be delivered, and Jobs a good un, so to speak!! I wanted to celebrate a tad tonight, so I don't think I'm starting the course till Boxing Day.

I have 3 single mates, (well actually a lot more) All were at a loss, so a couple of em came round, a curry was ordered, and we were full fat and f.....!!! not at all, what were you thinkinjg!!

I usually get really down, but I feel goooood!!!

Merry Xmas everyone!! xxxx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Poorly me!!

my children feel blessed!!! I lost my voice on Thursday/Friday, and to be honest it was quite novel!! But last night and today, I'm going feverish, and all kind of debilitated. And I know from past experience, although a long time ago - 5years. When I get a temperature, I have a Siezure!! So I've been in bed all day, apart from nippinhg Holly out. At.......get this :) 16.30!!! and it was still light.

Although I did infact download, the Game Makers Xmas Single, to support my Mate Wendy Creed. I think the right 'Guys' won the top spot?

I'm glad I'm organised, and that I aint rushing round in a panic, I am incredibly organised, for Xmas and for the first year, for 24 years, I have wrapped all my presents. I do find it really difficult - honest!! But in a fashion, they are done!!!

I'm going to bed with a hot chocolate, just now, night, night. xx

Friday, 21 December 2012


I'm still here, pickled Liver and all!!! Tonight I will Celebrate? a quiet drink wi my mate in the house and a few nibbles, making the 4th one in 5 days! But nusn't grumble.....but I am because, I spend lots of lonely times, the rest of the year.

As for Ziggy? She's a much easier ride, since she went back to West Country Recumbent to have her brake tinkered with amd whilst there he tampered with her rear end :)  I think maybe s'one hadn't put the washers and bolts back on in order?? Anyway although I've bot cycled too far, I've found her much easier, to shift uphill.

Went out this morning for meetings, and to choose some glad rags :)

Last night, I went out with 31 SW, and we had a great time, I boogied the night away, but left reasonably early, at 11 because I felt sorry for Holly. And today, I didn't get up till 12.00!!!. Ey :) the luxury every now and then of not having the kids. I sped up, relatively so!!! meeting my friend and the boys after school.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

an increase of 200!!!

I don't really understand the significance, but 'You know those lung capacity measuring things, where you blow down a tube, and get a reading for how much air your lungs can hold and expel and the velocity, at which it does that?? Well 6 years ago I could barely reach a child's measurement of 200ml, but today out of the blue I tested it with my son, who was shocked to see I reached a maximum  capacity reading of over 400ML!!!

Ahhh today I did the school run on Ziggy, ey it brought back memories, as I went to see the school nativity, then Anjies, then the library.

And catch this link below, it is the brill Well being Consortium who have funded my exploits for over 3 years.

I'm sorry Dave about Monday night.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Calendar Girl!!

Well not like you think, I edited and compilled a Calendar today, for my Cyclist Friends at Hillsborough. It has 13 Pics, and costs £10each. Ahhh and it aint ready for 9days, :( I'm so excited about it !!!

Millhouses tomorrow :) to meet Steve M, Pam, and Dave, and maybe Anj :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

I am a Saddo really?

You know how little things please......? You get the drift? Well, I'm really excited because I have introduced Alan off the Tesco bus (who I bullied into Cycling) to my friend Pete, and they've arranged a jamming Session on Tuesday, and spoke at length on the telephone this Evening. :)

And I got a simple text from Steve M thanking me for Thursday, and all year actually!!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Easy Lay?!

That got your attention!!!

I know I flirt immensely, and am very flirty and tactile. And to those who know me well, well it's just me being friends, nothing more or less! Now on occasion, my behaviour has led to presumptions that I am some kind of Nymphomaniac (that's 4 me to know, and maybe a few others!!), that I won't disclose now. But I refuse to change my harmless behaviour. I won't name names, but one of the folk who attended Cycling 4 All, asked me out for a drink today Ooooooooooooh, I can still pull :) I explained that just maybe it was unethical??

I arrived and was greeted by Rob, who I had let have a go on my trike the other week, he'd brought along 3 friends who were at various stages in their Cycling Journey, but all had been told how Ace Ziggy was, and a go each ensued. John cycled on the Courts, with his Mum fussing round :) She's great his Mum :) John and I cycled round the Court, and we were joined by Alan, (the tesco bus guy) It was great to see John, and Alan, looking out for each other :) Graeme, shouted Steve M and I back in the cabin, ahhhh and bless him what a nice surprise!! He'd got a Lego Olympic Cyclist each, for us!!! :)

Pat arrived, and beamed at Steve, Graham, and Charlie, as they thanked her for her box of Chocs. Luckily, I'd given her, and all the other regulars a card from us all.

I sat down with John and Alan, and Geoff was taking some pics for Steve, and it was all very squashed and cosy as Angela from Pedal Ready, was taking a Cycle Maintenance Course. Brrrrr! It was cold out and the group that had arrived all use the velar Plus, so that was my cue to stay indoors and have another cuppa!!

I'm just trying to arrange a drinky for us all, but it's impossible!!

Marj and Barry phoned, they were on there way. I did another couple of laps of the Park with John, on the Side by Side, and then greeted Marjorie, who'd bought me a Xmas Pressie :) I haven't peeped though!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It's me!!

I smiled smugly as I cycled up my road, aware of the fact that my ex husband was behind in the car. It was bitterly cold, and Holly dog trotted along by my side, secured by a lead attatched to my Pannier Rack. I smiled because he'll have been thinking 'Poor Caroline having to Cycle to the Shops, with her scraggy rescue dog in tow. Whilst I sit in warmth and comfort, taking my Pedigree dog out.' Little did he know that Experience is Wealth.

I'm off to Hillsborough Tomorrow, if it's on! I'm hoping it is, but I know what community tyransport is like, the first flake of snow, and they will cancel.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Investment in the Future?

We will find out the implications tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Nice relaxing day :)

Hey I reckon I'm telepathic? not really, but I emailed my mate Nick Clegg, suggesting that our Rendezvous in March, actually be a Spring Board for investment in Inclusive Cycling Projects like Hillsborough. And from what I gather such an announcement was made today??? not sure was it millions? I'm not suggesting for one minute, btw that my email, was responsible!!

Oh spoke to my friend whose having probs with JSA etc, things have got slightly  better, in the fact that I know he's still alive!!

Carol and Rob (west country recumbent) are doing some team work, and putting the finishing touch to repairing Ziggy soon. Not sure when yet? Although it's really difficult to choose 2 days together, when I definately won't use her. Although, I aint been tempted in this weather.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Friends in very sad places.

I have many friends, who like myself are being assesed for Job Seekers Allowance etc, and Income Support. It was one such chap, who I was with today, at the Write Way writing group. His case has gone to Appeal, because he was told, to get off his arse, basically. He needs an advocate? And in my Kerry Fisted Way, I am confident, as his Friend and Aly, I could do it. I just didn't know what I was doing on Monday, or how I would get to him and his Drs? So I was a total S*, and said I would need to let him know.

He's let another friend, look after his dog, which is very worrying.

I have found him a free helpline number, and spoken to Headway, and Sheffield Centre for Independant Living.  Both of which could help, but not at such short notice.....So?

Oh I don't know?? I hope he's ok? I have heard a ridiculous number?? 1 thousand Suicides have already been blamed on Benefit Cuts? or s'thing like that?? I hope it aint 1001